8 Best Budget Guesthouses & Hostels In Jeju Island

Jeju Island is quite large with the main cities including Jeju and Seogwipo, so you can decide to base in either one on your trip. Let’s take a glimpse at my list of best hostels in Jeju and Seogwipo city to plan your trip easier. 

Best hostels in Jeju city

Yeha Guesthouse

Near the Jeju intercity terminal, Yeha Guesthouse is excellent if you plan to explore the island by bus. You can also easily get to Jeju Night Market, where you can buy street food and enjoy the local life. 

The decoration in this guesthouse is simple but adorable. In addition to comfortable rooms, the place has a well-equipped kitchen with a full breakfast to start your day. 

yeha guesthouse is one of the best places to stay in Jeju island, South Korea.

There’s a complimentary bottle of drinks or beer every night, so don’t miss out. My favorite part at Yeha Guesthouse is the dream card service, where you can send postcards to your future self.

This guesthouse also organizes a day tour for travelers, so there will be a discount for each person. 

Bed Radio Dongmoon

Bed Radio Dongmoon is a local community hostel with great vibes where you can mingle with other people.

This hostel provides a stunning view of city lights by night and a convenient location to get to many hip places. 

Bed Radio Dongmoon is one of the best hostels in Jeju island, South Korea.

Regarding accommodation, each spacious room has air conditioning, and some airy rooms at this guesthouse have a balcony overlooking the Sanjicheon stream.

Also, you can enjoy a daily continental breakfast in the bar. After a long day of exploring, there’s no better place to unwind with drinks than a nice lounge. 

Bed Radio Dongmoon is one of the best hostels in Jeju island, South Korea.

Mir Guesthouse

Looking for a novelty experience? Why not stay at Mir Guesthouse? I seriously love the design of the guesthouse! It looks like a dragon’s head!

The unconventional architecture was inspired by the fascinating Yongduam Rock. Its exterior has a paint reminiscent of basalt rocks, and the rooms are designed with diamond-shaped windows.

There’s also a library leading to an open red-painted terrace above the building. You’ll love the cinema and music hall too.

Mir Guesthouse is one of the best hostels in Jeju island, South Korea.

For an extraordinary experience, you can climb up the viewing platform at the pinnacle of the building to watch sweeping views of the sea and the nearby mountain ranges.

From the platform, check out the planes coming in to land at Jeju international airport. 

Mir Guesthouse is in Jeju island, South Korea.

You&I Guesthouse

You&I Guesthouse is in the fun part of Jeju, with vibrant nightlife activities, but it’s still peaceful.

It’s an ideal accommodation choice if you plan to see the beautiful Yongduam Rock during sunrise and sunset. 

The cozy little guesthouse offers dormitory and private rooms with welcoming decor and many warm colors on the walls. 

Staying at You&I guesthouse, you’ll get a free breakfast including bread, eggs, peanut butter, and jam. It’s basic but great for budget travelers!

I also like that the kitchen has a dedicated corner for Muslims. If you want to dine out, head to nearby restaurants to savor the famous grilled black pork.

You&I Guesthouse in Jeju island, South Korea.

Jeju Guesthouse

Entirely painted with blue colors from the outside, Jeju Guesthouse is a cozy and tranquil place. It has an excellent location so you can go downtown or to the beach easily.

Comfortable privates and dorm rooms with wooden bunk beds will surely make you feel at home. Besides complimentary breakfast, you’ll also get instant tea in some rooms. Sometimes you’ll see little kittens here, and they’re super cute!

Best hostels in Seogwipo city

Sagye Travel Guesthouse

Sagye Travel Guesthouse is well-furnished with a modern design. Seating on the terrace, you’ll have a stunning sunset and sunrise view. Plus, a green open space and a blooming garden help you refresh your mind. 

Sagye Travel Guesthouse is one of the best hostels in Seogwipo, Jeju island, South Korea.

Its cozy rooms with black and gray themes offer a minimalist look. I could sleep well in these rooms because the guesthouse isn’t too noisy.

Before leaving this place, you should visit the O’sulloc Museum with fabulous green tea exhibitions.

Sagye Travel Guesthouse is one of the best hostels in Seogwipo, Jeju island, South Korea.

Backpacker’s Home

Backpacker’s Home is a brand new hostel in Seogwipo, Jeju Island. In the renovated hostel, you can enjoy an open-space cafe with high-speed WiFi.

The hostel offers nice rooms and a social atmosphere with barbecue events every night.

While having beers and relaxing, why not sing some songs or play musical instruments? It’ll be fun! Besides the lively bar, it has a friendly evening feel with an open-air fire where travelers gather and share their experiences.

Backpacker's Home is one of the best hostels in Seogwipo, Jeju island, South Korea.

Slow Citi Guest House

Situated a 6-minute walk away from the Seogwipo Maeil Olle Market, Slow Citi Guesthouse is excellent for backpackers who are keen to meet fellow travelers.

It’s right at the Arang Joeul food streets in Seogwipo, so you can visit many restaurants and dining. 

I love the design of private rooms and dorms. They are cute with pink, blue, and yellow bunk beds. Besides, you can grab a coffee anytime at this fantastic guesthouse.

To start your adventure, don’t miss your free breakfast that will make your tummy happy.

Slow Citi Guest House is in Seogwipo, Jeju island, South Korea.

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