Discover The Dreamlike Lap An Lagoon In Hue Vietnam

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Located between Lang Co and the majestic Bach Ma mountain range in Hue, Lap An lagoon always makes visitors bewildered by its beauty.

I visited this lagoon on my road trip from Hue to Da Nang, and the lagoon amazed me with its dreamlike view.

Lap An Lagoon Vietnam


About Lap An Lagoon

Lap An Lagoon, or known as An Cu Lagoon, is located next to Highway 1A, in Lang Co, Phu Loc District, Thua Thien – Hue Province.

The lagoon is located at the foot of the Phu Gia mountain pass surrounded by majestic Bach Ma mountain range, in front of Lang Co bay.

Because the location is somewhat difficult to find, this place has not appeared on tourist maps yet.

Lap An Lagoon Vietnam
On my way from Hue to Da Nang, I could see the lagoon from far away.


How to get to Lap An lagoon Hue?

From Hue, you can follow the route Hung Vuong – An Duong Vuong – Nguyen Tat Thanh – National Highway 1A route.

Drive along QL1 until you see the directional for Phu Gia Mountain Pass, then go straight to Lap An lagoon.

Hue to Da Nang Vietnam road trip


When is the best time to visit Lap An lagoon?

The best time to visit Lap An lagoon in Hue is from March to June because that period is the dry season in Hue.

Perhaps the most beautiful time to visit Lap An lagoon is when dawn and dusk are set. In the midst of this time, the surface of the water became the boundary of light and shadow. 

Lap An Lagoon Vietnam

As Lap An lagoon is located in Lang Co town, you can combine a visit to Lang Co beach on your trip.


Explore Lap An lagoon

Lap An Lagoon paints a beautiful landscape picture with white clouds floating, with high mountains overlapping on a unique blue background.

Lap An Lagoon Vietnam
Lap An Lagoon has painted a captivating picture of water, mountain and fishing village.
Lap An Lagoon Vietnam
From any angle of the photo, we can admire the dreamlike, lyrical, and peaceful in the lagoon.
Lap An Lagoon Vietnam
The lagoon brings a mysterious dream realm that many people have enthralled.

Lap An Lagoon Vietnam travel guide

Lap An lagoon is also associated with the rural and idyllic life of the locals.

I fell in love with the scenery while watching villagers spread nets in the middle of the immense lagoon or those who picked up scallops deep in the sand, oysters hiding in the lagoon.

Lap An Lagoon Vietnam

The job of the local people is mainly catching seafood, especially oysters. Oysters here are produced by the method of culture on tires tied to a bamboo pole.

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