12 Fun Things To Do At Night In Lisbon Portugal

Lisbon nightlife is a blend of charismatic music shows, breathtaking rooftop bars, and unforgettable cultural immersions. In this guide, I share my favorite things to do at night in Lisbon!

So, whether you’re a night owl or just looking to experience Lisbon after dark, I’ve got you covered.

Sample Lisbon’s best eats

Lisbon’s culinary scene is a flavor-packed journey your taste buds will never forget!

The city’s streets are brimming with culinary delights, with Bairro Alto and Alfama hosting quaint taverns, contemporary eateries, and bustling food markets.

My culinary exploration included Pastel de Nata, a heavenly custard pastry that had me smitten at first bite. I sampled this treat at Manteigaria and Pastéis de Belém, each offering its unique take on the dessert.

Craving fresh seafood? Cervejaria Ramiro and Baía do Peixe are just the ticket.

Bulhão Pato is one of the best Lisbon food dishes.

I also found my evening perfecting, savoring the traditional Portuguese tapas at Tasca Do Chico in Bairro Alto, complemented by the melodic strumming of live Fado music.

Tips: Read my Lisbon food guide to plan a tasty trip. I highly recommend booking a food tour in Lisbon for the best experience.

Discover Lisbon’s charm aboard a tuk-tuk

If you’re seeking a fun thing to do in Lisbon at night, hop aboard one of the city’s colorful tuk-tuks!

I did, and it turned into a thrilling journey through labyrinthine streets and soaring hills.

The driver-narrator shared fascinating tales and trivia about Lisbon’s history and culture, adding to the city’s intrigue.

The tuk-tuk zigzagged past iconic landmarks like the Jerónimos Monastery, the Belém Tower, and the Lisbon Cathedral, all under the starlit sky. We also drove through Alfama’s narrow lanes and the hip streets of Chiado.

Hop on a sunset cruise

Seeing Lisbon’s sunset on a cruise along the Tagus River is an experience to remember!

The journey unveils the radiant spectrum of the setting sun and the city lights shimmering in harmony.

Taking a sunset cruise is one of the best things to do at night in Lisbon, Portugal.

Aboard the boat, I enjoyed the tranquil ambiance complemented by gentle music and a glass of wine in hand.

The cruise took us past Lisbon’s remarkable landmarks, each painting an exquisite silhouette against the twilight sky.

The highlight? Capturing moments against the sky’s shifting color palette creates memories that will stay with me forever.

Get your apron on for the Portuguese cooking class

As a culinary enthusiast, I found cooking class in Lisbon a great way to discover the secrets of traditional Portuguese dishes while connecting with locals and fellow food lovers.

The classes cater to all skill levels, so everyone can partake in the fun. The sessions are intimate, with plenty of opportunities to interact with the instructor.

In our cooking class, we prepared a delicious three-course menu. We started with a fish dish, followed by a hearty meat recipe, and ended with a mouth-watering dessert.

The best part is we enjoyed our self-made dishes alongside specially selected Portuguese wines.

Pastéis de Nata Portuguese Custard Tarts.

If you’re a baking fan, you can opt for Pastel de Nata Baking Class. You can make this crispy dessert from scratch while tasting local drinks.

Enjoy the melodies of Fado

A night in Lisbon would be incomplete without diving into the world of Fado music.

This traditional music form is deeply rooted in Portuguese culture, and I found it genuinely moving.

For a truly authentic Lisbon experience, visit a traditional Fado house. Many spots across the city, especially in the historic Alfama neighborhood and the hip Bairro Alto area, host soulful Fado performances.

My favorite one is Fado in Chiado. For 1 hour, I found myself immersed in the soulful tunes of various performers singing classic Fado songs.

In addition to the music, I recommend trying some traditional Portuguese cuisine and wine during your Fado experience, as it really adds to the atmosphere.

You can opt for this Fado tour with dinner, which includes a walking tour of Lisbon’s oldest neighborhood Alfama.

Join a pub crawl

A pub crawl in Lisbon is more than just a series of bar visits – it’s a cultural experience and a fun social event.

During my pub crawl, I toured some of the city’s best bars, received free shots, and was offered drinks at discounted prices. It was fun!

craft beer.

It was an excellent opportunity to meet other travelers and locals while enjoying Lisbon’s vibrant nightlife. With VIP entries included, it was a smooth, enjoyable, and memorable night out.

Enjoy a wine-tasting session

Nothing says indulgence like a Portuguese wine-tasting evening.

Portugal has a long history of wine production, and I thoroughly enjoyed learning about it. Tasting various regional wines and exploring their distinct flavors, scents, and textures was fascinating.

