Housing scams have become a major issue in big cities, and Copenhagen is not an exception. In this article, I share my experience about deposit scams in Copenhagen, which occur after I moved out of my department. Through my story, I share some tips on how to gain your deposit money back from the scammer.


My Story: Deposit Scams in Copenhagen

While waiting to receive my deposit after more than 1 month moving out, I found out that my former landlord had blocked my Facebook.

1. Shocked

It was the most accurate word to describe what I felt at that time. I thought that this could not happen to me because everything seemed really legit.

  • My apartment was checked monthly by the landlord’s parents.
  • I followed all the house rules.
  • I also kept in touch with the landlord until moving out date.
  • The apartment was checked carefully before I handed the key as well.
  • I have the contract and paid my rental fee through bank.

I was like “No way this happens to me!”, “It cannot right?”, “They were nice, weren’t they?”

In my overall impression, Danes are really nice and friendly. Therefore, I could not believe that my deposit was not returned.

deposit scams in Copenhagen

2. Freak out

Yes, it was the second stage of my emotion!

As I paid quite a big amount of money for my deposit, I was freaked out that I might lose it!

It may be not that big compared to Danish people, but it’s big for me. I’m an Asian student without SU, which is a 5000 DKK scholarship for EU students. I’m also from a developing country. So yes, I already pay a lot to live in one of the most expensive countries in the world.

I can say that I’m poor :( And yes, I was still cheated.

I kept asking myself  “Why? Why this happens?”, ” Did I do anything wrong?”, “What should I tell my parents?”


3. Feeling lost

I don’t want anyone at home to worry about me, but at that time, I was completely lost.

a) Lost my faith in the society
The worst thing is that I start losing trust in people, losing good image about Denmark that I had. Moving from Japan, where I can just put my phone on the table, go and then come back, it is still there, to a country where some people are freaking rich but still be freaking greedy as well, was too much for me!
Hello, culture shock!!!
b) Lost my way

I did not know what to do. I was shocked, freaked out and scared. Also, I don’t understand about Danish law, and my Danish level is very basic. Also, Facebook was the only way to communicate with that landlord. And yes, it was blocked :(
So, if one day, you wake up and realize that you may lose your deposit. What will you do?


“Stay strong, Ha”, I told myself.
These are 10 steps to deal with deposit scams in Copenhagen.

1. Calm down

It’s the most important step. You cannot deal with anything if you cannot calm down.
You may give a wrong decision or provide wrong information because you’re freaked out. So take a cup of tea, stay away from your computer/ phone/ etc, and give you some time to think clearly.

best accommodation in Copenhagen


 2. Search for help

You can use Google search for solutions. You should choose legit sites as always.


3. Ask people

You can ask your friends first, especially Danish friends. In my case, my friends did not know how to deal with it, so I asked in an Expat group.
I had lots of help and useful instruction from the group Expats in Copenhagen. I’ve really appreciated all the help and I’m glad that I’m a part of that community.


4. Prepare all the necessary documents

  • Read your contract carefully to make sure that you know everything about it.
  • Gather all photos about the accommodation (if you have) before you enter and after you leave the place.
  • Record or save your emails, messages, phone calls. Sometimes you can record some valuable information which can stand against your landlord.
  • Prepare to tell what happens with your lawyer.


 5. Go to lawyer

a)Københavns Retshjælp

Københavns Retshjælp, or Copenhagen Legal Aid, offers FREE legal advice to all citizens, no matter your nationality, and no matter whether you live in Copenhagen or indeed in Denmark.  However, there are some conditions for receiving free legal advice. You can check here.
Address: Stormgade 20, 1555 København V
Opening time:

  • Monday to Thursday: 18:30 – 21:00
  • Friday: 18:30 – 20:00
  • Weekend: Closed

Email: [email protected]


You can only go there once a week. For example, if you go there on Monday, you will have Monday case. You cannot meet your lawyer on the other days.
Therefore, if you need any help or have new information, send to Københavns Retshjælp by email. Remember to include your CPR number and case number.
In my case, the lawyer sent the landlord an email indicated that he had to pay the money back to me in 10 days, otherwise they would take the next step. Fortunately, I received all my money back.

b) Huslejenævn
If your landlord doesn’t pay money after 10 days, your case will be brought to Huslejenævn.
Huslejenævn, which is a local rent council, will provide advice and help in case of a rent level issue in court.
Note: You will need to pay 305 DKK, so they can start to investigate your case. Also, because each community will have different Huslejenævn, you will need to contact the Huslejenævn where you sign the House contract. For more information, you can ask Retshjælp.

c) LLO
LLO is a tenant land organization. You can find more information at their page. You will need to pay money to be a member of this Union.
Address: Reventlowsgade 14, 1651 København K
Phone: 33 86 09 10
Mail: [email protected]


6. Be patient and wait

The procedure may take months to receive your money back. Therefore, you should go back to your daily life and wait for the good thing to come.


