7 Best Luxury Resorts In Jeju With Pools

If you’re searching for the perfect place to stay in Jeju Island, you’re in the right spot. We’ve rounded up some of the best resorts in Jeju, each offering a unique experience, warm hospitality, and, of course, spectacular views.

Top Hotels and Resorts in Jeju

Here are the top hotels and resorts in Jeju that will make your stay unforgettable.

Grand Hyatt Jeju

Nestled in Jeju City, Grand Hyatt Jeju is a haven of luxury and peace.

Picture this: a private beach, a beautiful blend of Korean tradition and modern chic – it’s a go-to spot for those searching for the ultimate luxurious retreat among resorts in Jeju.

Grand Hyatt is one of the best hotel and resorts in Jeju, South Korea.
Located in Jeju City, Grand Hyatt is a perfect choice with a beautiful outdoor pool.

Stepping inside feels like entering a different world where each room, from the snug standard ones to the lavish villas with private pools, whispers tales of luxury.

But that’s not all! There’s a world-class spa waiting to pamper you, gourmet restaurants ready to take you on a culinary adventure, and an award-winning golf course for you to perfect your swing.

A restaurant in Grand Hyatt Jeju, South Korea.
A restaurant in Grand Hyatt Jeju, South Korea.

And let’s not forget the stunning views of Mt. Halla and countless water activities that truly set Grand Hyatt Jeju apart as one of the best resorts in Jeju.

Plus, with its strategic location, exploring Jeju’s attractions is a breeze, and there’s a range of pricing options to suit all.

Address: 12, Noyeon-ro, Jeju City, 63082 Jeju, South Korea.

The Shilla Jeju

Situated along the pristine beaches of Jungmun, The Shilla Jeju spells luxury and uniqueness.

It’s a harmonious blend of modern architecture and mesmerizing surroundings that weave a magical experience for travelers.

The Shilla Jeju is one of the best Jeju resorts, South Korea.

From the moment you step in, luxury envelopes you. Each room is a sanctuary of tranquility, setting it apart from other resorts in Jeju, South Korea.

Book and wine.

Fancy nature trails, exclusive beach access, golfing, or horseback riding? The Shilla Jeju offers all these and more.

Outdoor pool at The Shilla Jeju, South Korea.
An outdoor pool at The Shilla Jeju.

And, being positioned in Seogwipo, it’s a serene beachside haven yet a gateway to Jeju Island’s vibrant life.

Delicious food at The Shilla Jeju, South Korea.

Plus, you’ll get to try six different dining options with some of the best local and international cuisines.

Address: 75, Jungmungwangwang-ro 72beon-gil, Jungmun Beach, 63535 Seogwipo, South Korea

Delicious shrimp dish.

We Hotel Jeju

On the southern shore of Jeju, We Hotel Jeju invites you to experience the island’s unique charm and delectable seafood.

With architecture reminiscent of traditional Irish or Scottish castles, it stands out visually among the resorts in Jeju.

Beautiful restaurant at We Hotel Jeju.

The inside of the hotel is a feast for the eyes with plush furnishings and global art, and every room offers breathtaking views and tranquility – the hallmark of top-notch resorts in Jeju Island.

Nice room at We Hotel Jeju.

Whether it’s beach volleyball, exploring volcanic craters, or visiting museums, adventure and relaxation are guaranteed.

Plus, its prime location offers a balanced vacation, blending vibrant activities and a serene environment.

Address: 453-95, 1100-ro, 63551 Seogwipo, South Korea.

We Hotel Jeju is one of the best hotels in Jeju, South Korea

Lotte Hotel Jeju

Perched on the east coast, Lotte Hotel Jeju combines Korean charm and modern luxury, offering mesmerizing views of Mt. Halla and the East Sea.

Its exterior façade features a mix of grey stone, white concrete walls, and large glass windows for plenty of natural light.

Room at Lotte hotel in Jeju, South Korea.
A room with an ocean view at Lotte Hotel Jeju.

Inside, you will find 12 floors with 500 spacious guest rooms decorated in neutral tones and natural wood accents to create a relaxed atmosphere.

With diverse dining options, world-class service, and many activities, every stay here is memorable.

Lotte hotel in Jeju, South Korea.

Plus, its proximity to attractions and excellent connectivity make Lotte Hotel Jeju a top choice among the Jeju Island resorts.

Address: 35, Jungmungwangwang-ro 72beon-gil, Jungmun Beach, 63535 Seogwipo, South Korea.

Cafe at Lotte hotel in Jeju, South Korea.
A cafe at Lotte Hotel Jeju.

Marriott Jeju Shinhwa World Hotel

Close to Jeju International Airport, the Marriott Jeju Shinhwa World Hotel stands as a beacon of modern luxury.

Marriott Jeju Shinhwa World is one of the best resorts in Jeju, South Korea.

