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Huis Ten Bosch Travel Guide

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Located in the North of Nagasaki, Japan, Huis Ten Bosch is a perfect choice for amusement park lovers or those seeking an alternative experience while traveling in Japan.

Here is our complete travel guide to Huis Ten Bosch with transportation information, ticket information, and insider tips to make the most of your visit to this Dutch theme park in one day.


I. What is Huis Ten Bosch?

Located in Sasebo city in Nagasaki, Huis Ten Bosch (ハウステンボス) is one of the unique theme parks in Japan. Huis Ten Bosch is, in fact, the largest park in this country.

Known as “Little Europe,” Huis Ten Bosch resembles the Netherlands in the Middle Ages by displaying life-sized copies of old Dutch buildings.

There are six kingdoms in Huis Ten Bosch theme park: the Kingdom of Flowers, the Kingdom of Light, the Kingdom of Games, the Kingdom of Music Show, the Kingdom of Health and Beauty, and the Kingdom of Robots.

The theme park also offers various attractions, museums, hotels, etc.

With several restaurants located in every corner of the streets, you can enjoy delicious food from all over the world. At night, Huis Ten Bosch is lively with its famous light show.

Opening Hours:

  • 9:00am-10:00pm
  • Closed on 30 Mar, 21 Sep 2019

Address: Huis Ten Bosch Town 1-1, Sasebo, Nagasaki

visiting Huis Ten Bosch in Nagasaki Japan
Huis Ten Bosch is a small version of Amsterdam, Netherlands.


II. Admission fee and tickets

How much is Huis Ten Bosch ticket/ passport?

For Huis Ten Bosch 1-day Passport, three different packages are depending on the age:

  • Adult (Age 18+): 7000 Yen
  • 1 Day Passport (Age 12-17): 6000 Yen
  • Child (Age 4-11): 4600 Yen

However, you can get a discount by purchasing in advance with Klook.

Huis Ten Bosch ticket price includes the entry ticket to the complex with an admission fee for 50 facilities in the six kingdoms and a one-day bus fee. The price already includes VAT.

-> Buy Huis Ten Bosch ticket in advance


Where to buy Huis Ten Bosch tickets?

a) At the ticket booths

You can buy Huis Ten Bosch tickets at the ticket booths or kiosks to the park. However, there are two reasons why you should not do this:

  1. There are often long lines at the counters
  2. You will have to pay a full price

b) Online via Klook

The best way to buy Huis Ten Bosch tickets online is via Klook, a reliable and efficient online travel company. We’ve used Klook for several activities, so we recommend it.

Here are why you should buy Ba Na Hills tickets online

  • Skipping the line: You don’t need to wait in a long line to purchase tickets. You can present either a printed or mobile voucher for this activity.
  • Not paying at full price: You will receive discounts while booking tickets online via Klook.

Tips for Huis Ten Bosch Passport

Please note that every customer has a chance to re-enter the park after exiting the first time. This rule applies to park entrances, except the harbor gate (free zone and charging zone) and west gate.

I would recommend printing and carrying a mobile voucher on your phone for your convenience.

how to buy Huis Ten Bosch tickets
Passing through the gate, you will see this beautiful architecture.


III. How to get to Huis Ten Bosch?

From Hakata station in Fukuoka

Duration: 1 hour 40 minutes

You can take a direct train from Hakata station, Fukuoka to Huis Ten Bosch station.

The journey is around 1 hour 40 minutes, and it’s the final stop, so you won’t get lost. Hakata Train Station is large, so make sure that you’re on the right train.


From Nagasaki Station

Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes

From Nagasaki station, there is a direct train to Huis Ten Bosch station. The train departs every hour.


How to buy a train ticket in Japan

I would recommend purchasing the Japan Rail Pass when traveling in Japan.

The three most common Rail Passes allow you to take rides on most JR railways, local buses, and even the Miyajima Ferry: 7-day, 14-day, and 21-day Japan Rail Pass.

Alternatively, if you’re only traveling around Kyushu, you can purchase the JR Kyushu Rail Pass for this train.

There are two options: 3-day or 5-day JR Kyushu Rail Pass. The 3 or 5 consecutive days Rail Pass will cover unlimited rides in Kyushu, including Shinkansen.


IV. Where to stay in Huis Ten Bosch?

The hotel systems in Huis Ten Bosch are impressive. Various hotels are located in and outside the park, such as Hotel Europe, Hotel Amsterdam, Watermark Hotel Nagasaki, and Hotel Forest Villa.

Also, you can stay at Fukuoka or Sasebo / Nagasaki and make a day trip to Huis Ten Bosch.

>> Book travel tours in Nagasaki

V. Things to do in Huis Ten Bosch

You’ll be surprised when visiting Huis Ten Bosch because it doesn’t look like any place in Japan. It brings the feeling of Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Visiting Holland in Japan? Crazy thoughts, right? No one visits Japan and thinks, “Oh, we should take a canal tour and observe the beauty of tulip field.”

Honestly, I didn’t, either. I didn’t imagine that I would visit “Amsterdam” in Japan one day, but I went there, and the trip was great.

1. Get to Huis Ten Bosch station

Visiting Huis Ten Bosch Nagasaki
Welcome to Huis Ten Bosch!

Huis Ten Bosch station is the final stop for Fukuoka – Huis Ten Bosch, so it’s effortless to get to this theme park. There are toilets in the station, so make sure to use them.