7. Don’t contact your landlord by yourself if you already came to your lawyer

Let your lawyer do everything.
Don’t let your landlord fool you. They know that you don’t know the law, so they may say fake things and you will think it’s correct. Again, just ask for your lawyer’s help.


8. Believe in yourself

You should believe that you can get your money back. You may feel really tired with all those things and want to give up. But, don’t do that!


9. Learn about the law by yourself

In order not to let it happen again, you should understand the basic law of the country you live. It will be really useful. You can also learn much useful information at 


10. Celebrate

This step is only useful if you receive your money back :)



  •  Don’t show your landlord’s identity to social media because it will violate the law. You may pay money for it.
  • Don’t contact or answer strangers: Your landlord may use fake accounts or ask friends to contact you to know about your steps or lead you to wrong ways.


What did I learn from my case?

  • Don’t trust landlords too much. They can take advantage of you and steal your money.
  • Take detailed pictures when you move in and when you move out. Remember to take the pictures closely and carefully in every small detail. 
  • Bad people are there, but still, lots of good people are trying to help you.
  • Be brave and believe in yourself. Everything will be okay. Stay strong and you can do it!

* This article was updated on June 1oth, 2018. I had this experience in March 2017.

In this article, you’ll know the 10 most surprising facts about Denmark. It’s not only useful for those who would like to know more about this lovely country, but it’s also a good preparation if you have a chance to visit Denmark.


1.Toilet for both genders

There are many toilets for both genders in Denmark, so don’t get surprised or shocked if a guy or girl comes to the same toilet with you.

Facts about Denmark - Toilet for both genders

I was so surprised at the first time when I was in this situation. I still remember the feeling when I heard a random guy’ voice outside when I was in the toilet, and I was like

“No way! How did I go to a wrong one? I remember I enter correctly?”

I was shy and embarrassed at the moment, so I actually stayed in the toilet for a while. Waiting, waiting and waiting, but they didn’t go!

“Oh No! What should I do then?”

I had no idea and just went out as fast as I could. After talking to my friends, I realized that some toilets in Copenhagen are for both genders.


2. Hygge

“What is the most special thing about Denmark that you will show a foreigner?”, I asked my Danish friend.

“Hygge”, he answered.

I heard that Hygge is the way that helps the Danes survive in the cold winter, and I can confirm that it’s true! (After staying here in the winter)

So what is Hygge? Hygge is a very special activity in Denmark. It can be defined as having a good time with good people. If you walk around Copenhagen in the evening, you can see lots of people sitting together, having a cup of coffee or having a meal, with a small candle in between. As I heard,  too many candles for Hygge caused health problems in Denmark :( 

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Facts about Denmark - Hygge and Coffee

What is better than a cup of coffee during the winter?

Also, I was shocked when I knew it was common for Danes to leave their babies to nap in a stroller outside when moms “Hygge” inside. OMG! How is it possible ?? How can they leave the babies outside, even when it’s really cold and windy ??

facts about Denmark - put strollers outside

I once asked my Danish friend about it, and he said “It’s really safe to do that because they calculate the wind direction, and the baby will cry if bad things happen. Also, no one kidnaps children here. It costs a lot to raise a child”. It’s totally different from other countries that I’ve been to.

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3. VAT

Denmark is one of the countries has the highest tax in the world. The standard VAT in Denmark, or called Danish VAT “MOMS” is 25%. Therefore, everything in Denmark is expensive compared to other countries. In my first day in Copenhagen, I was shocked when buying a small bottle of Coca-Cola with 20 DKK. It is more expensive if you buy it in Seven Eleven or Fotex, compared to Netto and Fakta. You can read free and cheap things to do in Copenhagen here.

facts about Denmark - high tax

VAT in Denmark is 25%, so the price is really high compared to other countries.


4. Super windy

The thing that I don’t like most in Denmark is the weather. It is way too windy. Sometimes, I cannot even ride my bicycle because of the strong wind.

