Farm To Table: Learn How To Cook In Saigon Vietnam

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There are plenty of cooking classes in Ho Chi Minh city, from regular classes to professional training courses. But how to choose the best one?

We decided to try the Farm to Table half-day cooking class from Ho Chi Minh cooking class in Cu Chi, which was a great idea!


What to expect in HCM Cooking class?

Visit the local market

Our first stop was the local market in Cu Chi.

The market was very vibrant, with plenty of stores selling a variety of products ranging from meat products to house items.

Market Vietnam

As we walked around the market, Hong, our tour guide, introduced us to different vegetables.

Market in Vietnam

market vietnam

We also stopped to buy some sweet cherries. The seller was friendly and helpful.

fruit market Vietnam


Picking herbs in the medicine garden

Saying goodbye to the market, we then headed to the HCM Cooking class village.

The area was huge, with rice paddy fields, vegetable fields, and an open-air cooking area. 

We had a tea break and then walked to the farm. Each of us was given a basket with scissors and Nón lá – a Vietnamese-style conical hat.

Ho Chi Minh Cooking class Vietnam

Hong carefully explained the different herbs and vegetables, telling us about the medicinal properties of each one and the dishes they were typically used for. 

Ho Chi Minh Cooking class garden

The farm was large. We moved from one area to another, snipping fresh veggies and herbs for our baskets as we went along. 

Ho Chi Minh Cooking class Vietnam


Visit the mushroom farm

Before going to the cooking class, we visited a mushroom farm. 


Here, Hong explained how these mushrooms are grown and let us pick some for our dishes. It was the first time we had visited a mushroom farm, so we were fascinated.



The cooking class

We were all impressed by Chef Tan. He was very knowledgeable, using entertaining analogies to explain the correct ratios of different ingredients.

Definitely a talented teacher! It was one of the best cooking lessons we’d ever had. 

Chef Tan


Cook delicious dishes

Banh Xeo

We started by cooking a special version of Banh Xeo,  a Vietnamese-style pancake.

Firstly, we prepared the ingredients and made the fish sauce. 

We then made the mixture from rice flour, turmeric powder, and chopped green onions. For the topping, we chose pork and bean sprouts. 

Chef Tan instructed us step-by-step and made the whole process easy. 

Ho Chi Minh Cooking class Banh xeo

The flipping part was the most difficult.

Banh xeo


Chicken with mushroom

The next dish was chicken with mushrooms – the ones we’d picked from the mushroom farm. 

Ho Chi Minh Cooking class chicken


Barbecue Pork

This was our favorite dish! We learned how to marinate the pork and stir-fried it quickly to make a delicious dish.

cooking class Saigon Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh Cooking class pork


Banana rolls

Our last dish was fried banana rolls with coconut ice cream. It was super easy to make but tasty. 

Ho Chi Minh Cooking class banana cake


Receive a certificate

At the end of the course, we each receive a certificate of completion. We also got a T-shirt as a gift!

Ho Chi Minh Cooking class Vietnam


Our thoughts about Ho Chi Minh cooking class

We loved it! It was great to get out of the city and visit a farm in the suburbs. 

The highlight of our class was the incredibly talented Chef Tan, with his clear instructions and entertaining teaching style.  

Our tour guide, Hong, also deserves recognition. She was very informative, friendly, and spoke English fluently. 

We loved learning about the different herbs and vegetables at the farm and picking them ourselves.

The dishes were delicious and easy to cook, and we could apply the cooking techniques to other dishes. 

HCM cooking class garden


How to book Ho Chi Minh cooking class?

The booking procedure is very easy. You can select your preferred travel date, fill in your information, and pay. 

You can book your class directly or with GetYourGuide.



What is included in the Ho Chi Minh cooking class?

  • Lunch
  • Local guide
  • Iced tea
  • Transportation
  • Pick-up and drop-off service


What to bring to your cooking class?

We didn’t need to bring much, and neither do you! However, these items are recommended:

  • Mosquito repellent
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Suncream


What else can you do in Saigon?

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You can also enjoy a romantic dining experience on the Saigon river cruise while listening to music and watching traditional performances. 

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