7 Best Websites To Find Cheap Flights

Which websites to find the best flight deals? In this article, we list our favorite sites to find cheap flights and travel the world on a budget.

1. Skyscanner

I guess many of you have heard about Skyscanner. It’s my favorite when finding flights.

I like the feature that you can select the whole month to find the best time by comparing all the choices. You can also choose “Anywhere” as a surprising travel option.

However, the website doesn’t show all the cheap airlines, and sometimes the combination is a bit pricey. Therefore, I will use it as one of the references when searching for flights.

Be careful when you book multiple flights through this website.

Sometimes it says that you will take responsibility to transfer on your own, so you have to pick up all the luggage and prepare a visa if needed.

I once booked multiple flights without knowing I needed a visa to transfer because my booking was with two different airlines. So, I lost my reservations and all the money.

2. Goeuro

This website is handy because you can find all kinds of transportation, including buses, trains, flights, or even Blabla cars.

It evaluates the Smartest options, the Cheapest options, and the Fastest options. You can also see the time needed for commuting as well.

3. Bravofly

I recently discovered this website and used it as one of the options to find flights. You can also find hotels, cars, or a combination between flights and hotels here.

4. Kayak

Kayak is one of the websites that I used to compare the price.

The website is user-friendly and well-designed.

If you sign up for an account, you may be able to find suitable private deals with up to 35% savings.

5. Fly4free

This website provides various good deals with a good combination of flights and accommodation. You can read more about the description of each trip on their website and book the trips with the links.

If you are lazy to plan your trip or look for some travel inspiration, Fly4free will be your favorite website.

6. Momondo

Momondo is one of the best flight comparison prices.

It provides cheap options for flights, hotels, car rental. You can find some trip inspiration there as well.

I love the Trip Finder option. You can enter your budget, choose your favorite destinations, or randomly anywhere. You can also select which type of places you would love to go to, such as cities, beaches, nature or skiing, etc.

7. Rome2rio

This website is amazing! You can find all the unique paths through this one.

The site lists all the options by plane, bus, train, ferry, and automobile, along with the price and the time needed for transportation.

Europe flights

Sometimes I found cheap flights by checking airplanes’ websites directly since some good deals do not show up on comparison websites.

These are some budget airlines you would love to know! Most of them are only available in Europe.

1. Ryanair

Ryanair is my top website to find cheap flights. You can save lots of money with this airline. I have used it several times, and these are my reviews.

Good points:

  • Incredibly cheap! You can find good deals starting from 5 Euro!
  • User-friendly website
  • You can bring a carry-on suitcase with a bag on board.

Bad points:

  • Hassle at the check-in if you don’t hold a proper passport. If you travel around Europe and are not an EU resident, you will have to do a passport checkup at the check-in luggage point.
  • The seat is very tiny and not that comfortable. If you’re tall, you feel very uncomfortable during the flights. However, I think it’s acceptable if you’re looking for a cheap option to go from place to place in a short period.
  • High charge if you bring extra luggage. Therefore check out the allowance rules carefully before you fly.
  • They play lots of commercials on the airplane, and it isn’t very pleasant. It’s quite understandable that Ryanair tries to have more income from selling stuff on the plane.

2. Norwegian

I love using the Norwegian service because it’s excellent. You can have free wi-fi access on board. There is no hassle in the check-in part.

Sometimes the price is a bit pricey, but if you are under 26, you can use the promotion code: UNDER 26, and you can see lots of deductions from the regular price! It can even be up to 50% off!

3. Wizz Air

Wizz Air provides cheap flights, even less expensive than other competitors. However, it’s quite inconvenient if you have more than one piece of luggage.

You will need to pay an extra fee if you bring more than “One piece of cabin baggage.” Read more here.

4. easyJet

I flew with this airline a few times and had nothing much to complain about, except it was late with the boarding time.

EasyJet is also one of the cheap options for flights, and the seat is quite small.

5. SAS

Some people will say SAS is quite expensive to fly, but it’s cheap if you book ” Young flights” for those under 26 years old.

Also, the price of SAS is a bit similar to Norwegian. You can get free coffee or tea on the plane, and the service is fantastic!

Finding cheap flights will take time, but it’s worth your effort. I hope you can find good deals based on the list of websites above.

Did I miss any useful websites? You can share in the comment so I can update the list!

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  1. I regularly use Skyscanner, as we don’t have as many options available to us in Australia. I like setting up alerts to let me know if there is a price change on a certain route or flight time. When I lived in Europe I regularly used Easy Jet and Wizz Air. Ryan Air only if necessary as it was often the biggest headache! Haha

    1. Ha Truong says:

      Haha I know the Ryanair problem :))

  2. I’ve only heard of Kayak, so this post is really informative! Airfare seems like it’s getting more and more expensive. I’m going to start shopping around a bit more when my dates are flexible.

    1. Ha Truong says:

      Thank you. I’m glad that you find it useful.

  3. ravenoustravellers says:

    Pinned this post! Great recommendations, we are always on the search for cheap flights and we’d never heard of some of the airlines and websites that you mentioned, we usually use Skyscanner. You’re so right about being flexible with dates, that can make a huge difference to costs.

    1. Ha Truong says:

      Thank you :)

  4. Marlies Wolters says:

    Always great to explore some other search engines for flights. You have mentioned some new ones to me thanks a lot! It can be such a money saver to compare and search a bit better. We use Kiwi.com a lot, have a look it might be worth it as well. :)

    1. Ha Truong says:

      Kiwi is a great site for booking flights :)

  5. Nicole Anderson says:

    You have really put together a great resource here. Not only Europe specific but much broader than that, being essentially global. I was so impressed with the Rome to Rio site which combined a number of options to get you to your destination. Just brilliant!

    1. Ha Truong says:

      Rome to Rio is a brilliant site!

  6. melbtravel says:

    You have some great options there, I am always looking for new sites to find flights. I have not heard of Goeuro, so I am definitely going to check it out.

    1. Ha Truong says:

      You definitely should :)

  7. explorelovetravel says:

    Great list of airlines! Norwegian suffered from economical problems a couple of years ago and almost went bankrupt, which forced them to make a lot of changes in order to keep the prices down. So now there’s an additional fee for luggage, food, even water.. Because of that, I prefer traveling with SAS (the competitor), where food and drinks and luggage is included in the rate. On the other hand, Norwegian has free WiFi in all their flights – which is pretty cool :)

    1. Ha Truong says:

      I love SAS too. I usually compare both of the airlines to choose the best one!

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