Guide To Neues Museum In Berlin, Germany

Neues Museum is one of the most famous museums in Berlin, located on Museum island. It houses extraordinary archaeological collections of antiquities.

Interesting facts about Neues Museum

In 1859, the Neues Museum on Museum Island in Berlin was established to provide relief for the overly well-liked and overcrowded Altes Museum.

Thanks to its utilization of cutting-edge industrial construction techniques like the steam engine, it was one of the most ambitious construction projects of its day. 

Did you know the museum was heavily bombed and partially destroyed near the conclusion of World War II? Yeah, that’s true. Restoration of the structure wasn’t decided until 1985 after it had been abandoned for many years. 

The Neues Museum’s renovation was overseen from 1997 to 2015 by British architect David Chipperfield as part of a broader restoration project for the remainder of Museum Island.

Neues museum in Berlin, Germany.
© Staatliche Museen zu Berlin

Neues Museum ticket prices

The entrance ticket to Neues Museum is €12 per person. I recommend buying your tickets online to avoid the line.

Neues Museum opening hours and address

Opening hours: The museum opens from 10 am to 6 pm on Tuesday to Sunday and closes on Monday. Please note that the last admission and ticket sales are 30 minutes before closing time.

Address: Bodestraße 1-3, 10178 Berlin, Germany.

How to get there: The Neues Museum is on Museum Island. You can take the S-Bahn to Hackescher Markt station, then walk from there.

How many hours do you need at Neues Museum?

I recommend spending at least 2 hours at the Neues Museum. If you’re a history buff, 3 hours would be enough to take a look at the artifacts.

Neues Museum Berlin map

Below is the floor plan of the Neues Museum.

Floor plan of Neues museum in Berlin, Germany.
Floor plan

Things to see at Neues Museum Berlin

With 8,000 square meters spread across four different levels, Neues Museum has over 9,000 historical artifacts, which may take you a whole day to indulge in!

The museum currently houses items from the Egyptian Museum, Papyrus Collection, and Early History and Pre-History collections.

Nefertiti Bust

Why not experience Ancient Egypt by visiting the restored sacrifice tombs with authentic mummies in the basement?

The bust of the Egyptian Queen Nefertiti, dubbed “the world’s most beautiful lady,” which is on display in the north cupola of the structure, is the exhibition’s centerpiece.

Nefertiti Bust in Neues museum in Berlin, Germany.
The bust of Nefertiti is the star of this museum.

The Barbarian Treasure of Neupotz

Alternatively, you can see the spectacular Barbarian Treasure trove. It’s a collection of artifacts that were allegedly looted in the third century AD and were found in the Rhine River’s bed.

The exhibitions are beautifully framed by the original paintings, arches, and high ceilings of the room.

Berlin Gold Hat

Also, don’t overlook the remarkable Berlin Gold Hat (German: Berliner Goldhut) from the late 1000 to 800 BC.

The Berlin Gold Hat, an ornate golden headdress, is the prominent item in the exhibition on life in the Stone, Bronze, and Iron Ages, located on the third level. 

Berlin Gold Hat.

Stone Age, Bronze Age, and Iron Age artifacts

Then, embark on a journey around the field of archaeology, where you will witness discoveries from various digs and explanations of the different archaeological techniques employed to unearth them.

You will finally arrive in the Stone Age, where artifacts from the oldest human eras are shown.

Other museums in Museum Island Berlin

After your trip to Neues Museum, here are some other museums worth visiting.

Besides museums, Berlin is also popular for its street art and nightlife. I share my favorite things to do at night in Berlin here.

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