It’s perfectly positioned for exploring attractions like Hallim Park and O’Sulloc Museum, making it a top pick for those scouring resorts in Jeju near the airport.

The stylish rooms, expansive outdoor pool, and spa offer ultimate relaxation.

Beautiful room at Marriott Jeju Shinhwa World in Jeju, South Korea.

Meanwhile, relaxing experiences like yoga classes, bike tours, and guided hikes ensure every guest uncovers the charm of Jeju while basking in modern luxury.

Address: 38, Sinhwayeoksa-ro 304beon-gil, Andeok-myeon, Andeok, 63522 Seogwipo, South Korea.

Buffet at Marriott Jeju Shinhwa World in Jeju, South Korea.

Camphortree Hotel and Resort 

Camphortree Hotel and Resort, on the southern coast, offers a luxurious retreat in Jeju.

Every detail here, from the modern rooms to the outdoor pool, speaks luxury, marking it as one of the most exquisite resorts in Jeju.

Whether you prefer working out in a fitness center or hitting the golf course, Camphortree offers a blend of activities in a serene environment.

Camphortree Hotel and Resort in Jeju, South Korea.

Plus, its location near famous sights and easy access to public transport makes it a gateway to exploring Jeju’s beauty.

Address: 00, Haeanmaeulseo 4-gil, 63077 Jeju, South Korea.

Camphortree Hotel and Resort in Jeju, South Korea.

Jeju I’ve Hotel & Resort 

Nestled in Seogwipo, Jeju I’ve Hotel & Resort is a slice of luxurious paradise, perfectly blending modern charm with traditional Korean whispers.

Inside, it’s a visual feast. Contemporary styling meets hints of Korean culture, making every corner a treat.

The amenities are a dream – heated pools, spas, diverse restaurants, bars, and lounges, all beckoning for indulgence.

Jeju I've Hotel South Korea.

And let’s not forget the gastronomic adventure – from Italian to Korean, every dish is a culinary masterpiece.

What steals the show is the awe-inspiring architecture. Three black stone towers, mirroring Jeju’s iconic lava tubes, transport you to an otherworldly realm.

The warmth of service is the icing on the cake. Friendly staff, going the extra mile, ensuring every moment is a royal treat.

Ending the day with a cocktail at one of the bars is the perfect cherry on top of this enchanting Jeju experience.

1966-34, Sallongnam-ro, 63556 Seogwipo, South Korea

What to expect in Jeju resorts

Stepping into a resort in Jeju is like being enveloped in luxury and serenity, whether you fancy a quaint, intimate hotel or a sprawling grand resort complex.

Jeju’s resorts are notorious for their indulgent indoor pools and spas – just the places to melt your stress away and let the island’s charm work its magic.

Oh, and the views! Whether you find yourself high in the hills or down by the beaches, the spectacular ocean vistas and stunning landscapes will leave you breathless.

Everywhere you turn, Jeju’s natural beauty wraps around you like a warm, inviting embrace.

best things to do in Jeju island South Korea

Best areas to stay in Jeju.

Jeju City

Jeju City, the island’s vibrant capital, is one of the stellar places to stay.

Teeming with life, it offers a mix of museums, shopping havens, and lush parks.

Fancy trying some local cuisine? The city center is a gastronomic delight, and let’s not forget the traditional markets and temples sprinkled around this lovely city.

Top picks here include the grandiose Grand Hyatt Jeju and the picturesque Camphortree Hotel and Resort.

Seogwipo City

Craving a beachy vibe? Seogwipo City is your go-to!

Nestled at Jeju’s southern tip, it’s a treasure trove of stunning beaches with clear waters ideal for swimming or a lazy day in the sun.

Accommodation ranges from lavish five-star resorts like Jeju I’ve Hotel & Resort and Marriott Jeju Shinhwa World Hotel to cozy budget hostels, making it a long-time holiday favorite.


For a more laid-back vibe, Jungmun is the place to be.

It’s a slice of paradise with stunning beaches, panoramic ocean views, and attractions like the Cheonjeyeon Waterfall.

Fancy a shopping spree? Jungmun Resort Complex and Shilla Duty-Free Shopping Mall have got you covered.

Resorts like The Shilla Jeju and Lotte Hotel Jeju are just the cherry on top!

A little tip: To explore every nook and cranny of Jeju, consider public transport or rent a car. For more deets, do check out my Jeju transportation guide!

Final thoughts

Jeju Island offers a diverse range of resorts, each with its unique charm, experiences, and luxuries.

Whether you prefer the modern elegance of Grand Hyatt Jeju, the natural blend of The Shilla Jeju, or the castle-like architecture of We Hotel Jeju, there’s a perfect match for every traveler.

Ready to book your dream vacation? Check each resort, compare the amenities, and pick the one that resonates with you the most. Jeju Island is waiting to embrace you with its captivating beauty and luxurious resorts.

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