Getting around Jeju island South Korea

How to get around Jeju island South Korea?

It can be confusing to travel around Jeju island if it’s your first time here. Is it better to go by bus or rent a car? What are the best ways to get around Jeju island if you travel solo? Check this article to find out!

By bus

Taking a public bus is one of the most common options for travelers. 

Most of Jeju island is easily accessible by bus. The bus routes start in Jeju City, and most finish down south in Seogwipo.

I enjoyed riding buses in Jeju city, but not a big fan when traveling around the island. 

In my opinion, the public bus system in Jeju is not the best. The waiting time is long, and sometimes the buses don’t follow schedules. Also, there are not many buses to tourist attractions.

Therefore, you may need to wait for a long time for another bus to get to another destination and may end up not seeing much of the island.

By bus tour

If you travel solo or have a short time visiting Jeju island, joining Jeju island’s bus tour is the best option. 

The Jeju discovery tours cover transportation services, tour guides, lunches, and attractions’ admission fees. Convenient, isn’t it?

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By car

Jeju is one of the few places in Korea where renting a car or bicycle makes sense.

Outside Jeju City, roads are generally empty. However, the scenery is almost always stunning, particularly in the inland areas, where you’ll find tiny communities, some of which will never have seen a foreigner.

However, it can be challenging to navigate the road as the address is in Korean, and you’ll need to get used to driving on the right.

The island is quite big, so getting from one place to another can take time, but driving is worth it.

You get to stop at all the interesting places, and driving on the coastal road was worth it. The views were spectacular.

getting around jeju island south korea

By bicycle 

Bicycle trips exploring Jeju island are becoming ever more popular, with riders taking four days to complete the circuit.

On your bike trip, I recommend stopping and resting at Seongsan, Seogwipo, and Daecheong cities. 

Jeju island on foot

Another excellent way to explore Jeju island is to make a circuit of Jeju’s Olle trails.

Jeju Olle Trail is a walking route covering the entire island – 425km and has 26 courses.

These trails take three to seven hours each, so I suggest starting early as there’s more chance of rain in the afternoon. 

Wifi & Sim card

Jeju has free wifi in the center and on the bus. However, 4G is the best if you plan to travel around. I recommend buying a 4G sim card on Klook. Then, when arriving at Jeju Airport, look to the Klook counter to get the sim.

With this 4G SIM card, you will be able to use unlimited high-speed data, receive incoming calls and messages, and stay connected during your travel.

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