Cheap Eats Tokyo: 10 Places To Eat In Tokyo On A Budget

Where to find cheap places to eat in Tokyo? How to eat in Tokyo on a budget?

Although Tokyo is one of the most expensive cities in the world, there are plenty of budget restaurants that offer delicious food at an affordable price.

In this article, I share my ten favorite places to eat on a budget in Tokyo.

Food prices in Tokyo, Japan

How much do you need to spend on food when traveling to Tokyo?

If you’re traveling on a budget, expect to spend 300 – 500 Yen for breakfast and around 700 – 1000 Yen each for lunch and dinner. You can find snacks at markets, shopping streets, or convenience stores.

I usually choose the hostels that offer complimentary breakfast or buy sandwiches at the convenience stores for breakfast. 

Most restaurants in Japan offer free water, so to save the cost, don’t order drinks as they can add up.

If you plan to go out, visit the local izakaya for some drinks and grilled dishes. 

Yakiniku in Tokyo Japan

Cheap eats in Tokyo Japan: 10 Budget restaurants

1. Uobei

Uobei is my favorite sushi restaurant in Tokyo, Japan.

The sushi here is not available on the conveyor belt like other restaurants, so you have to choose on the electronic board to order. After your order is received, the chef makes it, and the belt will deliver your sushi.

Uobei offers a variety of sushi, starting from 100 Yen per dish. Besides sushi, you can select dessert, soft drinks, and other dishes such as ramen, udon, or french fries.

These dishes range from 100 to 300 Yen.

Sushi Beppu
Uobei is one of my favorite places to eat in Tokyo.

2. Sushizanmai

Sushizanmai offers an exquisite sushi experience at a reasonable price. 

The basic one-person lunch set (800 yen) offers eight pieces of sushi, tamagoyaki, makizushi (rolled sushi), a bowl of miso soup, a salad, and free refills of green tea.

For an extra 200 yen, you can get the 1.5 people set with 13 pieces, including the tamagoyaki.

sushi tokyo japan

3. Ikinari Steak

Looking for a cheap place to eat steak in Tokyo? Visit Ikinari!

This restaurant uses 100% Angus beef, and the whole process of slicing, cutting, and filtering meat is done in front of customers through glass partitions.

You can select different sets with price ranges from 1500 Yen to 3000 Yen. Sauces, garlic vinegar, and oil are all placed on the tray in front of guests.

beef steak in tokyo japan
I always dine at Ikinari on my trips to Tokyo. Ikinari’s steak is fresh, sweet, and balanced with the taste of fat.

When eating steak here, you will be given a paper apron to wear around your neck to avoid splashes of fat or the smell of clothing. The restaurant also offers free water as well. 

The bar is decorated in the wild west style of Texas, but it is clean and does not smell of grease. You can sit or stand at the counter when eating. 

Address: There are about 60 Ikinari shops in Tokyo, so pick the closest one based on your location.

4. Sanuki Udon Hanamaru

Sanuki Udon Hanamaru is a great place to eat udon on a budget in Tokyo.

This chain offers different types of noodles in three sizes (small, medium, and large), with the basic udon at 150 Yen.

You can also choose a variety of tempura for 50 to 200 yen, depending on the ingredients. 

Hanamaru Udon menu

5. Hotto Motto

Hotto Motto (ほっともっと) is a chain of restaurants that sell delicious and hot bento at a low price.

Although it’s a take-away shop, food is cooked at the time of purchase, so it is fresher and better than bento at the supermarket.

Price ranges from 400 to 800 Yen, and there are plenty of 500 Yen dishes. 

Food is plentiful, and the menu is diverse. You can preview the menu online and then go to the nearest Hottomotto shop, purchase the food coupon and order. It only takes about 15 minutes.

Karaage bento
My favorite dish at Hotto Motto is Karaage Bento

6. Jinbocho Meat Center

Within 45 minutes, you can eat as much Yakiniku (grilled meat) as you like at Jinbocho Meat Center at 900 Yen.

Although the variety of meat is quite limited, the quality is excellent, and the food comes out quickly. If you go for lunch, expect a long line. The last order should be made when 35 minutes pass.

