8 Best Cafes To Work In Lisbon For Digital Nomads

Lisbon, Portugal‘s capital city, has quickly become a hotspot for digital nomads and remote workers from around the globe. This lively city offers many laptop-friendly cafes that serve as excellent workplaces.

In this travel guide, I’ll share my favorite cafes to work in Lisbon, where you can work in comfort while sipping some of the best coffee in town.

Copenhagen Coffee Lab

Copenhagen Coffee Lab is an urban gem with a few locations in Lisbon.

This is one of the quiet cafes for work in Lisbon, where serenity and productivity go hand-in-hand.

This cafe offers an authentic Scandinavian coffee experience in Portugal, which sets it apart from other cafes in the city.

Its minimalist interior design reflects its Nordic roots and creates a peaceful atmosphere for work and study.

Copenhagen Coffee Lab is one of the best cafes to work in Lisbon, Portugal.

Copenhagen Coffee Lab is known for its high-quality, sustainably sourced coffee roasted in-house. They offer a wide variety of coffee drinks, from your classic espresso to more adventurous options like the nitro brew.

Don’t miss their homemade pastries; the cinnamon bun is a crowd favorite and pairs excellently with their coffee.

Copenhagen Coffee Lab is one of the best cafes in Lisbon to work.

Pricing at Copenhagen Coffee Lab is mid-range and competitive for the area. Given its popularity, you may find it crowded during peak hours.

So, if you plan to work or study there, it may be best to go early or during off-peak times.

Choupana Caffe

Choupana Caffe, nestled in the bustling neighborhood of Avenidas Novas, is a trendy cafe that stands out with its fresh, modern decor and cozy atmosphere.

Its ample seating and free WiFi make it a favorite spot among local students and remote workers.

Choupana Caffe is one of the best cafes to work in Lisbon, Portugal.

Known for its delicious brunch offerings, Choupana Caffe serves everything from creamy lattes to hearty sandwiches and salads.

Don’t leave without trying their delectable pastries, with the croissants being a particular standout – flaky, buttery, and absolutely divine.

While the prices at Choupana Caffe are slightly above average, the food quality and the comfortable work environment make it worth it.

Coffee and pancake with ice cream.

It tends to get busy during lunchtime, so if you plan to stay and work, you might want to visit in the morning or late afternoon.

Booking is not typically required unless you’re visiting with a large group.

Café da Garagem

Café da Garagem is a unique remote work spot on Mouraria’s hilltop.

Offering a pleasant work environment bathed in natural light, this cafe provides inspiring views of one of Lisbon’s hills. As part of the ancient Teatro Taborda, it boasts a unique, historic ambiance.

Café da Garagem doesn’t just offer a captivating view and comfortable workspace; they also have a selection of snacks and refreshments.

Café da Garagem is one of the best cafes in Lisbon to work.

If your workday extends into the evening, this spot is perfect for a relaxing glass of wine to wind down the day.

The cafe provides reasonable prices, especially considering its historic location and view.

Booking in advance is not required, but securing a good spot near the window might require early arrival, especially if you want to work during peak hours.


Selva, situated in Alcântara, offers a quiet and conducive workspace.

With two floors and themed days for digital nomads, it provides excellent networking opportunities.

In contrast to the bustling Portuguese Pastelaria cafes, Selva’s ambiance encourages productivity.

Selva is one of the best cafes in Lisbon to work.

Selva serves specialty coffee, light meals, and delicious homemade cakes and cookies, making it an ideal spot to settle down for work.

The great food and drink options provide enough reasons to stick around and get stuff done.

Selva is one of the best work cafes in Lisbon, Portugal.

The prices at Selva are on par with other cafes in the area, considering the work environment and quality of food and drink.

It’s not necessary to book ahead, but if you’re planning to attend one of their themed days, it’s a good idea to get there early to secure a spot.


Curva is a favorite remote work spot in the Graça area of Lisbon, offering a relaxed atmosphere, reasonable prices, and stylish decor.

With tables outside for those who prefer working under the sun and an interior space ideal for laptop work, it’s a flexible workspace.

Curva is one of the best cafes in Lisbon to work.

Curva offers a range of refreshments, from delicious fresh juices to breakfast and lunch options and alcoholic drinks.

The diverse menu ensures you stay nourished and focused throughout your work session.

Curva cafe is one of the best cafes to work in Lisbon, Portugal.

The cafe offers very competitive prices, making it an affordable option for remote work.

It doesn’t require bookings in advance, but securing a spot during peak hours may require an early visit.

Dear Breakfast

Dear Breakfast, located in the chic Bairro Alto district, lives up to its name by serving an all-day breakfast menu.

The cafe’s interior design is sleek and contemporary, creating a relaxing, airy atmosphere which makes it an ideal location for digital nomads looking for a place to work.

Dear Breakfast is one of the best cafes in Lisbon to work.

The menu uniquely blends local and international influences, boasting dishes like Portuguese scrambled eggs with chorizo and avocado toast with poached eggs.

The cafe also serves up an excellent range of coffees, fresh juices, and smoothies, with the matcha latte being a standout.

Dear Breakfast is one of the best cafes in Lisbon to work.

Dear Breakfast offers a high-quality dining experience at a reasonable price, especially considering its prime location.

Given the cafe’s popularity, you should get there early if you plan to work.

While bookings aren’t usually required, they might be helpful during the weekend rush.


Comoba, located in downtown Lisbon’s Cais do Sodre area, is a popular choice for remote workers.

It combines a cool, relaxed vibe, fair trade coffee, and locally sourced healthy food options with dedicated spaces for remote work.

At Comoba, the service is excellent, and the background music adds to the chilled vibe. It offers a couple of long tables for remote workers and a higher-up shelf where you can stand and work or use a stool.

Comoba is one of the best cafes to work in Lisbon,Portugal.

Comoba is slightly on the higher end of the price range but provides a quality experience to match.

If you plan to work from Comoba, it’s best to get there early, as the tables at the front of the cafe are reserved for diners after noon.

Hello, Kristof

Hello, Kristof is a vibrant specialty coffee shop in Lisbon, known for its robust coffee and reliable WIFI, located at Rua do Poço dos Negros.

It’s an ideal spot for online workers, with a communal table that fosters interaction, yet respects personal space.

This place sets itself apart with a variety of independent magazines adorning its walls, providing engaging reading material during breaks.

The cafe is especially proud of its specialty coffee, perfect for those needing a strong caffeine kick to go along with work. In addition to coffee, the cafe offers light snacks.

The prices are standard for the area, and given its conducive environment for remote work, it’s worth every penny. As it can get busy, it might be worth securing a spot early, especially if you plan on working during peak hours.

Booking ahead isn’t necessary but might be a good idea during the busiest times.

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