12 Fun Things To Do At Night In Seoul, South Korea

Seoul is constantly buzzing with parties, thriving night markets, laidback street eateries, and world-class panoramic city views. If you plan to hang out after dark, check out my list of epic things to do at night in Seoul below!

Take a food tour

No trip to Seoul is complete without discovering Seoul’s best flavors on a culinary tour.

Some highlight tours with culinary adventures promise to bring an elegant mixture of sweet and spicy dishes.

Kimchi, Hotteok, and Soju are also must-try Korean food. If you are on the go, consider ending your night trip with eye-popping and savory street food.

Eomuk fish cake Korean food

Watch NANTA show

Discover the culinary art with rhythms and comedian-style performances at the NANTA show. In this show, you will see how four chefs prepare ten banquets in just one hour.

The challenge becomes more complicated when they must teach their ill-tempered nephew how to cook impossible orders.

The thrilling sound, excellent utilization of pots and pans, and vibrant energy will give you a fun time. Be mindful that cameras are forbidden from the show.

Join the evening ghost-walking tour

If you are a fan of Korean urban ghost legend-themed stories, the evening ghost-walking tour is for you. 

The tour is led by a historian, providing observation of forgotten Seoul’s dark alleys and spooky places, which are often reported to have paranormal stories.

Moreover, you can get some quirky secrets of hidden buildings. I suggest listening to true crime stories and watching torture chambers to understand the Korean dark side. 

Note: You must be at least 16 years old to attend the tour due to the violence and sexual content. 

Best things to do at night in Seoul, South Korea.

Go on a pub crawl

Night owls or party lovers can not ignore Seoul pub crawl. It takes you to bars and clubs in Hongdae, Gangnam, and Itaewon, which are South Korea’s youth centers.

You’ll get drinks, lots of fun, and a chance to make new friends. However, all these activities are age limited and only accept 19+ years old travelers.

craft beer.

Take a cooking class

Learning how to cook authentic Korean food is a can’t-miss experience.

All you need is to sign up for one of the popular classes, such as Kimchi Making Day, Full Course Meal & Local Market Tour, and Korean Home-Style dishes, and follow the chef’s guide.

The activities include learning about herbs and spices, buying ingredients from the local markets, and hands-on cooking experience, including kimchi, bibimbap, and seafood pancakes. 

Japchae Korean food

Board Han river cruise

Taking a cruise on the Han River is perfect if you want a serene activity. It offers an unforgettable night to enjoy live jazz music with beautiful views.

I suggest choosing a window seat to admire the masterpiece view of the Han River after dark. The activity is only for foreign travelers, so remember to bring your ID to verify your nationality.

Stroll Seoul Night Fortress Wall

It is worth capturing shimmering photos of Seoul nightlife on a peaceful stroll. You can hike through three of Seoul’s spots, Naksan Park, Cheonggyecheon Stream, and Yongyangbong Peak.

Naksan Park

Surrounded by Naksan mountain, Naksan Park is famous for its filming location of many iconic K-dramas.

A 2-kilometer walk from Hyehwamun to Heunginjimun Gate promises to take you back from the Joseon dynasty.

Cheonggyecheon Stream

Take your time to enjoy an 11km-length walk along the Cheonggyecheon stream. At night, the steam illuminates the beauty of Seoul with street lights and the calming sound of water.

You can join the Seoul night walking tour that includes Cheonggyecheon Stream, Gwangjang Market, Changnyeong Royal Palace, and Naksan Park.

Yongyangbong Peak 

Nothing is better than exploring a small park with a view of Namsan Tower with your loved one! 

View the city at night 

I love how gorgeous Seoul is at night. Here are the best locations to fall in love with the city view from above. 

N Seoul Tower 

Located in the middle of the city, an observation deck in N Seoul Tower offers the best chance to view Seoul from any possible angle. 

Best things to do at night in Seoul, South Korea.

Lotte World Tower

With an impressive height of 555m, Lotte World Tower is the iconic and tallest building in South Korea.

You can see how vast Seoul is, with dozens of sleek skyscrapers, winding rivers, and a soaring skyline.

Hop on the Seoul night bus tour

The Seoul night bus tour is perfect for anyone seeking a joyful nighttime experience. On an open-air bus, you’ll see the famous attractions: N-Tower, Gwangjang Market, and Royal Palace. 

Visit the night markets 

Seoul night markets are the liveliest places in the city. They are teeming with many street food, goods, and shopaholics.

Street food at night market in Seoul, South Korea.


Bamdokkaebi night market is the best place to buy gifts. It also attracts thousands of visitors through international food trucks and convenience stores.


The Dongdaemun night market is depicted as a shopping paradise. It offers a wide range of goods, from cosmetics, clothes, and silks to souvenirs. Remember to try Mandu and Sundae here!


Open in 1414, Namdaemun Market is the oldest market in Korea. Many stalls are open 24/7 and sell all kinds of goods, specializing in furniture, silk, and pottery.

Watch Banpo Bridge Rainbow fountain

Located in downtown Seoul over the Han river, Banpo Bridge offers a magnificent view of two-tiered traffic with the stunning Moonlight Rainbow Fountain.

When night comes, the fountain is full of willow leave designed nozzles and jazz music in a kaleidoscope color.

The lighting show only lasts 20 minutes, usually from 8 pm to 8:30 pm. Therefore, I recommend coming here in time to take tons of dazzling photos. 

Hangang bridge river at night in Seoul, South Korea.
Banpo Bridge is a popular spot on Han river in Seoul.

Visit Korean Palaces at night

Visiting Royla Palaces at night is an unexpectedly fun experience in Seoul.

Deokgusung Palace and Gyeongbokgung Palace are the most visited destinations, offering an excellent opportunity to learn about the Korean Empire, dating back thousands of years.

These places also welcome you with the palatial beauty of intricate design and mesmerizing architecture.

Palace at night in Seoul, South Korea.

FAQs about Seoul nightlife

What is the nightlife in Seoul like?

Seoul is often known as “the city never sleeps”. Unlike the sense of hard-working during the day, nightlife here becomes vibrant and bustling with the crowd’s joyful energy.

Can you walk at night in Seoul? Is it safe to walk?

Walking at night in Seoul is relatively safe thanks to the busy and bright light streets. However, my advice is to avoid traveling alone and ensure your personal belongings in case of pickpocketing. 

How many days in Seoul are enough?

I recommend spending at least three days exploring Seoul. This is enough time to visit top tourist spots, get a taste of traditional food and immerse in engaging activities.

I hope you find my list helpful and enjoy your time discovering Seoul at night.

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