A Comprehensive Guide To Exploring Lake Bled Slovenia

Located in the Julian Alps, Lake Bled is one of Slovenia’s most popular tourist attractions. Lake Bled is an excellent destination for everyone, from a solo traveler to a family or a group of friends.

If you love nature and outdoor activities, why not take a day or even weeks to explore this magical place and its surroundings?

Believe me. You won’t be disappointed!

This article includes all information you need to have the best time at Lake Bled, Slovenia.

This guide is divided into the following sections:

  • How to get to Lake Bled from Ljubljana
  • The best things to do in Lake Bled
  • The best Lake Bled tour
  • Recommended accommodation in Lake Bled
  • The best time to visit Lake Bled
  • Things to do in Slovenia besides Lake Bled
best things to do in Lake Bled Slovenia

How to get to Lake Bled from Ljubljana?

a) Ljubljana to Lake Bled by bus

  • Duration: 1 hour 20 minutes
  • Price: 7 Euro

Traveling by autobus from Ljubljana to Lake Bled is the easiest way.

Regular buses depart from the central bus station in Ljubljana daily from approximately 6 am to 10 pm.

There are also frequent return buses from Lake Bled to Ljubljana so that you can make an easy day trip without any problem.

Just check the departure time before you leave the bus station to explore Lake Bled.

The ticket price for one way is 7 Euro and discounts are available for return tickets and children’s tickets.

How to get to Lake Bled from Ljubljana

Bus Location

Ljubljana Bus station (Ljubljana Avtobusna Postaja) is located in front of the train station on Trg Osvobodilne.

There are two bus stations that you can get off near Lake Bled.

The first bus stop is the Union bus stop, which is 300 m from Lake Bled, and the next one is the Bled Bus station, which also has the same distance from the lake. This bus station stop is closer to Bled Castle, so you might want to get off there, depending on your itinerary.

Travel Tips

Please note that some buses from Ljubljana to Bled are local buses, so you cannot book the seat, and there’s no announcement.

You should use your timetable and a map or be vigilant about road signs. My best tip is to let the bus driver know where you would like to get off so he can remind you.

best things to do in Bled Slovenia

b) Ljubljana to Lake Bled by train

There are two train stations in Bled: Lesce train station and Jezero Bled train station.

Lesce train station is located 4.5 km from Lake Bled, so you will need to take a bus after arriving at the train station to get to the lake.

Traveling by train from Ljubljana to Lake Bled

On the other hand, Jezero Bled train station is located on the lake’s western side, so it would be better to get there instead.

Jezero Bled train station is about 3 km from Bled town and 2.5 km from Bled castle.

how to get from Ljubljana to Lake Bled by train

Daily trains depart from Ljubljana station to Jezero Bled train station and vice versa.

I planned to go back by train from Jezero Bled, but the train never came, and I ended up hitchhiking to Bled bus station instead, so you should check the schedule with the train operator if you’d like to get back to Ljubljana by train.

What are the best things to do in Lake Bled Slovenia?

After arriving at Jezero Bled station, you can follow the beautiful walking path to the lake.

It takes approximately 10 minutes to reach the lake, but it might take more time if you wander slowly and take tons of pictures (which was precisely what I did!)

best things to do in Lake Bled

Walk around the lake

best things to do in Lake Bled Slovenia

Wandering around the lake is one of the best things to do here. Depending on your speed and number of stops, it usually takes around 1 to 2 hours.

what to do in Lake Bled Slovenia

You can enjoy the breathtaking reflection of Bled Island with stunning mountains from the background. I think the best word to describe this fantastic lake is magical.

best things to do in Lake Bled Slovenia

I stopped countless times to take pictures of the lake. The lake looked magnificent from every angle and gave me a feeling of a fairytale town.

best things to do in Lake Bled Slovenia

Wandering around the lake, you can see lots of families going picnic and doing different activities.

best things to do in Lake Bled Slovenia
Do you see this cute little dog?

Swim at Lake Bled in the summer

If you visit lake Bled during summertime, don’t forget to pack a swimsuit with you! Refreshing yourself while swimming in the lake and enjoying the view will bring a delightful experience.

Row a boat to the Bled Island and ring the Wishing Bell

There are several ways to get to Bled Island.

