20 Fun Things To Do At Night In Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is a city of culture, culinary delights, and nightlife. From lively bars and quaint eateries, to enriching cultural experiences, Amsterdam has no shortage of nighttime adventures to indulge in. Here are the best things to do at night in Amsterdam to make a memorable evening.

Join the Amsterdam pub crawl

I’ve found that the best way to sync with Amsterdam’s heartbeat is through its pub crawls.

Bars, clubs, and pubs are peppered throughout the city, each having a unique ambiance and narrative.

craft beer.

From the lively vibes of The Waterhole to the rustic charm of In De Wildeman, each stop on the crawl offers a taste of Amsterdam’s vibrant culture.

Also, don’t miss the local brews! They’re truly a treat for your senses.

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Embark on an evening canal cruise

For those who fancy a tranquil night under the stars, a canal cruise is an idyllic choice.

Meandering through the city’s emblematic canals, the evening cruises offer mesmerizing vistas of centuries-old churches, vibrantly colored Dutch houses, and cutting-edge architectural marvels.

Remember to book your tickets in advance, as these canal cruises are a hot favorite among tourists and locals alike.

Best things to do at night in Amsterdam, Netherlands.
Ranging from romantic sunset cruises to history-laden tours, there’s a perfect canal cruise waiting for you in Amsterdam.

Stroll the Red Light District

Bathed in its infamous red glow, Amsterdam’s Red Light District offers an intriguing exploration of the city’s fascinating yet unconventional side.

As you tread the narrow alleys, your senses will be hit by the sights of red-lit windows, risqué shops, and exotic theatres.

You can choose to join organized tours, like the “Amsterdam Red Light District Tour” or the revealing “Brothel Tour with a former sex worker“.

Each tour paints a vivid picture of the Red Light District’s history and its enigmatic neighborhood of Oud-West.

Experience Coffee shop culture

There’s nothing quite like ending your evening in one of Amsterdam’s renowned coffee shops.

Famous for their relaxing atmosphere, these coffee shops are perfect spots to unwind, chat, or simply watch the world go by.

When you visit, remember to adhere to the indoor smoking rules. You might be allowed to smoke in the outdoor seating areas – just ensure you check with the staff.

If cannabis isn’t your cup of tea, many coffee shops offer board games and sports events broadcast on TV screens for your entertainment!

Tips: You can join a private tour to discover more about coffee shop culture in Amsterdam.

Spend an evening in museums and exhibitions 

Amsterdam boasts some of Europe’s finest museums, galleries, and art collections, making it a paradise for art lovers.

Plan a visit to the Rijksmuseum to feast your eyes on the masterpieces of Dutch Golden Age painters like Rembrandt, or take a walk through the modern and contemporary art pieces displayed at the Moco Museum.

If you prefer science over art, you can visit the NEMO Science Centre – which offers interactive activities and workshops on all sorts of topics related to science and technology.

Experience the Dark Ages at Amsterdam Dungeon

If you are up for an adventure that stirs your senses and jolts your adrenaline, Amsterdam Dungeon is a must-visit.

It’s an immersive journey through Amsterdam’s dark ages with its interactive shows, dramatic special effects, and gripping storytelling.

You’ll learn about the horrific torture methods, and the deadly diseases that ravaged society, and come face-to-face with death’s grim reaper.

This might not be for the faint-hearted, but it’s a unique and thrilling way to delve into Amsterdam’s history.

Liven up your evening with cocktails and drinks

Amsterdam’s nightlife is a cocktail of diverse experiences. From cozy bars to lively clubs, the city hosts a multitude of venues for every mood and taste.

House of Bols

One of my favorite bars in Amsterdam is the House of Bols, nestled in the city’s Museumplein.

It serves an impressive variety of cocktails and drinks from across the globe, with both classic and contemporary offerings.

On the rocks cocktail.

The best part? You can learn about Genever and Bolt, two Dutch varieties of gin.

