10 Things Not To Do On Tet Holiday In Vietnam

What not to do on Tet holiday in Vietnam?

On the first day of the Tet holiday, Vietnamese people avoid doing certain things so that their new year will be lucky and good.

Check this list for things you should not do on Tet to prepare for a pleasant and happy year ahead.

1. Don’t sweep the house or dump the garbage

Sweeping your house or dumping garbage on the first day of Tet holiday is a big No-No. 

According to an old Chinese story, if you sweep the house and take away the rubbish, the god of Fortune will go away, so your family will be poor in that year.

Therefore, people always clean their house before Tet to welcome the new year in a decent and clean manner.

During the three days of Tet, if we have to clean the house, Vietnamese families often sweep into a corner of the house, and the garbage will be removed later.

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sweeping house is a bad things to do on Tet holiday.
Sweeping your house on the first day of Tet is considered bad luck.

2. Don’t wear black and white clothes

In old beliefs, white and black are the colors of funerals and deaths.

So, on the first days of the year, you must wear colorful colors to create excitement and joy to welcome the new year.

People usually pick red and yellow as they present luck on New Year.

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A girl visiting temple on Tet holiday.
My sister visited a temple on Tet holiday.

3. Don’t say bad or unlucky words

On the first day of the year, Vietnamese people always avoid languages and actions that bring misfortune.

People also do not swear at each other to avoid losing harmony and drive away bliss. Talking about risks during Tet is also considered a bad thing.

4. Don’t argue during Tet

Tet is a happy time when the whole family is reunited and gathered together.

People believe that, no matter what, Tet days must also be satisfied and enthusiastic to create a joyful atmosphere of the spring day. 

Arguing loudly on Lunar New Year will make the whole year cloudy and unhappy. Try to keep harmony, be happy and forgive each other’s mistakes to avoid disagreement!


5. Abstain from crying, sadness, and anger

People believe that be if you’re sad on the first day of Tet, your whole year will be the same.

So if you face unhappy circumstances, you should try to refrain from enjoying a happy new year with relatives, friends, and family. 

6. Don’t break dishes

People believe that breaking things at the beginning of the year will create separation and separation.

Dishes represent families, so dishes must not be broken during Tet to avoid quarrels and unhappy things happening to your family.

You should avoid breaking dishes on Tet holiday.

7. Don’t bring your debt to New Year

In Vietnam, people believe that having debts from year to year is not advisable because debts are bad things of the old year, bringing bad luck.

The borrower will fall into poverty in the new year. 

It’s believed that the end of the year is an opportunity for people to deal with the old year’s mistakes, misunderstandings, and debts to feel more comfortable and have a happy New Year. 

8. Don’t borrow or pay your debt or ask for repayment

On the first day of the year, Vietnamese people are very strict against lending and borrowing, collecting debts, or repaying debts, whether money or objects.

Borrowing at the beginning of the year is an omen of poverty for the whole year, while lending at the beginning of the year will make money dispersed. 


9. Don’t shower or wash your hair on the first day of Tet

In some places in Vietnam, people will avoid showering and washing their hair on the first day of Tet (Mung 1) because they believe the knowledge and luck will be washed away.

Also, don’t do laundry on the 1st day because it corresponds to the day of the Water God, the god of prosperity and proliferation. So discharging a lot of water will lead to a loss of personal happiness.

10. Don’t travel on the fifth day of Tet

The fifth day of Tet is considered a bad day for moving, so people refrain from traveling far away from home. 

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