10 Safety Precautions While Traveling By Train

Safety Train Travel Tips

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Traveling by train is an interesting way to experience the scenery and learn more about local lives. It can also help you to save some money as well.

How to travel by train safely?

Read here for ten safety train travel tips to minimize the risk of injury and theft.

safety train travel tips


Pack luggage carefully

Before traveling, you should pack your luggage neatly so you can carry and lift it easily. Sometimes the distance between the entrance and the train is quite far away, so it may be tiresome if you have heavy luggage. 


Buy a key

Don’t forget to buy a key for your luggage. If you’re going on a long journey on a train, buy sturdy straps to attach your bag to an elevated rack. This helps minimize the risk of baggage theft.


Have a personal bag

Put all your valuables, including cash, tickets, passports, and credit cards, in a personal bag and carry it all the time.

Keep your train tickets and supplies you need to use in an accessible place. 


Avoid changing trains at night

If possible, avoid changing tourist trains at night. Read up on the train stations you are about to visit in advance to see how often the train is late, how secure it is.

Do not search your luggage in the middle of the station for lost items. If you have to wait a few hours at the station, look for a cool and light place to sit, preferably near other travelers.


Keep your eyes on your belonging

Even in the morning, you can still be a potential target for criminals at the train station. So, don’t take your eyes off your luggage and be alert to the people who approach you.

When waiting for a train, stand at the designated line, always keep your luggage with you. Avoid wearing luggage behind your back, as you could be pickpocketed if you’re caught off guard.

Always lock your luggage and carry important things with you when you go to the toilet.

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Never cross the tracks

You must never cross the tracks to get to the platform. Use the prescribed roads and stairs.


Board the train early

You should board the train as soon as possible, placing your luggage in your sight. Also, make sure that you sit on the correct seat and carriage. If in doubt, ask again.


Listen to the announcement

Listening for notices is a must!

Normally, the station staff will notify the change of the train arrival time through the speakers before displaying them on the bulletin board.

If everyone gets up and goes to another station, ask carefully and follow them.


Don’t trust strangers

If you sleep in the same cabin with lots of strangers, lay your head on important luggage or wear it with you. Avoid accepting food or drinks from people you do not know.


Be careful

When traveling between carriages, be careful when you cross.