And for a touch of magic, head over to the iconic Mirror Bar to witness mixologists conjuring delicious concoctions.

Dutch Cocktail Workshop

If you want to master the art of cocktail-making, this 1.5-hour workshop is a fun experience.

With premium ingredients and expert guidance, you’ll become a cocktail wizard in no time! I enjoyed creating drinks from scratch and even recreating some popular recipes.

Amsterdam Icebar

Situated in the city center, the Amsterdam Icebar is a fascinating world of ice sculptures and a cool ambiance.

You’ll find a range of local and international beverages on offer, including beers, wines, spirits, and classic cocktails.

Icebar in Berlin Germany.

And for the brave-hearted, there’s the thrill of vodka-infused ice cubes!

Play Glow-in-the-Dark Mini-Golf

If you’re seeking a quirky and fun nighttime activity, Glow-in-the-Dark Mini-Golf is an absolute must-try.

The course, lit by ultraviolet light, creates an otherworldly atmosphere that’s as much fun as it is challenging.

There are obstacles aplenty, from water features to tunnels, making it a great place for friendly competition.

Try cheese tasting

Cheese is integral to Dutch culture, and there’s no better way to delve into this culinary tradition than by attending a cheese tasting.

Imagine sampling over 20 varieties of cheese crafted from cow and goat’s milk, all expertly paired with wine or beer.

Cheese tasting.

Complement your cheese with a glass of wine or beer, and you’ll discover an exciting interplay of flavors.

And don’t forget to jot down your favorites so you can hunt them down at home!

Bike around Amsterdam at night

Exploring Amsterdam’s picturesque landscape at night on a bike remains one of my fondest memories.

Witnessing the lit-up canals, historical buildings, and bridges against the night sky is simply unforgettable.

You can find plenty of places to rent a bike in Amsterdam for an evening tour around town.

Before you embark on your journey, I recommend taking safety precautions: wear bright clothes for visibility, use lights, and secure your bike with a lock when you’re exploring the city’s jewels.

Have fun at the retro roller rink (Roller Dreams)

Roller Dreams is the perfect spot to have fun at night in Amsterdam.

This retro roller rink offers dreamy aesthetics and an electrifying vibe, taking you back to the ’80s with its classic skate nights. 

As soon as you enter the rink, you’ll be mesmerized by the colors, music, and atmosphere that make it a unique experience.

Just remember to bring comfortable shoes for a night of fun and frolic!

Try Heneiken experience

This interactive journey through the history and brewing process of the world-famous beer is insightful and fun.

I thoroughly enjoyed the self-guided tour that showcased the 150-year history of Heineken beer.

The tasting room at the end of the tour was the perfect culmination of the journey, where I got to sample four beers from around the world.

Experience an immersive audio exhibition at AMAZE Amsterdam

AMAZE Amsterdam is a creative paradise for those seeking an immersive auditory experience.

Each night, it showcases new music performances along with interactive installations and visuals by acclaimed artists.

I particularly enjoyed the binaural sound walk tours, which allowed me to experience the city in a whole new way.

Try quirky dining

Amsterdam’s dining scene offers an exciting blend of culinary adventures.

One of my unforgettable dining experiences was at a Dine in the Dark restaurant, where I enjoyed a 3-course dinner in complete darkness. It was a thrilling exploration of flavors and textures, completely relying on my senses of smell, taste, hearing, and touch.

Another quirky dining experience was at Amsterdam Central Station, dining in a historic train waiting room. Here, I enjoyed a delicious meal while marveling at the elegantly restored architecture.

Explore Amsterdam’s craft beer scene

Amsterdam’s craft beer scene is impressive, to say the least. There are several bars and breweries across the city serving a wide range of local and international craft beers.

So, if you enjoy a good brew, why not dedicate an evening to exploring Amsterdam’s finest?


You can start at the Brouwerij ‘t IJ, a brewery located in a former bathhouse next to a windmill. They produce organic beers and offer guided tours where you can learn about their brewing process.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to taste their award-winning Zatte, a full-bodied golden tripel.

