Explore Berlin Street Art and Graffiti

With most citizens from many places around the world, Berlin is a melting pot of exotic cultures and living styles.

It isn’t easy to decide what to see in Berlin because there are so many things that you should check out. In this article, I focus on the fascinating perspective of this city – Berlin Street Art and Graffiti.

Berlin Wall

Thanks to its popularity, the Berlin Wall is one of the must-see attractions if you visit the capital of Germany.

It was built to divide Berlin from 1961 to 1989 into East Berlin and West Berlin.

When the Wall was taken down, many artists have used it as an art gallery for exhibition.

Walking along the Berlin Wall, you can see artists’ creativity and exceptional contribution. Here are some pictures of my discovery.

where to see Berlin street art graffiti
This is how thick the wall is at this time.
places to visit in Berlin
Lead me on my dreams among different times and spaces.
discovering Berlin street art
Every corner of the wall is filled with artwork.
visiting Berlin wall
Many artworks were painted over.

My God, Help Me to Survive This Deadly Love

In Berlin, you surely cannot miss this iconic graffiti “My God, Help Me to Survive This Deadly Love” by Dmitri Vrubel. This artwork is also referred to as “Fraternal Kiss.” It is one of the most well-known murals in the Berlin Wall Gallery.

Where to find graffiti Fraternal Kiss in Berlin Wall?

You can find this mural around the middle of the East Side Gallery wall. After the restoration in 2009, the fence was put in front of the painting to protect it from destruction.

Fraternal Kiss Berlin wall
“Fraternal Kiss” by Dmitri Vrubel

Berlin Street Art Tour

If you are interested in seeing more street art, I suggest participating in a free walking tour. I joined the walking tour of Alternative Berlin Tours and loved it.

There are new tours at 11 am, 1 pm, and 3 pm every day. In around 3 hours, the tour guide will show you around Berlin and let you discover many unique street arts.

During the tour, the guide will explain many things about the murals to get the necessary information. 

My trip to Berlin could not have been fulfilled without this helpful tour since I could see Berlin in a “local eye.”

Are you ready to discover more? Here are outstanding murals that I saw during this walking tour.

First, let’s start with the famous classical mural – Astronaut Cosmonaut by Victor Ash. If you go alone, you can find this artwork in Mariannenstrasse by taking the subway U1 to Kottbusser Tor.

visting Astronaut Cosmonaut travel to Berlin Germany
Astronaut Cosmonaut by Victor Ash

And here are more stunning artworks!

pic b6
The artist was very creative with the design by capturing people’s movements while dancing.
pic b7
An impressive artwork on the street.

Let’s move to another impressive artwork, which ROA conducts. You can find it at Oranienstrasse/Skalitzer Strasse.

Berlin street art graffiti

Art Corner

The tour guide will lead you to a particular graffiti corner, where you can find many creative murals.

pic b16
pic b8
A colorful and exciting piece of art. I was impressed the first time I saw it, and I’m still impressed till now.
pic b10
A nice green corner
Berlin street art tour
Berlin street art graffiti
pic b9
Another fantastic piece of art. This piece of art blends into Berliner’s life and becomes a significant part.
pic b11
A pit stop with artwork surrounding.
Berlin street art things to do in Berlin
Berlin street art things to do

Yaam Berlin

You can discover more artworks in this area – Yaam. It is an extraordinary place to hang out with friends. The outdoor Beach bar is a great area of Yamm, so check it out!

Berlin street art Yaam Berlin
A view of Yaam from far away
pic b20
Graffiti around the area

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  1. I love your photos of the street art in Berlin! I remember seeing some of these exact drawings but others I’ve never seen before. I was actually super confused the first time I wandered in YAAM – I just wasn’t sure what it was! I’ll be back in Berlin in the fall and can’t wait!

  2. Abhinav Singh says:

    The street art of every places says something unique and reflects the issues and culture of the destination. Graffiti at the Berlin wall for example, says so much with art as a medium. I would love to see the famous fraternal kiss graffiti. The ‘Remember Fukushima’ graffiti made me pause and ponder.

  3. YUKTI Agrawal says:

    Berlin Street looks very colorful and interesting. The Astronaut Cosmonaut wall art is my favorite too. View of Yaam from far also looks photogenic.

  4. Wow, very cool! I love well done and colorful wall murals. We have some nice ones here in San Francisco, and I also really liked the ones in Reykjavik. Looks like Berlin has a lot of them, I would love to visit someday. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Such variety in street art here. And some with strong messages. Glad to know that there is a tour for I would have got lost otherwise. I do love chasing street art in various cities.

  6. I love wall arts. Amazing work in Berlin, I must say. We are heading there in September, can’t wait to explore the streets of Berlin. Each one of them portrays a different story. Kiss in Berlin wall art is quite famous :)

  7. I feel street art is the best expression form as it is not bound by any rules. So many varied expressions one can see her itself on the Berlin wall. The most controversial fraternal kiss graffiti speaks volumes about it.

  8. Manjulika Pramod says:

    I am a street art and graffiti fan. In fact I have started a #travelandart series too and I keep sharing wall art of all the places that I visit. I loved the post not just for the wall art, vibrant colors but also because Berlin is a place that I want to visit. It was good to read about your experience.

  9. Woah! Loved to see such colorful walls. Hats off to the artists to make such beautiful and huge wall paintings. The walking tour is a great way to see the street arts across Berlin. Your amazing photographs just sold me this place. I fancy visiting it as soon as possible.

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