15 Best Things To Do At Night In New York City

Many people like to discover NYC’s beauty during the day, but do you know the nightlife in New York is also very interesting? When night falls, give yourself a chance to discover the top things to do at night in New York.

Enjoy the night view from observatory decks

Do you know that watching New York from the top of the buildings is a great experience?

Suppose it’s your first time in New York City, and want to see the city at a higher level. In that case, we recommend viewing from the observatory deck. 

Here are some excellent decks for the best nightlife views in NYC.

Empire state building at night in New York city.

Tips: Check the weather forecast and choose a clear day to see well off into the distance. Come in the early evening to catch the lovely sunset and stay for the city lights to come after nightfall.

After dark, the cityscape and the starry night of New York City are truly unique.

Note: You can use New York CityPass to save 43% and enter the top 5 NYC attractions, such as the Empire State Building, the American Museum of Natural History, and the Statue of Liberty.

Best things to do in New York city at night.

Ride a helicopter

One of the most luxurious experiences you can try is discovering New York’s world-famous landmarks from a bird’s eye view.

You can see skyscrapers in Manhattan, New Jersey, the Statue Of Liberty, and the Hudson River in a helicopter. All come together to create a once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

Tips: Bring your camera to take breathtaking pictures, and remember to arrive on time. The daytime tour is fabulous, but if you book the evening tour, it would be amazing to watch the beautiful sunset! 

Best things to do at night in New York city.

See Broadway shows

Enjoying Broadway shows is an extraordinary experience when visiting New York.

Here, you can select classic Broadway shows such as Aladdin, Wicked, Phantom of the Opera, Chicago, and The Lion King.

It is a great way to spend an evening in New York if you have an artistic soul.

Aladdin broadway shows in New York city.

Board a dinner cruise

If you are a food lover and want to explore New York’s beauty at night, having dinner on a cruise is the optimal choice.

Boarding a dinner cruise, you can see stunning views of the city, like the Statue of Liberty, the Brooklyn Bridge, and the Empire State Building, while having a lavish buffet dinner.

Visit Brooklyn Bridge Park

The Brooklyn Bridge is one of the engineering masterpieces of the 19th century with an arduous construction.

Beside this bridge, you can find a 34-ha park on Brooklyn’s East River shoreline. It’s fun, has free entrance, and is an excellent place to enjoy the breathtaking skyline and river views. 

Brooklyn bridge at night in New York city.

Take a carriage ride in Central Park

New York has many beautiful parks and squares.

Among them, Central Park is the most visited city park in the US and frequently appears in Hollywood movies. It has lakes, forests, castles, and diverse landscapes with more than 341 hectares.

On a leisurely day, you can take a pedicab tour or horse carriage ride to explore Central Park. These tours will make you more comfortable than walking on foot.

Central park in New York city.

Hop on the NYC night bus tour

After dark, New York is more beautiful and vibrant than ever.

To enjoy this atmosphere and get incredible experiences, take a night bus tour to explore the city.

This tour will take you to famous places such as Chelsea Market, Hudson Yards, and Grand Central Terminal.

Meanwhile, your guide will explain more about New York’s history and the features of each destination.

Best things to do at night in New York city.
Taking the night bus tour is one of the best things to do at night in New York.

Visit New York City’s hidden bars

The No-Alcohol Movement in the USA wasn’t a success. Still, it gave birth to many underground bars and breweries which exist to date.

On this walking tour, you will enjoy the thrill of sneaking into these bars from a hidden entrance and learning to make a cocktail or two. It is a unique way to enjoy New York nightlife and learn more about Prohibition-era history.

Sample NYC’s best eats

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that NYC is where “the culinary elite converges.”

With diverse cultures, this is where talented chefs gather and treat tourists to any dish they desire, from Chinese and Japanese cuisine to French and Italian delicacies.

At night, you can join the NYC food tour and sample the best dishes from Chinatown and Little Italy.

Take the Gangsters and ghosts walking tour.

Do you secretly have a taste for all things spooky and paranormal? If yes, you must take a ghost walking tour in New York City.

The legendary Brooklyn Bridge hides many dark secrets and mysteries behind its colossal charm and physical beauty.

A tour of the shady dark streets of New York will give you goosebumps and send chills down your spine.

Who knows, you might encounter the ghosts of a widow or an infamous criminal while wandering in New York streets after dark. It is one of the most exciting ways to enjoy New York nightlife.  

Relax at jazz bars

If you are a big jazz lover and want a remarkable experience, we recommend visiting the famous jazz bars in New York City.

Here they perform live jazz music daily (which is fantastic) and serve food & drinks at a reasonable price. Everything was excellent and unique. 

Take Staten island ferry

Staten Island ferry is free and gives excellent views of the New York skyline.

To see New York, Manhattan, and the Statue of Liberty from the water is a fantastic experience for any traveler. It runs 24 hours every day with services every 20 to 30 minutes.

Tips: Head over to the island 1 hour before sunset, and you get to see downtown New York by daylight and come back after sunset to see it again by darkness.

Staten island ferry sunset in New York city.
View from Staten Island ferry at the sunset.

Explore Times Square at night

No trip to New York City is complete without a trip to Times Square.

It is a fantastic place full of excitement, incredible light, screens, and people.

If you can deal with the crowds, it is definitely eye-opening. The energy around Times Square makes it worth it. Not to mention the multicultural environment here is truly amazing, and the street food is phenomenal.

Time square at night in New York city.

Watch a Yankees game

New York is a center of significant sports events and is home to various sports teams.

If you are a sports fanatic, there is no better way to experience New York nightlife than watching a live game at Yankee Stadium.

You’ll have a lot of sports options to choose from. Basketball, Baseball, American Football, and Tennis are a few games you can watch on the weekend in NYC. 

Tips: Make sure you are in the city during the season of your favorite game.

Yankee stadium in New York city.

Visit Madison Square Garden

Madison Square Park is a great place to stop after exploring the city and visiting the New York library.

It has a nice playground and many food stops and coffee shops. You can rest at public benches, walk around, and take pictures to retain memories.

FAQs about NYC nightlife

What is the nightlife like in New York?

The nightlife in New York City is fantastic! Maybe it is one of the best cities in the world to “live the night.” Every activity is not limited to the weekends or daytime/nighttime. You can party until 4 am when regular bars and clubs close. If you are hungry at 3:30 am? You’ll be able to find a place that delivers. If you want to go out to a movie? There are theaters open, not all, but some. There is always something to do or see in NYC.

What area of New York is best for nightlife?

There are many fun things to do at night in New York City. You can visit many places in Greenpoint, Bushwick, Williamsburg, Upper West Side, Lower East Side, and East/ West Village, and each option has a unique appeal. Give yourself a chance to enjoy and explore New York City in your way.

Can you walk at night in New York? Is it safe to walk?

New York City is one of the safest large cities in the US. You can walk around Manhattan, from Harlem to the Financial District, anytime, day or night.

Final thoughts about things to do at night in New York

The colorful life of New York still goes on even after nightfall. More than a one or two-day trip is required to fully explore New York when this city has so many hidden things for visitors to explore.

These top things to do in New York at night above will make it easier to choose when you first come to this city.

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