Facts about Denmark - Really windy in Denmark


5. Flat country

Denmark is a flat country. As I read, its average height is above the sea of 31 meters. The article also said that the highest natural point is Møllehøj, at 170.86 meters. You cannot see any mountain in Denmark, only small hills. So, it is the best place for cycling, isn’t it?


6. Bicycles, bicycles, and bicycles

Because of the geography, Denmark is a perfect place for cycling. If you come to Copenhagen, you can see people bike everywhere. Danes love biking in every type of weather, even it’s rainy, windy or snowy. In Copenhagen, there are lines for bicycle only, and also traffic lights for bicycles. Bicycle thefts are very common in Copenhagen as well. So, watch out!

Facts about Denmark - Bicycles in Denmark

Bicycles are everywhere!


7. Drinking culture

It’s very normal to see people walking with a beer or many beers on the street in Denmark. You can see people drinking on the street, public transportation, and public places. It is legal to buy alcohol everywhere too. There are many drunk people in the weekend in Copenhagen.

Facts about Denmark - Drinking beer

Danish or Scandinavian people in general love beers!

>> Read about Danish drinking culture at Julefrokost here


8. Smoking

Another surprising thing to me is that many Danes smoke. You can see a lot of people smoking in the parties, bars, and clubs. They will go out for sometimes and then come back inside. I was once the only one left inside the house because other people were smoking outside.


9. Apartments in the inner city

a) Same floors

The apartments inner the city of Copenhagen have the same number of floors which are 3 or 4. The designs are also a bit similar as well. It seems to me that those apartments just have different colors and different window styles. I was lost at first days when I just came because I couldn’t find my way to similar apartments. 

Beautiful Nyhavn in Denmark - Facts about Denmark

If you visit Nyhavn, you can see it clearly!


b) Only stairs

Also, most of the apartments only have stairs. 2 places that I lived, none of them has an elevator. I visit some of my friends’ houses and there are only stairs too. However, it’s a good chance to practice and improve your health, isn’t it?


10. Health care system

You can get an assigned doctor when you have a CPR number in Denmark. When you change your place, you have a choice to choose your own doctor. Also, health check-up is free. Feeling unwell? Just call your doctor and book an appointment. Unfortunately, the medicine price is pretty expensive, and the health care system does not cover your dental cost.

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*This article was updated on May 5th, 2018

Christmas is coming with the most exciting and long-awaited celebration of the year: Julefrokost. If you live in Denmark or know about Danish culture, I think you may once hear about this party. My first time participating in Julefrokost was last year, 2016. I love the party and here is my sharing of it. I hope you will enjoy reading. 


What is Julefrokost?

Julefrokost plays an important part in Danish tradition. Every December before Christmas, people gather together and celebrate an annual Julefrokost – a Danish Christmas lunch. This party can be between family members, or just generally a group of people (friends, colleagues, the member of clubs).

In Danish, Jule means Christmas, and Frokost means lunch. However, the time of the party may depend on the host, and usually, it starts late in the evening, around 5 pm. It can be considered as a dinner as well.


Before Julefrokost

So, what do people do to prepare for this party? The participants will prepare some gifts and the host will prepare delicious food and drinks for the participants. You can enjoy lots of Danish traditional food at this party.


Dress code in Julefrokost

In the party, people usually dress up and wear formal clothes. For example, men usually wear suits, while women wear beautiful dresses. Some people will dress up as Santa Claus too. The dress code is also up on the host’s rule, so check it before you come to the party!


What do people do in Julefrokost?

1. Eat

Julefrokost is a combination of Thanksgiving and Christmas, so of course, there is a lot of Danish traditional food. You will eat for hours and much more than you usually do. I don’t know how to prepare for the party, but found a cool post for this. You can check here to see how is a proper Danish Julefrokost


celebrating Julefrokost Denmark

It’s Julefrokost and it’s time to get fat! Stay strong and eat for the whole night :) 


2. Drink

The participants may be asked to bring their own drinks and also drinks for the others. You can bring beers, cocktails, beverages, or whatever you want to.

Drinking in Julefrokost in Denmark

The most important drinks in Julefrokost is snaps. Snaps is a small shot of drink and people drink it during eating, and it contains around 32% ~ 40% alcohol. You can read more about snaps at Wikipedia

In my opinion, snaps tastes like a combination of water, apple juice, and vodka. It tastes kinda weird I think…

Drinking snaps in Julefrokost in Denmark

“Everyone doesn’t like it but they still drink it”

“It doesn’t taste good, but it’s the tradition so everyone will drink snaps.”

