Minh Mang Tomb Hue Vietnam: Perfect Beauty Of Architecture & Nature

With historical value and stunning scenery, Hue is a fantastic destination to visit in Vietnam. Visiting Hue, you will discover that each tomb has a unique architectural style.

While Khai Dinh Tomb has a unique beauty with the architecture influenced by the cultures of the East and West, Minh Mang Tomb still retains the traditional and ancient Confucian charm.

This article is a complete travel guide to Minh Mang Tomb, with tips on how to get there, entrance fees, things to see and do. 

Minh Mang tomb Hue Vietnam

About Minh Mang Tomb in Hue Vietnam

Minh Mang tomb is located on Cam Khe mountain, about 12 km west of Hue city. 

The process of choosing a location took a long time—14 years of searching for a prime position to be Cam Khe Mountain.

King Minh Mang then changed the mountain’s name to Hieu Son and named his tomb Hieu Lang.

The construction began in April 1840 with direct orders from King Minh Mang. In early 1841, the King passed away at the age of 50 years old.

After that, King Thieu Tri continued the work, and it was completed in 1843.

Minh Mang tomb Hue Vietnam

In general, the tomb of Minh Mang has about 40 large and small constructions.

All works were arranged in a balanced axis, extending from Dai Hong Mon to the foot of La Thanh wall behind the King’s tomb.

How to get to Minh Mang Tomb

There are different ways to get from Hue to the tomb of Minh Mang. 

From Hue city center, you can take a dragon boat down the Perfume River to the intersection of the Ta Trach and Huu Trach rivers.

If you decide to ride your bike or travel by car, you can follow Highway 49, pass Tuan Bridge across Perfume River to Minh Mang tomb.

Minh Mang tomb Vietnam trip

Best time to visit Minh Mang Tomb

The best time to visit the tombs in Hue is January and February.

At this time, the weather is cool and pleasant, so it’s great to visit historical sites, including the tombs of the Nguyen Dynasty.

How long does it take to visit Minh Mang Tomb?

It takes approximately 1 to 2 hours to get a glance at the tomb of Minh Mang.

However, you need all day to visit the other attractions such as Hue Imperial City, Khai Dinh Tomb, and the Pagoda of Celestial Lady

Minh Mang Tomb entrance fee

Entrance tickets to Minh Mang Tomb:

  • 100,000 VND per adult
  • 20,000 VND per child (7 – 12 years old)
Minh Mang tomb Vietnam picture

Package tickets

However, if you plan to visit the historic sites in one day, you should purchase a package ticket:

Best places to stay in Hue Vietnam

I recommend staying in Hue city center you can reach the attractions within 30 minutes ride.

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Also, Rosaleen Boutique Hotel is highly recommended if you’re looking for a relaxing vacation in Hue. In addition to an outdoor swimming pool, the hotel offers a tasty breakfast and excellent service.

Things to see in Minh Mang Tomb

Dai Hong Mon

Dai Hong Mon is the main entrance to the mausoleum.

The gate has three walkways with high and low roofs decorated nicely, resembling the typical architecture of the Nguyen Dynasty.

While the curved roof creates a distinctive image, the red color symbolizes the life and longevity of the Nguyen Dynasty.

The gate only opened once to bring the King’s coffin. To go through it, you must enter either one of the two side gates – Ta Hong Mon and Huu Hong Mon.

Minh Mang tomb Vietnam entrance gate

Bai Dinh

Minh Mang tomb Vietnam yard

Bai Dinh is a large yard behind Dai Hong Mon with two rows of commanders and elephants.

Bi Dinh

Bi Dinh is located on Phung Than Son hill at the end of the yard. 

places to visit in Hue Vietnam

Inside Bi Dinh, you will find a stele “Thanh Duc Than Cong” written by King Thieu Tri on the biography and merit of King Minh Mang.

Minh Mang tomb Vietnam photo
Stone stele in Minh Mang Tomb


After visiting Bi Dinh, you will find a large yard divided into four significant steps. It was designed to reduce the overwhelming feeling by the immensity of architecture.

best places to visit in Hue Vietnam

Hien Duc Mon gate

Minh Mang tomb Vietnam main gate

At the end of the courtyard is Hien Duc Mon, the opening gate for the worshiping area.

Worship area

It is the place to worship the tablets of King Minh Mang and Queen Ta Nhan. The area was decorated solemnly in an ample, peaceful space.

Minh Mang tomb Hue Vietnam guide

Minh Lau

Minh Lau is a place where the King reflected on the summer nights. This work has an outstanding architectural value for the whole construction.

Minh Mang tomb Vietnam scenery

Thong Minh Chinh Truc Bridge

The two ends of the bridge were elaborately designed with a three-gate gate carved dragon-shaped. At the end of the bridge, you will find Buu Thanh.

Minh Mang tomb Hue Vietnam travel guide
View of the bridge from Minh Lau temple

Tan Nguyet Lake

The tomb impresses its visitors with the magnificent architecture that blends in perfectly with the breathtaking natural scenery.

Hue Vietnam lake
This harmonious combination creates a poetic and charming landscape.

Buu Thanh

Passing the bridge across Tan Nguyet lake, you will get to Buu Thanh – a circular pine hill surrounded by walls. 

Behind Buu Thanh is a deep green pine forest, bringing a sense of solitude to the King’s resting place.

Minh Mang tomb Hue Vietnam

Walking 33 steps, you will reach the gate.

Minh Mang tomb Hue Vietnam

King Minh Mang was buried behind this gate.

Minh Mang tomb Vietnam style

Final thoughts

From a desolate mountainous area, a majestic mausoleum has been created by the hands of labor and human creativity. The tomb is brilliant in harmony between architecture and nature.

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