15 Fun Things To Do At Home To End Boredom

Are you at home and have already finished your favorite series? If you’re bored and looking for ideas to do in your spare time, take a look at this article to find some fun things to do at home.

things to do at home

1. Visit online museums

Do you know that you can visit museums for FREE?

Google Arts & Culture offers more than 2000 of the world’s most famous museums and galleries, so don’t hesitate to explore it!

2. Plant a tree

Nurturing seeds and watching them grow is rewarding and educational work.

You will need to learn a bit about the appropriate time for seeding. The time frame will vary by tree, with most plants taking about 3-15 weeks to grow to the point of being planted in the garden.

You should also research the tree you are planting and how long it will take to plant it. It can be fun watching them grow and bloom once they are planted in the garden.


3. Plan your next destination

Stuck at home at the moment and cannot travel? Why not plan your next trip when the situation is getting better?

You can check expatolife.com for several travel inspiration ideas and tips or read travel books to inspire your wanderlust.

Phong Nha Ke Bang Vietnam Travel Guide

4. Have a picnic at home

Stretch out the travel carpet, set up a basket of food, and enjoy your dinner as if you had an outdoor party.

It’s not only fun but also brings you closer to family members. 

5. Try a new recipe

It doesn’t matter if you know how to cook or not. Go to the kitchen, choose a new recipe on the internet and make a new dish.

Regardless of the outcome, you may be surprised by how fun it can be to try making something new. It can be a delicious dish, or you may destroy a few pans. 

If you’re living with partners our children, ask them to join you!

Cooking class Vietnam

6. Plan a home spa session

Light candles, turn on soothing music to relax and make the atmosphere like a spa salon.

You can prepare the session by ordering shower cream and hair treatment products. Also, you can have some fun making your homemade face mask from natural products such as honey, milk, and oat.

7. Travel the world with Google Earth

With Google Earth, you can stay home and still can visit anywhere on earth.

Photos, videos of places you want to visit will be provided in the most honest and panoramic way. You can see the beaches, view the flea markets, or even travel to the moon.

Google Earth image

8. Review the album

Many may think that it’s a bit boring to look at your old photos, but it can be fascinating at the same time.

Take a look at some of your old-school-cool photos when you were a kid, or look at your family albums. I’m sure that you will find something interesting and relive the memories. 

9. Learn how to dance, exercise or yoga

You can find many enjoyable Youtube channels offering free classes to healthy living, weight loss, and stress reduction. 

10. Play board games

Playing board games is a brilliant idea to kill time and create a fun atmosphere at home. 

There are many fun board games that you can play as a group of 2 to 4 people, such as Monopoly, Cards against Humanity, or Uno.

Check out online stores for your favorite games!

11. Have a karaoke night

Having a karaoke night is a great way to enjoy your time alone or with family members. You can open Youtube, choose songs with lyrics and start your night.

In my experience, it will be an evening full of laughter and joy. Everyone likes to sing and enjoy time together.

12. Play charades

This game has existed for a long time, but it’s still fun.

Feel free to create your game version and invite your family to join.

Each family member can write down the puzzles on the display board, describe the riddle, and let others guess the answer.

13. Have a book-reading session

Choose a book that you and your partner love and spend an evening reading the story aloud. Everyone can take turns to do it. After reading, you can ask how the story unfolds.

In case you’d like to read quietly, do so. There are many free resources online that you can find, such as zLibrary.

reading book

14. Take free courses from Harvard University

What about learning something new?

Harvard University offers many free online courses, including painting, design, humanities, economics, etc. Many other areas are waiting for you to explore!

If you’d like to have a certificate after finishing the courses, you can pay for it. 

15. Learn how to code

Learning how to code helps you train your brain and keep you from feeling bored while staying at home.

Freecodecamp offers many free lessons on programming such as Responsive Web Design, JavaScript, Front End, etc. All free!

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