You can rent a kayak, a Pletna boat, or a wooden rowing boat and row it by yourself. It’s lovely to row the boat around the lake and explore the surrounding areas.

rowing boat in Lake Bled Slovenia
best things to do in Lake Bled Slovenia

It usually takes 10 to 30 minutes to get to Bled island, but it took me longer cause I took lots of pictures and enjoyed the view while on the boat.

After arriving at the island, you can walk the 90 stairs and visit the church of the Assumption. People say that if you ring the bell in the church, it will bring you good luck.

church of the Assumption Lake Bled Slovenia
Walking up 90 steps and you will reach the Church of the Assumption
church of the Assumption Lake Bled Slovenia

After visiting the Church of Assumption, you should take a walk around the island. Although the island is tiny, it’s nice to wander around and enjoy the scenery from the island.

what to see in Lake Bled Slovenia

Visit Bled Castle

best things to do in Lake Bled Slovenia

The most beautiful view of Lake Bled and its island is from Bled Castle. Perched on a rocky cliff about 135 meters above the lake, Bled Castle is the oldest castle in Slovenia.

In addition to charming architecture, Bled castle is also a great place to learn more about printing works. In the summer, you can meet the Castle lord and join the archery tournament.

Bled Castle Slovenia

Enjoy Bled Cream Cake

After finishing traditional cuisine, don’t forget to treat yourself to the most famous dessert from Lake Bled – Bled cream cake.

what to eat in Lake Bled - Bled Cream Cake

Bled cream cake – Kremšnita is a delicacy of Lake Bled. A golden crispy crust made from butter dough, topped with whipped cream, and a crispy layer, then sprinkled with icing sugar, will give you a nice bite.

Explore Bled Town

best things to do in Bled Slovenia

The Bled town is a small but lovely place. If you get to Lake Bled from Ljubljana by bus, you will arrive at Bled town. It’s a nice stop to have lunch or coffee in the morning.

where to eat at Bled Town Slovenia

Where to stay in Lake Bled Slovenia?

There are plenty of hotels and apartments around Lake Bled to choose from.

Some hotels and guesthouses, such as Grand Hotel Toplice and Guest House Mlino, offer a fantastic view of the lake from the hotel terrace or even from your room.

Where to stay in Lake Bled Slovenia

You can also join campsites and stay at small apartments around Lake Bohinj.

Some recommended apartments for your trip are Apartments Brina (shared garden with seating furniture and a sauna) and Apartments Lake Bohinj (a lovely barbecue area).

When is the best time to visit Lake Bled Slovenia?

The best time to visit Lake Bled is around May to early June, as the high season starts from the middle of June until August.

I visited Lake Bled at the beginning of June, and it wasn’t crowded. The weather was lovely in the morning but rained slightly in the afternoon. Overall it was pleasant.

best time to visit Lake Bled Slovenia

Spring is the best time to visit if you want to avoid crowds entirely, and January is excellent if you’re into skiing.

Things to do near Lake Bled

The area in the Northwestern of Slovenia is gorgeous and has so much more to offer than just Lake Bled. If you have extra time, you should allocate more than one day to explore the surrounding area.

Participate in outdoor activities at Lake Bohinj

From Lake Bled, you can take a bus or bike to Bohinj – the largest natural lake in Slovenia.

This precious lake offers endless outdoor activities for nature-lovers such as hiking, cycling, enjoying nature, etc.

best things to do in Slovenia

Also, lake Bohinj is famous as a fantastic spot for winter break with bountiful winter activities. You can book different skiing package or have a ski pass for fun wintertime here.

Triglav National park

Triglav National Park is considered one of the oldest European parks and comprises almost the entire Slovenian part of the Julian Alps.

best places to visit in Slovenia triglav national park
A trip to Slovenia would be incomplete without a visit to Triglav National Park – a must-see for nature enthusiasts!

The park lies in the vicinity of Bled, so you can spend time hiking or driving around. There are also numerous hiking trails to Triglav Peak.

Explore Vintgar Gorge

Located about 4 km from Bled Town, Vintgar Gorge is a 1600 m scenic trail leading to the Sum Waterfalls.

best things to see in Slovenia Vintgar Gorge

The gorge is stunning and looks magical in the midst of fog above the water. The walk towards the waterfall is beautiful and great for taking photos.

The best time to explore Vintgar Gorge is in the early morning because it can be crowded after the tourists come.

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