Explore Saigon Nightlife With Saigon Adventure

What to do in Ho Chi Minh city at night? We decided to explore Saigon nightlife with Saigon Adventure recently, and here is our review. 

Saigon Adventour guides

What to expect in the Saigon Adventure tour?


With smiles and friendly greetings, Michelle and Joey caught our attention when we walked to the pickup point. 

They explained the night’s itinerary and told us a few safety tips. It would rain soon, so we put on raincoats and went to our first stop. 

Chill Sky Bar

The rain stopped when we got to our first destination – a rooftop bar in the center of Saigon. 

Due to the rain, we couldn’t sit outside but still had a cozy area to enjoy drinks and view the city.

Chill Sky Bar Saigon Vietnam
Chill Sky Bar Saigon Vietnam

Bike around the city center at night

After the drinks, we explored some highlights of the city by bike. The town looked different at night time, especially after the rain.

When we drove by Notre Dame Church and Post Office, our guides explained the history and facts about these attractions. 

Cathedral Saigon Vietnam

Visit Thích Quảng Đức monument

If you’ve learned about the Vietnam war, you may have seen the very well-known photograph of the burning monk. 

His name was Thích Quảng Đức, and he set himself on fire to protest the persecution of Buddhists in Vietnam.

We visited the monument that now sits at the intersection where he did this. Our guides were very informative and explained the historical significance of his actions. 

Thich Quang Duc Saigon Vietnam

Explore an apartment complex

We drove to one of the oldest apartment complexes in Saigon, the Nguyen Thien Thuat Apartment.

Initially built for American soldiers, they are now home to a vibrant Vietnamese community and some of Saigon’s best street food. 

Nguyen Thien Thuat Apartment Saigon Vietnam
Nguyen Thien Thuat Apartment Saigon Vietnam

Visit the flower market

Our next stop was the largest flower market in Ho Chi Minh City.

The market was very colorful with many different shops and varieties of flowers. An excellent place to go if you want to test your photography skills.

Ho Thi Ky Market Saigon Vietnam

Fill your belly with Banh Xeo

After some sightseeing spots, it was time to eat, so we visited a local Banh Xeo restaurant.

Banh Xeo is the Vietnamese version of a savory pancake, filled with seafood and pork and eaten with lettuce and leaves. 

The kitchen was placed at the entrance to the shop, and we watched as the chef expertly cooked four pancakes at once!

Saigon food tours Vietnam
Saigon food tours Vietnam

Besides Banh Xeo, we also ate some yummy summer rolls. Dipped in the Hoisin sauce and peanut, they were ready to go!

Next stop Banh Mi!

We then moved to a new location to try out Banh Mi – a Vietnamese-style baguette.

This place was particularly famous for its tasty bread, which many of the other Banh Mi sellers in the area bought.

Each sandwich was packed with meat and other ingredients, and we could even try making one ourselves!

Banh Mi
We also had local herb drinks from a neighboring stall.

Enjoy delicious seafood dishes

Seafood was the last stop and also our favorite one. We tried different food, including grilled shells and steamed clams. 

All of them were delicious!

Saigon food tours Vietnam
clams with lemon grass

Our tour guides

We had a fantastic time with Michelle and Joey.

They were very informative, spoke English well, and told us lots of new information about the city. They also took us to explore some hidden places and local food stops.

Although it rained during the tour and the traffic in Saigon was crazy (it was Saturday night!), their driving skills were impressive.

Our thoughts on Saigon Adventure

Overall, we enjoyed the tour. The tour guides were excellent, and the stops were great. 


  • Free pick up & drop off (Hotels in District 1 & 3)
  • Free of charge cancellation 4 hours before departure time
  • Guides are fantastic and speak English well
  • Options available for vegetarians and those with dietary restrictions


  • Limited Food & drinks (you can’t order more than budgeted)
  • Surcharge for motorbike medical insurance

How to book the Saigon Adventure tour

You can book the Saigon nightlife and food tour of Saigon Adventure here.

Besides Saigon Nightlife and Foodie tour, Saigon Adventure offers other excellent choices such as Beer, Music, and Food; City Highlights; and Hidden gems.

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