7 Best Things To Do At Night In Hoi An, Vietnam

Hoi An ancient town is famous for its old houses and tranquil atmosphere. Yet, when the sun sets, its vibe becomes more vibrant than ever. There are tons of fun things to do at night in Hoi An, from visiting bustling night markets and live music bars to lighting candles on the river. Take a look at this list of my favorite evening activities in Hoi An.

Watch Hoi An Memories show

One of the must-see attractions is the Hoi An Impression Theme Park, home to the glorious Memories Show.

This show includes over 500 actors and dancers. Along with music, lights, and visual arts, the performance runs the gamut of emotions from happiness to grief. 

You also see Vietnamese timeless traditions and spirits with incredible imagery on five massive stages.

I love the performance of dances in ao dai and conical hats mixing with the long-standing cultural history of Hoi An. 

Regarding the price of tickets, you can opt to visit only the park (300,000 VND) or see the show (600,000 VND for adults and 300,000 VND to 450,000 VND for kids). 

Visit Hoi An night market

A visit to Hoi An night market is something you should never miss. Lying along Nguyen Hoang Street, this market is right near the splendid Bridge of Lights.

The market offers a combination of clothing, jewelry, souvenirs, lanterns, handcrafted objects, and more. It’s also a food paradise with many delicious dishes at a low price.

I highly recommend trying smoked ice cream. This tasty dessert lets you breathe smoke from your face like a dragon.

Suppose you have no intentions of buying anything; you can still take in the atmosphere and grab some mouth-watering food.

Night market in Hoi An, Vietnam.

Hoi An night market runs from 4 pm to 10 pm daily, and it’s extremely busy from 7 to 9 pm, so be sure to come earlier. 


  • You should bargain unless you see the price sign.
  • This is a busy market, so keep your belongings during peak hours.

Relax with a spa massage

After a long day of sightseeing in Hoi An, treat yourself to an unwinding experience in some of Hoi An’s finest spas. 

Hoi An has many excellent spas, and Ylang Ylang Spa is among the top choices. You can try body therapies, foot massages, and nail treatments.

In some spas, you can find options, including facials, waxing, mani-pedi, herbal steam baths or saunas, and hair treatments.

Be sure to ask what your product contains ahead of time and check out the ingredients.


  • If you want free spa service or a significant discount, look no further. Many resorts in Hoi An offer complimentary spa services for customers.
  • There are many spas and massages in Hoi An – one is spoilt for choice, so make sure you view the spa’s facilities and prices before your treatment starts.

Join the evening walking food tour

Feel overwhelmed due to numerous food choices? Take a food tour where you can sample Vietnamese delicacies. I had an opportunity to try Cao Lau noodles, and I cannot forget its flavor. 

You will also get a chance to grab the iconic Vietnamese coffee. After your coffee break, you’ll have dinner with a local family, where you can see and experience how locals live and eat. Then, enjoy the beauty of nature on a traditional boat. 

Cao Lau Vietnamese food.

Sip cocktails

Suppose you roam around busy streets and need a drink, head to drinking establishments hidden in the alleyways.

This is where you can sit down and enjoy everything, from cocktails along the riverside and live music to learning stories about food culture. 

My go-to spot is Mango Rooms – one of the top cocktail bars with an impressive menu. It stays open from 9 am to 10 pm, and at 7 pm, the local beers and cocktails are 50% off.

If you’re visiting Hoi An for the first time, I highly recommend trying the Hoi An secret cocktails tour, where you can try the city’s best cocktails.

Live music bar at night in Hoi An, Vietnam.

Take a boat ride on the Hoai River

Hoai River, a branch of the Thu Bon River that flows through Hoi An Ancient Town, is a famous destination.

Taking a boat ride along the Hoai River is my favorite activity. While the sunset is beautiful, its nighttime is fabulous.

Best things to do at night in Hoi An, Vietnam.

In the evening, you will release lanterns into the calm river and witness the old town illuminated with colorful lights. It’s believed that this custom tradition will bring luck and happiness.

Tip: You should negotiate and not pay over $1 per lantern. 

See the lantern at night

Whether it is a Lantern Festival or not, the lanterns are lit every night in Hoi An. Lanterns are displayed on every street corner and in shops in the old town.

You can visit the lantern shops to see the skillful hands creating plenty of designs and patterns. Keep in mind capturing some pictures and purchasing some as a gift for loved ones and friends.

Lantern shop at night in Hoi An, Vietnam.

Tip: You can enjoy Hoi An Lantern Festival all year round, though the biggest celebration will be the first full moon of the lunar new year. If you’re curious, you can take a Lantern making class where you’ll learn how to create a beautiful lantern.

FAQs about things to do at night in Hoi An

What is the nightlife like in Hoi An?

The nightlife in Hoi An is more alive than ever. There are loads of things to experience, from bustling night markets to heaps of bars and cafes in Hoi An town.  

Does Hoi An have lanterns every night?

Yes, there are lanterns every night in Hoi An. The Lantern Festival will be held once a month, taking place on the 14th day of the lunar month.

How much is the Lantern boat ride?

It depends on the time you take. It costs around 50,000 VND per person for a 15-minute experience and from 70,000 to 100,000 VND for 30-minute traveling. 

How many days in Hoi An is enough?

I recommend a minimum of 3 full days to cover all of Hoi An. You can also spend 4-5 days without getting dull. 

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