Guide To Kerið Volcanic Crater Lake Iceland

Kerið volcanic crater is a scenic stop on the Golden Circle route. We totally loved our visit here! It was a nice 1-hour stop where we walked around the crater’s rim and then hiked down to the lake.

If you’re planning your trip to Kerið, check out my tips below for the best experience.

Kerið Volcanic Crater lake Iceland.

About Kerið volcanic crater

Kerið is a 3000-year-old volcanic crater in Southern Iceland.

This landmark is close to other sites inGolden Circle, such as Gullfoss waterfall and Geysir, making it a nice side trip when you’re in the area.

Kerið Volcanic Crater lake Iceland.

People believe Kerið was a cone volcano that erupted and emptied its magma reserve. The cone collapsed into the empty magma chamber afterward, creating a caldera

The crater is about 55 m (180 ft) deep, 170 m (560 ft) wide, and 270 m (890 ft) across. The volcanic rock in the area has a red color.

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In the middle of the crater is a prominent aquamarine lake that you can walk around and explore. The lake is relatively shallow, about 7 to 14 meters, depending on the rainfall.

Kerid volcanic crater lake Iceland.

How to get to Kerið volcanic crater from Reykjavík?

Kerið is located about 15 km (9 miles) north of Selfoss, right off Route 35.

From Reykjavík, you can follow Route 1 (Þjóðvegur 1) and turn left onto Biskupstungnabraut (45 minutes). From there, continue about 13 km (10 minutes), and you’ll reach Kerið crater. The journey takes about 55 minutes in total.

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Kerið crater entrance fee

While the parking is free, the entrance fee for Kerið volcanic crater is 400 ISK ($3.1/ 2.6€). It’s a small fee to help keep the crater trail well-maintained.

Kerið crater opening hours

Kerið opens from 8.30 am to 9 pm June-August and daylight hours from Sep to May.

You can walk around the crater rim (it takes about 20 minutes) and hike down the lake.

Kerid volcanic crater lake Iceland.

Can you swim in Kerið crater?

No, you can’t swim at Kerid. There’s a sign at Kerið that forbids swimming.

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