7. Yoshinoya

Yoshinoya is my go-to place when I crave a quick but cheap meal.

This restaurant chain specializes in Gyodon, made of beef and onions, sweet shoyu sauce, and white rice.

With meals from 330 yen to 750 yen, Yoshinoya offers delicious rice dishes at an affordable price.

The chain can be easily found on every street corner, especially near the JR train station in Japan. Although the shop is small, the sign is easy to spot.


8. Sukiya

Sukiya is an excellent 24/7 spot for a quick bite in Tokyo, Japan. Price is cheap, the portion is huge, and the service is lightning fast.

9. Matsuya

Like Yoshinoya and Sukiya, Matsuya is another budget restaurant chain in Tokyo, Japan.

Matsuya mainly offers pork and beef rice dishes, starting from 390 Yen.

This restaurant is also convenient as you can purchase a coupon from a vending machine before ordering. There are food pictures on the ticket vending machine, so don’t worry, even if you don’t understand the language.

10. Sweet Paradise – All you can eat desert

Sweet Paradise is a famous all-you-can-eat dessert buffet in Tokyo, Japan.

This famous chain restaurant offers over 30 types of desserts and 25 different drinks, and you have about 1 hour to eat.

In addition to dessert, you can select different dishes such as pasta dishes, curry rice, and salads.

To enjoy the delicious menu available at Sweets Paradise, you need to buy a ticket from the vending machine at the shop entrance. 

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  1. We loved the food in Tokyo. Certainly liked places like Uobei where you could get sushi by the piece. I am a bit picky so it was easier to pick what I wanted. Udon was a favourite fast food choice for us. Love that Sanuki Udon Hanamaru offers it in 3 different sizes. I will certainly keep Ikinari steak in mind the next time we visit and I need a meat fix! So funny that it is decorated as the Wild West. And I wish we found Sweet Paradise when we were there for a sweet treat!

  2. Amy Chung says:

    Wish I had this list when I was in Tokyo recently! I sure spent a fair bit of money on food but then again I also wanted to try some seriously good sashimi. That was a good Angus beef find. Such affordable prices.

  3. Japan is my dream destination, and somewhere I want to visit once this is all over. That said, I adore Japanese food, and this post has me salivating. I want to try everything on this list, especially Ikinari and the sweets place! It’s also good to know it’s affordable as I know that Japan can be expensive.

  4. I miss Tokyo and we just love their food. Your post just made me really hungry. We were able to visit Sweet Paradise during our last trip and we can’t wait to be back. :)

  5. Blair villanueva says:

    There are many Yoshinoya branches in the Philippines, and it is also good and cheap. Though of course Yoshinoya in Japan has better quality and bigger servings! Also, the foods from 7/11 stores and Lawson’s are good.

  6. It is a great post. I like Japanese cuisine, and I know Tokyo is a costly city. So, it is significant that you share tips where you can find tasty food at affordable prices. I would love to try sushi or steak in Ikinari Steak. I would like to eat in Sanuki Udon Hanamar, because I am an udon lover.

  7. Iuliana Marchian says:

    I know that Japan is an expensive country so this post with cheap places to eat in Tokyo is very welcome. I must admit I am not a sushi lover (actually I was never able to eat one), but the steak I saw at Ikinari Steak looks delicious, so I’d go for that one first.

  8. Debra Schroeder says:

    You had me at all you can eat desserts. I love Japan and will have to keep your post handle for my next visit to Tokyo. Sweet Paradise will be my first stop followed by Uobei and Sushizanmai.

  9. Joe Ankenbauer says:

    We’re planning a trip to Tokyo and this list will come in handy! I loved Uobei with the train conveyor belt, so cool! The 24 hour dessert place sounds like I might gain a few extra pounds haha!

  10. Thank you! And I did not expect that your can find such good looking food fur such good prices! Definately made me put Japan higher on my wishlist. Any street ramen places to? I reckon these can very well affordable isn’t it?

    1. Hi Joris,
      There are lots of street ramen places. I like the one near Sensoji temple in Asakusa, but I think you can try any. Ramen costs around 700 ~ 1000 Yen, so it’s really affordable.

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