The real charm of this wine tasting was its practicality – I learned how to decipher typical menus and make informed wine selections for future meals.

red wine tasting.
Let your taste buds explore the various flavors, scents, and textures of the wines while delving into the history and traditions surrounding Portuguese wine.

Ride the Tram 28

No need to worry about finding your way around Lisbon or grappling with transportation.

Just hop on Tram 28 and let it guide you through some of Lisbon’s most charming neighborhoods.

This historic tram, winding its way through narrow lanes and up steep hills, offers a unique city perspective when evening falls.

Riding tram is one of the best things to do in Lisbon at night, Portugal.

From neighborhoods like Graça, Alfama, and Baixa, you can admire the stunning architecture and breathtaking vistas.

The tram ride also offers a glimpse into local life, complete with the sound of Fado music floating on the breeze and the cooling night air brushing against your face.

Tips: I highly recommend getting a Lisbon card for unlimited rides on Lisbon’s public transportation system and free attraction admission.

See the marine life at Lisbon Oceanarium

At the Lisbon Oceanarium, you’ll step into a fascinating world where marine life of all shapes, sizes, and colors swims around you in a mesmerizing display.

Lisbon Oceanarium is open until 10 pm, making it a fun way to spend an evening in Lisbon.

Visiting Lisbon Oceanarium is one of the best things to do in Lisbon, Portugal.

Going there after sunset added a magical touch, with the exhibits lit in a soft, enchanting light. I was fascinated by the diversity of the aquatic life there, from jellyfish to otters.

Capture Lisbon Miradouros 

Lisbon is famous for its Miradouros, special viewpoints located throughout the city that are ideal for appreciating its twilight beauty.

Best things to do at night in Lisbon, Portugal.

Every Miradouro provides a charming perspective. For example, from Miradouro de Graca, I watched the setting sun cast a golden hue on the historic city center, turning the hustle and bustle into a soothing hum.

Miradouro de Nossa Senhora do Monte offered a different, yet equally captivating experience. The panoramic view of the city bathed in the soft light of sunset was like a picture-perfect postcard coming to life.

It was an unforgettable sight that has forever linked in my memory with the unique charm of Lisbon.

Sip cocktails on Lisbon rooftop bars

Rooftop bars in Lisbon are an excellent way to end an evening in Lisbon.

Each one is unique, and they all offer fantastic views. My favorite ones are Sky Bar Oriente, TOPO, and Sky Bar Lisboa by Seen.

These rooftop bars offer a variety of beverages and often have live music. It’s the perfect way to relax, enjoy a cocktail, and enjoy the city’s beautiful night-time view.

Social club Saigon is one of the best rooftop bars in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam.

Stroll Lisbons Pink Street

One of my most memorable things to do at night in Lisbon was an evening walk down the iconic Pink Street.

The soft, rosy glow reflecting off the cobblestones created a surreal and enchanting atmosphere, like stepping into a whimsical storybook.

Pink Street is packed with enticing attractions, from trendy bars to quaint eateries and unique shops. The enticing smell of local food and the lively chatter of locals and tourists alike create an irresistible and vibrant energy.

If you’re looking for a mix of urban buzz and romantic ambiance in Lisbon, a stroll down Pink Street is a must.

Pink street in Lisbon, Portugal

FAQs about things to do at night in Lisbon

What is the nightlife like in Lisbon?

The Lisbon nightlife is vibrant and diverse, offering a range of options for all tastes and budgets. There’s something for everyone, from traditional Fado houses to trendy rooftop bars and intimate jazz clubs. The atmosphere is usually laid-back and friendly, and you can enjoy live music and the social scene.

What area of Lisbon is best for nightlife?

The Bairro Alto neighborhood is the most popular area for nightlife in Lisbon, with its narrow streets filled with bars and clubs that stay open until early morning.
Another district worth checking out is Cais do Sodré, which has a vibrant nightlife scene with a mix of trendy bars, clubs, and music venues.
Santos district is also known for its nightlife, with various bars and nightclubs catering to a younger crowd.

Is Lisbon safe at night? Can you walk around?

Lisbon is generally considered safe at night, but taking precautions and being aware of your surroundings is always important. Avoid dark and isolated areas, especially if you’re alone, and stick to well-lit and populated streets.
As with any city, it’s always wise to keep an eye on your belongings and avoid carrying valuables or large sums of money with you.

Final thoughts

There are plenty of things to do in Lisbon at night that will keep you entertained until the wee morning hours. Whether you’re interested in cultural experiences like Fado music shows or just looking for a fun night out on the town, Lisbon has something for everyone. 

So why not explore the city’s vibrant nightlife scene and discover your new favorite hangout? With our guide to these amazing things to do at night in Lisbon, the possibilities are endless!

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Best things to do at night in Lisbon, Portugal.

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