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Hanoi Train Street: Experience Life On The Tracks

Located on the West side of Hanoi Old Quarter, Hanoi train street is a unique attraction where you can experience the “death-defying” moment when the train passes about 0.4 m away.

How to get to Hanoi train street and what to do here?

Below is a comprehensive Hanoi train street travel guide including insider tips to make the most of your visit.

Hanoi train street travel guide

This article includes the following sections about the train streets in Hanoi:

  • The history
  • The location
  • Train arrival schedule
  • Things to see


Hanoi train street history

During the French colonial period, the North-South railway including Hanoi train station was built.

For many years, the railway runs around the capital quietly mixing with the rhythm of this place. The train streets start from Long Bien station to the end of Le Duan street, Hanoi.

Notably, in the last part of the intersection between Kham Lien street with Le Duan street, there is a residential area surrounded by two tracks creating a unique roadside village in the capital.

Although the whole neighborhood is only about 500 meters long, there are quite a lot of households that live here for many generations. There are children born and raised with rails and trains.

Hanoi train street history

This neighborhood is a melting pot of culture between Hanoian and people from different parts of Vietnam who come to the capital to work and live.

This part of Hanoi also has an impressive architecture with the mixture between the new and the old houses. It paints a beautiful picture with different colors, creating a vintage vibe on every corner of the street.

Thanks to the features in the newspapers, Hanoi train street has become well-known and attracted many visitors from all over the world daily.

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Hanoi train street architecture


Where to find Hanoi train street

Although you can find the train street in many corners of Hanoi, the best place to watch the trains is at the end of Le Duan street.

Hanoi train coffee graffiti
You will see this impressive artwork at the entrance of the alley.


Hanoi train street schedule

On weekdays, the train runs at night and dawn, so this place is deserted during the daytime. However, on the weekends, the train passes these roads during the middle of the day.

Tips: If you’d like better photos, you should better wait until Saturday and Sunday to watch the train comes.

Train arrival time:

Weekdays: 6 am, 7:10 pm, 7:40 pm, 9 pm, and 10 pm.

Weekend: 8:46 am, 9:17 am, 11:25 am, 3:20 pm, 4:20 pm, 6:15 pm, 7:10 pm, and 9:10 pm.

Note: The train arrival time may be changed under certain circumstances. 

Hanoi train street schedule arrival time


Things to see at Hanoi train street

Enjoy coffee

Enjoying the adventurous coffee on the rails is one of the unique experiences in Hanoi.

best things to do in Hanoi

You can choose to sit either inside the coffee shop or on the side of the street or even on the train tracks. Sipping an egg coffee while enjoying the characteristics of small neighbors is a fantastic experience.

enjoy coffee at Hanoi train street

Besides coffee, you can also try some delicious dishes at the coffee shops.

what to eat in Hanoi

The coffee shops that are located right on the railway track from Dien Bien Phu Street to Phung Hung attract a large number of tourists.


People watching

Watching life on the tracks is also an enjoyable experience. It’s impressive to see how the locals adapt to live while the train tracks are just right in front of their doors.

Hanoi train life with bike


Experience the thrilling moment

Back to the train coffee shops, people are enjoying coffee peacefully until they know that the train is coming.

Everything changes drastically with the shop owners try to grab the tables and chairs out of the tracks and tourists run to two sides of the tracks.

people are waiting at Hanoi train street Vietnam
People are waiting for a train.

And train cames!

Hanoi train street arrival

Tourists come to Hanoi train street to experience the thrill and to save the moment the train passed right by them. But, it is also the place where death is only a short distance away.

Hanoi train street travel guide


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