7 Best Ryokans In Yufuin With Private Onsen

Yufuin is one of the most popular onsen towns in Japan. It has a rich cultural heritage, stunning scenery, and plenty of opportunities to soak in the healing waters of hot springs. Here we will look at the best ryokans in Yufuin that offer private onsens.

Best ryokans in Yufuin with private onsen.

What is a ryokan?

If you’re looking for a unique and luxurious experience, try staying at a ryokan.

Ryokans are traditional Japanese inns that offer the best of both worlds – modern amenities combined with classic Japanese hospitality.

Each ryokan is unique, but some stand out from the rest thanks to their amazing private onsen baths.

Japanese onsen hotspring.
You can relax at one of the hot spring baths in a Japanese ryokan.

What is it like to stay in a ryokan in Yufuin?

Ryokans in Yufuin usually have tatami mat floors and futon beds, while some also offer outdoor onsen baths.

They often serve regional dishes for dinner and breakfast that showcase local ingredients.

Plus, you’ll get to enjoy all this surrounded by beautiful nature with stunning mountain views! 

You can expect high-quality service and accommodation with modern amenities.

The ryokan’s staff ensures your satisfaction and makes you feel truly pampered during your stay.

Meanwhile, you can also absorb centuries-old traditions, such as wearing a yukata (casual kimono).

Top luxurious ryokans in Yufuin with private onsen

Yufuin Baien

Baien is a top-notch ryokan in Yufuin, Japan. It has long been the go-to place for visitors looking for a luxurious experience.

With its beautiful architecture, prime location, and special touches, Yufuin Baien offers an unforgettable stay.

The ryokan boasts stunning traditional Japanese-style buildings with tiled roofs and surrounding gardens built along the banks of Lake Kinrin. 

Its convenient location allows easy access to all of Yufuin’s attractions, from hot springs to outdoor activities like fishing or cycling.

With free parking available and just a few minutes’ walk from JR Yufuin Station, it’s easy to get around and explore all Yufuin has to offer. 

Address: 879-5102 Oita, Yufu, Kawakami 2106-2, Japan.

Yufuin Gettouan

Located in the picturesque town of Yufuin, Gettouan is considered one of the top ryokans in Japan.

With its stunning traditional architecture, beautiful location, and variety of special points to experience, it’s no wonder many flocks to this best ryokan.

Gettouan beautiful ryokan in Yufuin, Japan.
Gettouan is a beautiful place to stay in Yufuin, Japan.

The unique style of Gettouan‘s architecture is a sight to behold, with its intricate wooden beams and red facade that blend into the natural scenery.

Moreover, its location near Mt Yufudake provides breathtaking views and calming nature sounds. 

Special points such as private onsens for each room make Gettouan even more desirable for those wanting a luxurious stay in Yufuin.

Adding to the overall experience are its high-quality service and local cuisine prepared fresh daily by its chefs using seasonal ingredients from nearby farms.

Address: 879-5102 Oita, Yufu, Yufuin-cho Kawakami 295-2, Japan.


Ikkoten is an all-exclusive ryokan in Yufuin, offering a luxurious experience.

You can relax in this beautiful Japanese inn with majestic views of Mt. Yufu while dining fine cuisine made with local ingredients from Oita prefecture.

Ikkoten is one of the best ryokans in Yufuin Japan.
You can enjoy the natural beauty of the Yufu mountain range while staying at Ikkoten.

Ikkoten has only 10 cottages on the expansive 7600-square-meter grounds. Each room has private open-air hot spring baths directly filled from a natural source.

Spend some time reading in the common room with an elegant setting and subdued lighting, or take a walk around the beautiful garden.

Yawaragi-no-Sato Yadoya

Yawaragi-no-Sato Yadoya in Yufuin is a traditional Japanese inn that offers unparalleled luxury and privacy.

This top ryokan, set against the stunning backdrop of Mount Yufu, boasts several exclusive features that make it one of the best hot springs in Japan.

Yawaragi-no-Sato Yadoya - best Japanese inns in Yufuin, Japan.
Yawaragi-no-Sato Yadoya has a perfect blend of nature and Japanese architecture.

Located within easy walking distance of scenic sites like Lake Kinrin, this traditional Japanese inn makes for an idyllic escape.

At Yawaragi-no-Sato Yadoya, you can enjoy all the comforts of home – from a hearty American breakfast to a delicious Japanese dinner – and indulge in breathtaking views of nature just outside your window. 

Yawaragi-no-Sato Yadoya - one of the best Japanese ryokans in Yufuin, Japan.

The architecture of this beautiful ryokan is unanimously praised; its traditional wood structure has been carefully designed to blend seamlessly into its natural surroundings.

Each room in Yawaragi-no-Sato Yadoya is equipped with a luxurious tatami mat, futon beds, and garden views – ensuring you will have an unforgettable stay regardless of your preferences.

Each room also comes with an open-air onsen and a private indoor bath to truly relax and enjoy your stay. 

