Vietnamese Pho Around The World: Reviews

Phở is one of the most well-known Vietnamese traditional food in the world. Do you know Pho is served in different countries?

In this article, you can view pictures and read reviews about Pho around the world.

1. Copenhagen, Denmark

Pho from Pho Ha Noi is excellent!

Vietnamese Pho
One bowl of Pho costs 99kr ~ $14.5

The broth, the rice noodle, the meat, and the herb all created the perfect taste of this dish.

Trying the dish, I thought that I was back in my home country, surrounded by my family members, and together enjoyed Pho.

I was not surprised when I knew that a Vietnamese family ran this restaurant because the taste was so similar. The restaurant is also on the top when searching for “Where to eat Pho in Copenhagen.”

Name of the restaurant: Pho Ha Noi

Address: Vester Farimagsgade 6, 1606 København V


Open time:

  • Monday – Saturday: 12 – 11 pm
  • Sunday: 3 – 11 pm

Note: When I got there, they asked me if I had reserved the table, I didn’t do that, but I still had a seat. Maybe I was lucky. However, to be sure, you can reserve by calling them: (+45) 33 91 18 19

2. Tokyo, Japan

In the summer of 2016, I wandered around Tokyo with my 7-kg-backpack and a super hungry stomach. Even though I had already eaten tons of sushi and Japanese food, I was still hungry.

vietnamese food in tokyo
A tasty bowl of Pho in Tokyo

After passing by many restaurants, I stopped by a lovely Vietnamese restaurant named Vietnam Garden. I tried their Pho, and it was delicious.

There were many Japanese and foreigners at the restaurant, and the staff was friendly and served professionally. I love the design of the restaurant as well.

Plus point: The restaurant provided free wi-fi and air-conditioner. I felt like melting already after walking around on the sunny day of June.

Name of the restaurant: Vietnam Garden

Address: Japan, 〒151-0051 Tokyo, 渋谷区Sendagaya, 5 Chome−24−3, NTTドコモアネックスⅠ

Phone: +81 3-3341-9889

Open time: Daily 11:30 am – 3pm, 5 – 10:30 pm

3. Pho in Paris, France

a) Pho Bida Viet Nam

Because Paris has one of the biggest communities of Vietnamese living abroad, I thought it would be nice to try Pho here. I randomly picked one restaurant to eat at, and I was happy with my choice.

The portion came big with a reasonable price. Pho was delicious with yummy broth and fresh vegetables.

vietnamese food in paris
The big size cost 9 Euro ~ $9.8

Bad points:

The size of the restaurant is pretty small, so it took a long time to wait. Even I was there alone, and it was not a peak time.

Also, the service was not that good because this place was crowded.

Good point:

They have home delivery! The price is low compared to other Parisian food.

Address: 36-38 Rue nationale, 75013 Paris, France

Phone: +33 1 53 79 01 61

b) Song Heng – By Amanda

Check out and follow Amanda’s Instagram @wellfedtraveller

” I walked two hours for Pho. It’s so hard to find good Vietnamese food in Europe. The tiniest of lines winding around the block, and they only had two dishes on the menu – Pho and Bun Bo. So worth the walk.”

It is what she shared with me about this place. It’s worth a try.

vietnamese food in paris

4. Utrecht, Netherlands

I was wandering around Utrecht on the evening of one November day and found this restaurant by chance.

I came here first because of the bubble milk tea but finally decided to try other Vietnamese food.

vietnamese food in utrecht

The restaurant is quite small, more suitable for takeaway. I don’t remember the price, but it was affordable compared to an expensive country like the Netherlands.

Pho was very tasty and enough to make you feel full.

5. London, England – By Amanda

Check out and follow Amanda’s Instagram @wellfedtraveller

Amanda is an Australian/Vietnamese. She was born in Sydney and now living in London for two years.

To her, Mien Tay in London is the best one. She has been to all the other popular ones in London, but Mien Tay is most authentic.

vietnamese food in london

6. Ha Noi, Vietnam – By Romix (向旭)

“What do you think about this one?” I asked.

Pho in Hanoi Vietnam

“Marvelous!I had this for breakfast after a long journey, after that I felt refreshed! The chicken soup is clear, transparent, but definitely tasty, and the chicken is well cooked also kept its original taste. And I can saw the whole process of making it, it looks so simple, but I guess it isn’t easy. First of all, it’s made of love 2764 “, she answered. 