My friends say that many Danes don’t like snaps, but they still drink it because it is an important part of Danish culture.


3. Sing

It’s so interesting to see Danes sing while they’re drinking. In the party that I participated, people sang Haps haps haps song while drinking Snap. I found it was really funny, so I asked my friend for a lyric. You can check out the song here.


4. Talk

Julefrokost is also a time for everyone to gather together and share their stories. It’s time for reflection, so people usually look back and share their achievement and what they have done during this year. If you celebrate with your company, it’s a great time to get to know more about your colleagues and build a good relationship.


5. Dance

Yes! As other parties, Julefrokost cannot miss a dance floor. In my party, people just used the living room as a dance floor, and someone got to be a DJ, and others danced. It was so fun that night. 


6. Game

You can play some games at the party as well. It can be drinking game such as beer pong, or gift game such as PAKKELEG – the most common game in Julefrokost.

Rules: It can depend on each party but generally it follows

Each person brings a small gift and all gifts are placed in the middle of the table.

  • 1st round: Everyone takes turns in rolling the dice and when you roll a 6, you can choose a gift until all gifts have been taken.
  • 2nd round: You rolls a dice and can take other people’s gift if you can roll a 6.

Present in Julefrokost

After a period of time, everybody opens their gifts. Some people will have no gift while some may have more than one. In my case, I, unfortunately, didn’t receive any…


7. Smoke

Many Danes smoke, and they usually go out and smoke regularly. You can meet and see most of the people at the party outside. 


What happens at a Julefrokost, stays at the Julefrokost

In Julefrokost, especially after midnight, people get pretty wide. They may do crazy things and behave strangely. Everyone knows that and no one will blame you if you do something strange that night.

Don’t worry, on Monday people will be normal again.


5 Best Tips for Julefrokost

  • Don’t go out the night before. You need to get ready for the big day.
  • You should drink water because it helps reducing hangover next day!
  • Don’t drink too many snaps if you don’t want to be too drunk
  • Eat more than you do and drink more than you do
  • Enjoy yourself and be a bit crazy because it’s Julefrokost!


Just accept all the Julefrokost invitations and enjoy the best party of the year.

You can enjoy the most of the Danish culture with it. Hope you will have a great time!

Skål !!!

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Thank you for reading Julefrokost in Denmark

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Christmas is coming with the most exciting and long-awaited celebration of the year: Julefrokost! Julefrokost is a Danish Christmas Celebration. Click here to read more! #Christmas #Dinner #Denmark #Culture

Danes love singing while they’re drinking. A great example of it is Snaps song, “Haps Haps Haps”. In Julefrokost, before Danes start to drink snaps, they will sing this drinking song and then say a really long “skål”.


Before you go to Julefrokost, it will be great if you learn this song. Therefore, you can sing together with everyone.

With the help of my Danish friend, this is the full song. However, each time you drink snaps, you just sing one version of the song.


Full song

Haps, haps, haps

nu skal vi ha’ snaps.

Ned med hele molevitten,

til det kriller i banditten.

Haps, haps, haps

nu skal vi ha’ snaps.

Haps, haps, haps

nu skal vi ha’ snaps.

Når den kommer ned på midten,

Rører den ved duppeditten.

Haps, haps, haps

nu skal vi ha’ snaps.

Haps, haps, haps

nu skal vi ha’ snaps.

Nu igen ved vintertide

akvavitten ned skal glide.

Haps, haps, haps

nu skal vi ha’ snaps!

Haps, haps, haps

nu skal vi ha’ snaps.

Bordet det er højt bedækket

“slank” moralen den er knækket.

Haps, haps, haps

nu skal vi ha’ snaps!

Haps, haps, haps

nu skal vi ha’ snaps.

Først er silden så postejen,

siden kommer flæskestegen.

Haps, haps, haps

nu skal vi ha’ snaps!

Haps, haps, haps

nu skal vi ha’ snaps.

Maven nu er rund og mættet,

dog bli’r bordet atter dækket.

Haps, haps, haps

igen skal vi ha’ snaps!

Haps, haps, haps,

nu skal vi ha’ snaps.

For det skærper appetitten,

og det krilrer ned på midten.

Haps, haps, haps,

nu skal vi ha’ snaps.


And then a really long skål!!!!

I hope this song can help you in the preparation of Julefrokost. It’s also really fun song to sing and listen to.

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Thank you for reading