7 Best Areas To Stay In Copenhagen, Denmark

Where to stay in Copenhagen? Whether you’re visiting or planning to move to this beautiful city, read on for the most popular areas to stay in Copenhagen.

Indre By / Old Town

Indre By, also known as Old Town, is one of the oldest parts of Copenhagen. It is located near the city center and is full of historic buildings and cobblestone streets.

Notable landmarks include Christiansborg Palace, home to both the Parliament and Supreme Court; Rosenborg Castle, a former royal residence; and Church of Our Savior, built in 1694.

Copenhagen Christiansborg Palace
Christiansborg Palace in Copenhagen, Denmark.

In addition to its rich history, Indre By offers plenty of shopping opportunities for you looking for souvenirs or unique items.

There are also many restaurants featuring traditional Danish cuisine and international fare.

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Best areas to stay in Copenhagen, Denmark.


Nyhavn is a 17th-century waterfront, canal, and entertainment district in Copenhagen, Denmark. It is lined with brightly colored 17th and early 18th-century townhouses, bars, cafes, and restaurants.

best areas to stay in Copenhagen Denmark

The area has important historical importance as it used to be a busy commercial port where ships from all over the world would dock.

In modern times, it has become one of Copenhagen’s main tourist attractions due to its picturesque appearance and lively atmosphere.

You can enjoy the views of its bustling harbor, explore the numerous attractions that line the canalside promenade, or take a boat tour of Nyhavn for an up-close experience of this unique neighborhood.

Copenhagen Denmark.


Østerbro is a neighborhood in the northern part of Copenhagen, Denmark. It is known for its lush greenery, excellent shopping districts, and traditional Danish architecture.

The district is home to one of the oldest parks in Copenhagen, Fælledparken, which was established in 1872.

There are also several lakes located within Østerbro’s boundaries that provide you with fantastic sightseeing opportunities during the summer months.

The district also boasts numerous sports facilities, including gymnastics halls and soccer fields, making it an ideal spot for athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike.

Additionally, Østerbro is home to some of the city’s most popular attractions, including the Tivoli Gardens amusement park and Copenhagen Zoo. You can buy Copenhagen Card to get free entrance to 80+ attractions in the city.

Tivoli gardens at night in Copenhagen, Denmark.


Nørrebro is one of my favorite areas to stay in Copenhagen.

Located in the northwestern part of the city, Nørrebro is an up-and-coming neighborhood that offers a unique mix of culture and diversity.

Home to more than 90 different nationalities, Nørrebro has become one of the most diverse and vibrant areas.

Here, you can explore bustling streets full of delightful eateries and eclectic shops, experience exciting nightlife, visit interesting cultural attractions such as graffiti murals and The King’s Garden or take advantage of its excellent transport connections – making it easy for you to access other parts of the city.

With its diverse population, vibrant atmosphere, and variety of activities on offer, there’s something for everyone in Norrebro.

Norrebro is one of the best areas to stay in Copenhagen, Denmark.


Vesterbro is an area of Copenhagen, Denmark, known for its vibrant atmosphere and hip culture.

It has a large student population and is home to numerous bars, cafes, restaurants, live music venues, galleries, boutiques, and vintage shops.

The area also features several parks, green spaces, and unique architecture, such as the old Meatpacking District with historic buildings that have been transformed into trendy eateries.

Vesterbro is popular among locals and tourists thanks to its lively atmosphere and diverse range of attractions. It’s an ideal place to stroll around or spend some time exploring the sights.

Bicycles and apartments in Copenhagen, Denmark.


Amager, an island southwest of Copenhagen, is a well-known destination for outdoor enthusiasts.

Many people go to Amager Beach Park in the summer to swim or relax on the sandy beach. Copenhagen Airport is located there, so it’s an ideal base if you travel a lot.

Amager also provides a breathtaking view of the iconic Øresund Bridge leading to Sweden.

Amager Park Copenhagen Denmark
Wandering at Amager Park is one of my favorite things to do in Copenhagen, Denmark.


Christianshavn is a unique part of Copenhagen and has played an important role in the city’s development since the 17th century.

Built on reclaimed land, it was originally established as a working-class neighborhood and trading port by King Christian IV.

Today, Christianshavn is known for its cobbled streets lined with colorful buildings, canals, bridges, and historical sites.

It also boasts some of Copenhagen’s best restaurants, galleries, museums, and shops – making it a popular destination for tourists and locals alike.

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