7. Prague, Czech Republic – By Sarah Reichenbach

Sapa, not in Northern rice fields but one of the outskirts of Prague, is one of the biggest authentic Vietnamese markets outside of Vietnam.

The Pho’s broth is clear, the meat tender, the noodles fresh, and the soup is served with tons of herbs! I will go out on a limb here and say it was as good as the ones we had in Vietnam!

Vietnamese food in Prauge

8. Bratislava, Slovakia – By Martina Bušovská

It is from Bratislava, Slovakia. At a Vietnamese cafe/restaurant near my university.

They have a few variations, but this one is my fave. I eat it often when I want something comforting and not heavy on my stomach. I have never eaten Pho anywhere else, so I can’t compare, but this is very good.

Vietnamese food in Bratislava

9. Montreal, Canada – By Chieh-Yi Chou

I had this on the trip to Canada. The restaurant is in China Town in Montreal. Interestingly there are many pho restaurants in “China” Town. In North America, I have seen people having Pho with Sriracha, which I seldom do.

Vietnamese food in Montreal

10. Jakarta, Indonesia – By Krishna Sadhana

We have an entire franchise of Pho restaurants in my country. There’s even one near my apartment in Jakarta. Unfortunately, I didn’t eat there since my parents would go “You’ve come back to Jakarta just to eat Pho?”, but I will do it next time!

Pho in Jarkata

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  1. gobeyondbounds says:

    The first thing we get to hear when it’s about the Vietnamese cuisine is Pho. And ever since we have heard so much about it we wanted to try it ourselves whenever we would make a visit to Vietnam. We didn’t know we could even taste it in most other destinations around the world we already visited. We missed it but would bookmark this post to try Pho on our next trip for sure.

    1. Expatolife says:

      I’m happy that you found motivation to visit Vietnam in this special way :)

  2. Global Girl Travels says:

    All of these vietnamese pho from around the world are so interesting and tempting. I have yet to taste one but I’ve been aching to try. It’s good to know that you can have one wherever in the world you may be. That one in Copenhagen looks so good, but it can be a bit pricey though!

    1. Expatolife says:

      Everything in Denmark (and Nordic countries) is pricey, but the quality is good here :)

  3. I LOVE PHO! When I was studying abroad the Vietnamese restaurant in my area was handled by the chinese community, so it didn’t quite taste just as right – and I tried making them myself but failed. Love this posts! The next time I’m traveling around and craving for phos I’ll be sure to stop by!

    1. Expatolife says:

      I tried Pho in a Chinese restaurant recently as well, and the taste was not that good… You just need to make sure it’s authentic restaurant, and Pho will be fine ^^

  4. thelifeofasolivagant says:

    I have never had Pho… i know crazy! I can’t wait to try it in Vietnam and then I will probably need this list so I can try it around the world!

    1. Expatolife says:

      I’m a bit surprised to hear this as well. You will MISS a lot if you don’t try it!

  5. Interesting how you get to taste the same dish in different countries. All same yet different. :)
    I will check out if I get this dish in Bangalore India.

    1. Expatolife says:

      Check it out and tell me your experience :)

  6. Tania Mukherjee says:

    Very insightful article on where to find Pho. I could understand the hunger that a 7 kg weight backpack can build up. I never knew Paris has a big community of Vietnamese living abroad. Thanks for all the information in the post!

    1. Expatolife says:

      Thank you! Vietnam was invaded by France, so many Vietnamese live in Paris now :)

  7. I am ashamed to say this … I like Vietnamese food, however, I’ve never tried Pho … OOPS! I love how you’ve gone around the world experimenting with different kinds of Pho. Your pictures made me almost wanna lick my screen! I must be really missing out on something good here. I know where I’m headed for lunch tomorrow!

    1. Expatolife says:

      Oops! Trying Pho should be on your list ;)

  8. What a cool post! When I think of Vietnamese food, I think of banh mi. Love all these photos and how each nation sticks to the traditional recipe without changing too much.

    1. Expatolife says:

      Banh mi is also famous for Vietnamese foods as well. It’s interesting to try the same food in different countries.

  9. K. Keller says:

    I have spent a total of 6 months in Vietnam in the last 2 years. I have had Pho in Canada at numerous restaurants, and I have to say, the Pho in some of the Vietnamese restaurants in Calgary and in Saskatoon is AMAZING (but some restaurants are crappy)!

    1. Ha Truong says:

      Thanks for the sharing! I would love to try Pho in Canada too :)

  10. I have never had Vietnamese food before. So I guess I need to start by trying Pho since it is so well-known. Then maybe I can try some other food.

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