Address: 879-5102 Oita, Yufu, Yufuin-cho Kawakami 2717-5, Japan.

Hinoharu Ryokan

Hinoharu Ryokan is one of the best ryokans in Yufuin, Japan.

This elegant traditional Japanese inn offers a spectacular private onsen experience that can’t be found anywhere else. 

What really sets Hinoharu Ryokan apart from other ryokans is its location. It’s situated in the picturesque mountain village of Yufuin, surrounded by nature and hot springs.

It also offers excellent service and delicious meals, sure to please even the pickiest of travelers.

These elements help the ryokan ensures complete comfort and relaxation while still providing stunning views of Mount Yufu from all sides.

Hinoharu Ryokan in Yufuin, Japan.
Open-air hot spring at Hinoharu Ryokan.

The traditional Japanese style architecture of Hinoharu Ryokan gives it an authentic atmosphere that will transport you back to ancient Japan.

The rooms feature elegant tatami mats, wooden sliding doors, and electric heating systems for a truly authentic experience.

You will also enjoy the convenience of having their own private onsen pools with amazing views of the surrounding nature.

Address: 879-5102 Oita, Yufu, Yufuin-cho Kawakami 1082-1 , Japan

Delicious meal at Hinoharu Ryokan in Yufuin, Japan.
Delicious meal at Hinoharu Ryokan in Yufuin, Japan.

Yufuin Bettei Itsuki

Yufuin Bettei Itsuki is a perfect destination to enjoy quality time with your family or friends.

Located in a secluded area of Yufuin among lush greeneries and tranquil natural scenery, this traditional Japanese inn offers some of the best private onsen experiences in Japan. 

The architecture of Yufuin Bettei Itsuki stands out thanks to its secluded location and modern style.

The ryokan features private onsens scattered around the property, offering stunning views of Mt Yufu and Lake Kinrin.

Additionally, you will love the traditional Japanese rooms that allow them to experience true luxury while being surrounded by nature.

Bettei Itsuki ryokan onsen in Yufuin, Japan.
A relaxing hot spring bath at Bettei Itsuki will benefit your health.

Yufuin Bettei Itsuki ryokan also provides special points such as hot springs tours and sightseeing activities for those looking for something extra from their stay.

Address: 879-5102 Oita, Yufu, Yufuin-cho Kawakami 2652-2, Japan.

Bettei Itsuki ryokan onsen in Yufuin, Japan.

Yurari Rokumyo

Yurari Rokumyo has become one of the most popular and highly-regarded hotels in the area for its stunning architecture and luxurious amenities. 

Yurari Rokumyo - beautiful Japanese inn in Yufuin, Japan.

The architecture of Yurari Rokumyo is unique and impressive.

The building features traditional Japanese craftsmanship with exposed beams and walls made from natural materials like wood, stone, paper, and clay.

This creates an atmosphere that simultaneously displays warmth, relaxation, and luxury. 

Yurari Rokumyo - beautiful Japanese ryokan in Yufuin, Japan.

The onsen at Yurari Rokumyo is constructed of natural wood and rock to provide a truly tranquil atmosphere.

The rustic design blends seamlessly with the beautiful landscape outside – you are surrounded by lush greenery and peaceful ponds reflecting the mountains like mirrors.

Yurari Rokumyo ryokan in Yufuin, Japan.
A beautiful traditional Japanese room at Yurari Rokumyo.

In addition to its gorgeous design, Yurari Rokumyo is also praised for its great location.

It is located on the outskirts of town near Mt. Yufu mountain range, within easy reach of Yufuin’s many attractions.

Although meals are not available at the ryokan, there are plenty of restaurants nearby where you can sample delicious local cuisines.

Address: 879-5102 Oita, Yufu, Kawawami 3090-1, Japan.

Yurari Rokumyo - beautiful Japanese inn in Yufuin, Japan.
You can relax at a private onsen in Yurari Rokumyo ryokan.

FAQs about ryokans in Yufuin

How much for staying one night in a ryokan in Yufuin?

Ryokans vary in price depending on their size, location, and other features they offer, such as access to hot springs or reservations at a nearby restaurant. A single-night stay typically costs between 25,000-70,000 yen for a couple, depending on the amenities offered by your chosen ryokan. The most luxurious ryokans in Yufuin usually cost around 60,000 yen or more for a double room for one night, with breakfast and dinner included. You can check my Japan travel budget for some money-saving tips.

Do you tip at a ryokan in Japan?

Tipping is not required or expected when visiting a traditional Japanese-style ryokan like the ones in Yufuin. These lodgings are typically operated by families who provide exceptional service as part of their cultural values rather than expecting additional monetary compensation. However, there are still ways to show appreciation for their hospitality with small gestures such as bringing gifts or offering a heartfelt thank-you at the end of your stay.

How many days in Yufuin?

Yufuin town is quite small, so you can spend a day here and visit nearby onsen towns such as Beppu.

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