20+ Best Japanese Souvenirs To Take Home

What are the best Japanese Souvenirs to buy?

Japan is famous for its unique and quirky souvenirs. If you plan to visit Japan and wonder what to buy as a gift, refer to the list below!

1. Japanese Dolls

Traditional Japanese dolls are great gifts for those looking for things to buy in Japan.

Since ancient times, dolls have been an essential part of Japanese culture, presenting a childhood toy or an object of delight. 

The most popular and iconic one is a Kokeshi doll – a minimalist wooden doll usually painted in red and originally from Northern Japan.

In addition to Kokeshi dolls, you can buy Daruma dolls for luck or Hina dolls and Kimekomi dolls for decoration.

Japanese Kokeshi dolls things buy in Japan
Kokeshi Dolls are sold both as decorative handicrafts and souvenirs of Japan.

2. Furoshiki Wrapping Cloth

Rarely has any country where the seemingly simplest things have been elaborately and artistically carried out like Japan.

One of the unique features of Japanese culture is the art of warping called Furoshiki.

Made from high-quality fabric, Furoshiki remains one of the most iconic items in Japanese daily life. 

Although it may look like a simple piece of cloth, you can use Furoshiki for many purposes.

In addition to gift wrapping, you can tie it as a stylish bag, using it as headscarves or interior decorations for your living spaces. 

Furoshiki wrap Japanese souvenirs

3. Tenugui towel

Tenugui is a beautiful thin towel made from cotton, typically about 35×90 cm in size.

It usually has different colors and patterns, carries a long history, and makes a beautiful gift for any occasion.

Tenugui towel Japanese souvenirs

“Tenugui” is a combination of the word Te (手), which means “Hand,” and Nugui (ぬ ぐ い), which means “Clean,” but this towel is not only used to clean your hands but also has other uses.

  • Where to buy: You can find it everywhere in Japan, not only in specialty stores but also in souvenir shops.
  • Price: The price of a Tenugui scarf is also quite low, starting from 100 to 1000 yen
Japanese Tenugui tower

4. Hanten Kimono Jackets

If you love Japanese clothing, the Hanten Kimono jacket is an excellent addition to your wardrobe.

Made from fine quality cotton padding, this kimono-style jacket is a beautiful souvenir from Japan you can wear during cold days. 

These winter coats are stylish and easy to mix with jeans and a simple top. 

5. Noren Curtains

Entering Japanese shops and restaurants, you can notice the beautiful Noren curtains hanging at the doorway. These curtains traditionally indicate the types of establishment, logos, and names.

With a gentle design, Japanese Noren curtains are like a half-closed door. Both are used as a partition to divide the space while creating a comfortable feeling. 

With these features, Noren is an excellent decoration for your own home. It’s pretty to look at and guard your living spaces against smoke, dust, and smells while ensuring the air in the room is better circulated.

Japanese Noren curtains souvenirs from Japan

6. Japanese Furin Wind Chimes

Visiting Japan in the summer, you may hear the soothing melodies of Japanese wind chimes. 

Wind chimes in Japan, known as Furin, are the sign of summer. The bells are made from glass and decorated with beautiful patterns and colors.

According to Japanese customs, Window chimes have the effect of protecting and dispelling evil spirits.

Also, Japanese people write good wishes on paper to send their wishes to the gods when the bell rings.

Japanese wind chimes things to buy in Japan

7. Bento Boxes

Bento boxes with cute designs are perfect souvenirs to buy from Japan. 

These boxes began to appear during the Kamakura period in the 1300s when farmers packed their boxes for lunch. As time went by, Bento boxes developed and became popular throughout Japan.

With attractive designs, these boxes can encourage you to make your lunch, eat healthier, and save money.  

Japanese bento boxes

8. Japanese ceramics

Japanese ceramic is a lovely gift to buy if you love tea ceremonies.

Traditional Japanese ceramic art can be considered the best globally thanks to the convergence of many factors, including influence exchanges from China and the West, with talented and passionate Japanese artists and artisans. 

9. Electronic devices

Japan is a paradise for electronic devices, with the latest models and applications. 

Japanese electronic products are famous for their quality and reasonable prices. The most common items that people buy are cameras, phones, or 

Where to buy

Some famous centers are “Yodobashi Camera,” “Bic Camera,” and “Yamada Denki.” In Tokyo, Akihabara is an excellent area to buy electronic products. 


  • You should consider the power source when purchasing Japanese domestic electronics because it’s 110V while other countries use 220V. To be safe, you should buy converters for electronics.
  • Don’t forget to get your Tax return
  • Some good Japanese brands are Sony, Toshiba
I bought my Macbook from Yamada Denki.

10. Yukata

If you wonder what to buy as gifts for your friends or family, you can consider Yukata.

Yukata are summer kimonos with fewer layers and are made from cotton. Japanese often wear Yukataaon festive occasions or at the ryokan.

  • Where to buy: Department stores
  • Prices: 10,000 to 40,000 Yen
Japanese Yukata

11. Geta Sandals

Geta is an essential accessory in traditional Japanese costumes such as Yukata or Kimonos, so don’t forget to add them to your shopping list!

Made from wood, they are a combination of clogs and flip-flops. 

Its base is usually much higher than the ground, so people often use Geta clogs to go on rainy or snowy days to keep the feet drier. Geta sandals are entirely handmade, so they are of good quality and durable.

12. Japanese Sensu fan

Japanese fan is one of the best souvenirs you should bring home from Japan as they are practical and beautiful. 

Many people mistakenly believe that folding fans are of Chinese origin, but they were born in Japan in the early Heian period.