There’s a beautiful bridge that connects the station to Huis Ten Bosch island. Following the bridge, you’ll enter the entrance gate. You can buy tickets there.

things to do in Huis Ten Bosch
After entering the gate, it’s time to buy the ticket for Huis Ten Bosch.

2. Take a look around with the Canal Tour

It can’t be Amsterdam without Canal tours.

Canal Tour Huis Ten Bosch
You can take a Canal Tour around Huis Ten Bosch and explore many beautiful Dutch buildings.


3. Visit the Dutch Village

Huis Ten Bosch Nagasaki
The architecture resembles Amsterdam – the heart of the Netherlands.
Huis Ten Bosch things to do in Nagasaki
Huis Ten Bosch Windmill
Huis Ten Bosch Japan
Here is how Huis Ten Bosch looks like from above. You can take an elevator to the highest point of this theme park and observe the scene.
Huis Ten Bosch Japan
A beautiful building in Huis Ten Bosch
Huis ten Bosch Japan travel guide
There are some museums that you can visit here in this theme park as well.


4. Enjoy the light show at night

At night, you can be blown away by the illumination display. The whole park is lightened up with colorful lights and a parade.

Huis Ten Bosch at night has a magical and romantic atmosphere at that time, so don’t miss out on the night there.

Huis ten Bosch
The night parade is one of the reasons why you should visit Huis ten Bosch
Huis Ten Bosch Nagasaki
The royal palace in Huis Ten Bosch

Huis ten Bosch Palace is a royal palace in The Hague in the Netherlands. This Palace was built for Queen Beatrix in 1981, and it was the home of Princess Beatrix until early 2014.

Visitors are required to pay an extra fee to visit this palace. The design is stunning, so it’s worth a visit.

After visiting Huis ten Bosch Palace, it’s time to watch fireworks!

Huis ten Bosch at night
Don’t miss the firework at 9 pm!


  • No Weed is Allowed: Even though it resembles the Netherlands, it’s illegal to buy and smoke weed here. So, the atmosphere is different from the “real” Amsterdam, where you can get high easily just by walking on the street.
  • No Red Light District: There’s no red light district in Huis Ten Bosch either. I was expecting something like that before I went, but Huis Ten Bosch was still a theme park for all ages.


VI. What to eat in Huis Ten Bosch?

There are various restaurants and food stands to choose from. Kyushu island is famous for ramen, so it will be great to have a bowl of hot ramen after a whole day of discovering the area.

what to eat in Japan
Kyushu has the best ramen in Japan, and the restaurant serves tasty ramen soup at a low price.

Also, Sasebo burger is a must-try food if you visit Nagasaki. This burger is famous in the region, and it’s tasty too!

Sasebo burgers in Huis Ten Bosch
Sasebo burger is simple but yummy!
what to eat in Japan
If you’re looking for something cold, yogurt is a great choice.


I hope you will have a nice trip to Huis Ten Bosch!

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Best things to do in Huis Ten Bosch Nagasaki Japan

  1. How interesting! I had never heard of Amsterdam in Japan before and doesn’t it look just like it! Thanks so much for the handy details for visitors to use the rail pass – I must remember that! And no weed allowed… lol!

    1. It looks really similar to Amsterdam, doesn’t it? Rail pass is really necessary if you want to travel cheaply around the area :)

  2. Japan sure does have everything, doesn’t it! I certainly wouldn’t expect a Dutch influence though! This is super unique – and at the same time, not overly surprising that it exists in Japan! The architecture and buildings are incredible over there, so they really can create anything they want. How fascinating! Although Japan is very strict on drugs…so not quite the ‘true’ Amsterdam experience ha ha!

    1. Haha, I agree with the “drug” part! Lots of people visit Amsterdam, or Netherlands in general just to try some weeds… so this is not “true Amsterdam” ^^

  3. This is such a fantastic park Ha! I’m so impressed by how they got everything right, including the Dutch grey weather! Great tip about not losing your ticket; I’ll remember that. And yes, I’m not surprised there’s no smoking weed or a red light district here!

  4. Whoa, what an interesting and totally unique concept. I love the idea of being able to visit two places at once! Though I’ve never been to Japan, Huis Ten Bosch seems to be a spot-on replica of Amsterdam. So cool!

  5. Japan is really blessed with a lot of theme parks. And this is the first time I’ve heard about Huis ten Bosch. Will probably consider it when I visit Japan next year. But Nagasaki seems too far to me.

    1. It’s truly difficult to reach Nagasaki, but this theme park is something you should go! It’s special because it looks like Amsterdam but in Japan!

  6. This does look like Holland. And it looks really beautiful. I have heard that there is so much to see in places other than Tokyo and this place does prove that. Thanks for sharing this

  7. Wow this sounds like such an offbeat place to visit in Japan. Your tip about carrying the ticket all the time and not losing it once you enter the park is so helpful. I have a very bad habit of doing away with the ticket once I clear the entrance.

  8. This theme park is so beautiful. I’ve never heard of it before and I’d never have guessed that it was in Japan if I just had to see the photos. Haha, to the note on weed and the red-light district.

    1. I think the weed and red-light district are the only differences haha xD
      I couldn’t believe there was such a place in Japan until I visited it.

  9. Wow, this is so odd! I’ve never heard of this and didn’t think something like this would ever exist ha! Very interesting and clever, looks very much like the Netherlands!

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