Another place worth checking out is the Proeflokaal Arendsnest, a bar exclusively serving Dutch beers. With 52 taps and more than 100 bottled options, you’ll undoubtedly find something you enjoy!

Attend an open-air concert

Amsterdam in the summer is an absolute treat, especially if you love live music.

The city offers a host of outdoor concerts that make for a fantastic evening under the stars.

There’s nothing quite like the ambiance of these performances; the night sky, the cool breeze, and the music filling the air, it’s simply magical!

The Amsterdamse Bos, for example, is a popular location for these concerts. It’s one of the largest city parks in Europe, located just outside Amsterdam.

Here you’ll find a beautiful theater called the BosTheater, where you can enjoy a wide range of performances, from pop and rock bands to classical music and theater productions.

Remember to dress comfortably and bring a blanket or low chair to sit on. Don’t forget the bug spray too!

And, if you’re not carrying a picnic, there are usually food trucks around where you can grab a bite to eat.

Check out the live jazz scene

Amsterdam has a thriving jazz scene that makes for an excellent evening out.

Whether you prefer classic jazz, fusion, or something more modern, you’ll find a spot in the city that caters to your taste.

The Bimhuis is a great starting point. Located near the IJ River, it is one of the city’s leading venues for jazz and improvised music. They host around 300 concerts a year, with both local and international artists gracing their stage.

Another iconic place is Jazz Cafe Alto, located in the heart of Amsterdam. This place has been around since the 70s and is open seven days a week, offering live jazz performances every night.

Dance the night away at nightclubs

The city’s vibrant music scene, coupled with friendly locals and an abundance of drinks, sets the perfect stage for a memorable night out.

To maximize your experience, do some research before you head out, and dress to impress. Most importantly, enjoy yourself, but drink responsibly.

Enjoy late-night shopping at Nine Streets

Known locally as De Negen Straatjes, the Nine Streets area is perfect for late-night shopping.

Located in the heart of the city’s historic canal district, these quaint streets are home to a unique variety of boutiques, vintage shops, and designer stores that stay open late.

You’ll find everything from fashion to books to Dutch antiques and more.

Don’t forget to take a break and savor the local cafes and restaurants that add to the charming ambiance.

Watch an evening concert

National Opera

Nestled in the historic old town, the National Opera exudes grandeur and elegance.

It showcases a diverse repertoire of performances, from timeless classics to innovative modern works.

I suggest arriving early to explore the building’s architectural marvels and, perhaps, even sneak in a quick photo session!

Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra

Regarded as one of Europe’s finest, the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra is a treasure trove for music lovers.

Their eclectic lineup features everything from classical symphonies to soulful jazz.

The venue itself is majestic, and there’s something magical about enjoying music here that resonates with the soul.

A night here is a cultural feast, and it’s an experience that’s worth every cent!

FAQs about things to do at night in Amsterdam

What is the nightlife like in Amsterdam?

Amsterdam is known for its vibrant nightlife and exciting social scene. The city lights up every night with people enjoying the many bars, clubs, and restaurants that line the streets. There are music festivals, live performance venues, and comedy shows throughout the year. In short, Amsterdam’s nightlife is alive and thriving, with various venues to suit all tastes.

What area of Amsterdam is best for nightlife?

If you’re visiting Amsterdam and looking for a good night out, head to the Leidseplein area. This part of the city is known for its lively bars, restaurants, and clubs. It’s a great spot to hang out with friends, dance the night away, or people-watch.

Is Amsterdam safe at night? Can you walk around?

Yes. Amsterdam is generally safe to walk, and there are many places to explore after dark. Most city center areas are well-lit and actively patrolled by police officers, so finding your way around is easy. 
However, as with any major city, isolated incidents can occur, so it’s best to take extra precautions when walking alone or in unfamiliar areas after dark. For example, always carry a phone and make sure you know exactly where you are going before setting out on foot.

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