best things to do in Beppu onsen Oita Japan

A Complete Guide to Explore Beppu Onsen Town in Oita Japan

Beppu Travel Guide

Located along the east coast of Oita Prefecture, Beppu is a hot spring city surrounded by beautiful sea and mountains. Beppu’s hot spring (onsen) gush volume is the second largest in the world, just after the Yellow Stone National Park in the United States. Thus, it makes Beppu become a popular onsen destination for domestic and international travelers.

Read this Beppu Travel Guide to know the best things to do in Beppu with tips to plan a great trip here.

best things to do in Beppu onsen Oita Japan


Relax at Beppu Onsen

Visiting Beppu, you can see the fumes and steam rising from the hot springs around the city. There are several local onsen bath houses in Beppu, so you can just come here and do nothing but relax in the onsen houses.

You can find cheap bath houses ranging from 100 Yen, to fancier ones in Kanawa area with 500 yen or more than 1000 yen (~$10).

Many ryokan and hotels in Beppu offer private onsen in the room or have a common hot spring area, so you should check out before booking.

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Hells Hopping with Hells of Beppu

Where to go next in Beppu? Go to Hells!

The Hells of Beppu got its name from the ancient time as people assumed it was cursed when seeing the gas and water bubbled up from the land so violently.

Because they can reach approximately 98 degrees Celsius, these Hells, or called as Jigoku, are for viewing only, not for bathing, unless you want to be boiled.

best things to do in Beppu onsen Oita Japan

How to get there?

From Beppu Station, you can take a 20-minute ride on a Number 5 or 24 bus.  Then, get off at Kanawa or Umi-Jigoku-mae stop and walk to the Hells.


You should buy a entrance pass for all 8 Hells Tour as it’s more expensive to buy separately. Also you should buy a one day Kamegawa bus Pass so you can take a Blue bus freely in one day. It will help saving up your travel cost.


Try eggs and pudding

Trying food from hell-steaming cooking way is an interesting experience in Beppu.

Jigoku Mushi is a traditional way of cooking using the steam of a hot spring, and the popular treats from Hells of Beppu are soft-boiled eggs and baked pudding.

These specialties are steamed by the heat from the fiery waters from the hot springs.

best things to do in Beppu onsen Oita Japan
Dont’t forget to try steamed egg when visiting Beppu!

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Stay at Ryokan in Beppu

It will be a huge miss if you don’t stay in Ryokan in Japan, especially in Beppu.

The ryokan in Beppu were built more than hundreds years ago, so they maintain the appealing architecture.

Most of the ryokan in Beppu have a common onsen area and small hot spring in each room, so you can enjoy hot spring after a day out. The service at the ryokan is top-notch, and you can experience sleeping on futon in a Japanese-style room.

Normally, the waitresses or waiters will serve traditional Japanese meals at your room for dinner, and you’ll  have breakfast in the common room.

P/s: I worked at some ryokan in Beppu as my part-time job.

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Take a Sand Bath in Beppu Beach

Have you ever had a sand bath?

If not, you should try it in Beppu. Covered in sand, your body will be warm up and you can enjoy a relaxing time with a beautiful overlook at the sea.


Visit Kitakoka Shotengai Shopping street

Located near Beppu station, Kitakoka Shotengai shopping street is a must-visit place in Beppu.

One special thing in Japan is the shopping street area. Whether the city is big or small, there’s an area designed as shopping street.

From local shops to restaurants and bars, this street has many things to offer. Also, there’s a market nearby selling daily groceries, clothes and pets.

best places to visit in Beppu onsen Oita Japan


See the Statue of Kumahachi Aburaya

Kumahachi Aburaya was a famous businessman in Uwazima, Ehine Prefecture in 1863. His statue is an iconic tourist spot in Beppu, and there are hundreds of travelers visit this statue daily.


Eat Beppu Karaage Chicken

Visiting Beppu without trying Oita Karaage will be a miss!

Although Karaage is Oita’s special dish, you don’t need to take a train to Oita city to try this specialty as most of the restaurants in Beppu have Karaage on their menu.

My favorite places for Karaage are Karaage Oita and Joyful.

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what to eat in Beppu japan


Visit Takasakiyama Monkey Park

Looking for interesting things to do in Beppu besides onsen? Go to Takasakiyama Monkey park!

You can take a bus from Beppu Station to Takasakiyama Monkey park, and the entrance fee is really affordable.


Spend a day hiking Tsurumi Mountain.

Surrounded by many mountains, Beppu is a great place for hikers. There are different hiking trails to pick from, and one of them is Mount Tsurumi.

best things to do in Beppu onsen Oita Japan

Mount Tsurumi is a breathtaking mountain overlooking Beppu city that offers some decent hiking. It takes 2 hours to hike up from the lower station, and 15 minutes more to the summit.

Fall is the best time to hike up here as you can observe the remarkable fall color from the leaves.


Ride Beppu Ropeway

If you’re not a big fan of hiking but still love to have a great view of the city, you can pay 1600 Yen for a round trip and take Beppu Ropeway.

It will take you to the park area where you can enjoy an amazing view of Beppu.


See Beppu from above at Beppu Tower

Another option to enjoy the view of Beppu is Beppu Tower. Although it was initially built to improve tourism in the area, the tower is now primarily used as TV transmission tower.

Beppu tower has an observation deck at a height of 55 meters, and you can have a coffee here while enjoy the view. Also, you can have a fun night with Karaoke at this tower too.


Spend amazing day at Kijima Kogen Park

Kijima Kogen Park is a nice amusement park located in the mountain of Beppu. Although it’s not very big, the park offers a pleasant and enjoyable activities.

Most of the rides are decent compared to the size of the park, and some rides are quite old but still well-maintained.

You shouldn’t miss Jupiter – the first wooden roller coaster in Japan. It’s also the 7th longest wooden roller coaster in the world at over 1,600 meters in length.


Picnic at Beppu Park

The best time to have picnic at Beppu park is spring time, when you can see the sakura.

However, the park is lovely during the year, so take a walk or have a picnic at Beppu park is a refreshing activity. The atmosphere of the park will calm your mind and give you a memorable experience.

best things to do in Beppu onsen Oita Japan


Wander around Matogahama park

Matogahama park is a famous park in Beppu. It is often used as the location for firework celebration and other festivals.

As Matogahama is a beach park, you can find yourself walking along the coast, sitting down and enjoying the sound of the waves.

best things to do in Beppu onsen Oita Japan
Waking up early to enjoy the sunrise is amazing too!


Visit Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University

If you have more time in Beppu, take a bus to ride up the mountain and visit Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University. This university is a private institution offers an international education system.

Half of the students are Japanese while the other half are from more than 80 countries around the world, APU is a great place to understand more about multiculturalism and education in Japan.

Also, it’s offers great location to enjoy the view of Beppu city and have nice cafeteria.

Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University in Beppu Oita Japan


Take a train to Yufuin for a day trip

From Beppu, you can visit the fairytale town Yufuin for a day trip easily with a bus or train ride.

things to do in Japan


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