Japanese fan best souvenirs in Japan

Not only cooling and decoration, but Sensu folding fan is also an essential prop in traditional dances, tea ceremonies, or objects to show friendship and goodwill. 

These beautiful fans are made from silk and bamboo, then decorated with delicate patterns. 

Where to buy: 100 Yen shop or gift shops

13. Kanzashi

Kanzashi are hairpins and ornaments used with traditional Japanese hairstyles. It is used by Japanese girls when wearing a traditional Kimono or Yukata.

Kanzashi comes in many sizes and shapes but mostly flowers. Thanks to the variety, it is not difficult to find a suitable Kanzashi clip as your gift.

Where to buy: Department stores or gift shops

14. Japanese incense 

Japanese incense is widely considered as having the best quality in the market and is one of my favorite things to buy when traveling in Japan. 

Incense is a key element in the Japanese ornament, easing our minds and creating a relaxing and comfortable environment for our home. 

Where to buy: You can find an extensive range of incense types in Japan at department stores. 

15. Maneki Neko

Maneki Neko is an excellent choice for Japanese souvenirs. 

Many names often include “Lucky Cat,” “waving cat,” a famous symbol of luck in Japanese culture.

Maneki Neko is made of ceramic or porcelain, in the shape of a cat raising his hand to wave people.

Neko means “cat,” and Maneki means “inviting, attractive.” Combining these two words means praying for health, protecting to avoid evil spirits, diseases, and bringing good luck to homeowners.

  • Where to buy: Grocery stores, supermarkets, or souvenir shops
  • Price: The price of each of these cats depends on their size, color, and meaning. Ranges from 500 – 10,000 yen.
Maneki Neko Japanese gift

16. Chopsticks

Chopsticks are very popular gifts to buy in Japan.

Japanese people believe that chopsticks are the bridge connecting feelings between the giver and the recipient.

The Japanese also said that chopsticks are often used to “pick” the luck, and the chopsticks are always paired. Offering chopsticks is also a wish for the recipient to have good things.

Where to buy: Gift shops

Japanese chopsticks

17. Kit Kat 

Although Kit Kat is now available in many countries, some flavors are only available in Japan.

So, take a break from your usual chocolate choices and bring home these exclusive Japanese Kit Kats!

There are more than 300 different seasonal editions of Kit Kats in Japan, and my favorite is Sakura Matcha Kit Kat.

18. Pocky

Do you know that there’s a National Pocky day in Japan? Every 11th of November, all of Japan celebrates the famous chocolate sticks.

Like KitKat, Pocky comes in many fun flavors that are only available in Japan. Greentea, banana, and mango are my favorite choices!

19. Matcha 

Matcha tea is one of the most popular Japanese souvenir choices and has existed in Japanese cultural history for about 800 years.

This green tea powder is made from buds and leaves of green tea grown on Japanese soil through a meticulous and elaborate process.

In Japanese cuisine, matcha powder is used and modified in many dishes, cakes, and drinks.

In Japanese tea ceremonies, matcha brings reverence, purity, energy, and nutrients. Also, some studies have proven that using Matcha green tea daily will help increase longevity.

Where to buy: Supermarkets or Drug stores

20. Tokyo Banana

Tokyo Banana is a perfect choice if you’re looking for a unique snack to buy in Japan. 

It’s an ultimate blend of soft, fragrant, and sweet cake and is perfect for eating while drinking matcha tea. 

This cake is difficult to find outside Japan and is usually only sold in Tokyo with a short shelf-life.

Where to buy: Tokyo Skytree or Narita airport

21. Mochi

Mochi with sweet fillings and packed in beautiful boxes are delicious Japanese souvenirs.

In Japan, there are hundreds of types of mochi with different flavors. However, there are common mochi types, including:

  • Daifuku Mochi: This mochi is often used during traditional holidays with fillings made from red beans.
  • Ichigo Daifuku has an outer layer similar to Daifuku, but add fresh strawberry in the filling.
  • Kusa Mochi: It has a green layer made from wormwood and filled with red bean paste.
  • Ice Cream Mochi: With an outer layer made from Mochiko flour and filled with different creams, Ice-cream mochi is my favorite Japanese dessert. 
Daifuku Mochi Japanese dessert

22. Japanese Sake

Although there’s no clear record of when people started making Sake, it’s believed that this drink has been produced for thousands of years.

Gradually, Sake has become a cultural feature of Japan and is its most unique export.

Different types of Sake

  • Junmai sake is made entirely of rice
  • Honjozo sake is made from rice, water, koji mold, yeast, and added distilled alcohol.
  • Nigorizake (cloudy sake) has a rich taste of mash, smooth texture, and refreshing sharpness.
  • Umeshu is made from Japanese apricots

Where to buy:

  • There are different sizes at the liquor stores or supermarkets, from small size 360ml to normal size 1800ml.
  • You can buy different types with small sizes to drink and compare.

23. Japanese beauty products

I love Japanese cosmetics!

Japanese cosmetics are very diverse with many price ranges, and the quality is excellent. 

Where to buy: I often purchase cosmetics at Drug stores or department stores.

24. Functional food

Functional foods are extremely popular in Japan. The drug stores offer medicines and functional foods fortified with vitamins and minerals.

Where to buy: Drug stores or department stores

25. Japanese-designed clothes

If you love Japanese styles, Japanese brands are great choices to buy. Their winter section is impressive, with well-designed coats and sweaters at affordable prices.

Where to buy

  • UNIQLO shops
  • Flea markets near Shinjuku Mitsui building, Shinjuku Park flea market, Yoyogi Park flea market
  • Shop for cheap clothes at Bookoff Super Bazaar
  • Shopping malls

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