Top 10 Things To Do At Night In Hanoi Vietnam

Are you planning to visit Hanoi and wonder where to go and what to do at night?

In this travel guide, I share my favorite things to do at night in Hanoi for a fun evening.

Drink beers on Ta Hien street

If Saigon’s famous Bui Vien street is always vibrant at night, Hanoi is no less competitive with Ta Hien beer street.

 This neighborhood at night is an excellent destination for travelers, especially young people.

Ta Hien is filled with famous bars and pubs, and you can enjoy sitting on the plastic chair and drinking a 50 cents beer. Also, there are delicious Vietnamese street food stalls such as porridge, pho, and wonton noodles.

Ta Hien street at night in Hanoi Vietnam.
Ta Hien street at night in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Join food tour

Joining a food tour is an excellent way to explore Hanoi’s rich and diverse food scenes.

You can wander around the little alleys and enjoy famous dishes such as Bun Cha, Snail noodles in Dong Xuan market lane, Pho Bat Dan, and Hang Bai sticky rice.

Bun Thang Hanoi Vietnamese food.
Bun Thang Hanoi.

Explore Hanoi night market

Located right in the heart of the Hanoi old quarter, this night market gathers different stalls with a wide variety of items.

You can buy many items such as clothes, decorations, souvenirs to household items, and handicrafts at affordable prices. There are also street food stalls and restaurants along the way.

Address: Hang Dao, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi.

Listen to live music

Hanoi also has many live music bars suitable for drinking and chatting. The music ambiance, the crowd, the drinks all create a fun night.

You can find these bars in the old quarter with the theme changing by the day—performance from 9 pm to 11:30 pm.

  • Tadioto bar: The shop has a cozy, artistic space with gentle music, suitable for chatting
  • Whiskey Mystics and Men (W2M): This rock bar is located on Dang Thai Mai street. Drinks cost about 50,000 VND, free admission for music nights.
  • Bar +84: There’s music from 9 pm.
  •  Polite Co
  • Mojito
  • Nê Cocktailbar

Chill at Ho Tay Lake

Many young Hanoians often come to Ho Tay lake (West lake) every evening or weekend. With open space and a cool breeze, this is the ideal place for friends to drink beer and chat.

You can drop into any beer shop on the lakeside road, such as Beer 2KU or B25. Or sit down on an empty spot by the lake and drink beer.

Walk along Hoan Kiem lake

After a few beers at Ta Hien, take a walk a the lake.

From 7 pm Friday to 4 pm Sunday, the road around the lakeside will be closed and become a walking street.

Visiting Hoan Kiem Lake on the weekend, you will find a lot of fun and excitement, with people flocking to the walking path. There are also exciting folk games such as jumping rope, jumping stalls, walking on stilts. Dance groups and music performances also take place on the weekend.

Visit Dong Xuan Night Market

Not far from Hoan Kiem lake is Dong Xuan night market, a bustling place with clothing items from high-end to cheap.

In addition to shopping, do not miss the delicious dishes at Dong Xuan night market. The most famous one is Huyen Anh cartilage rib porridge. You can also enjoy tea, pho, vermicelli, and spring rolls here.

Drink lemon tea at Nha Tho Lon

The ancient church is located in the heart of Hanoi, with bold oriental culture and European touches. This is the cultural icon and emerging entertainment destination of the Capital.

A night, the surrounding area becomes vibrant with lots of street vendors. With an open space, a few low plastic chairs, and a table, people gather and chat. 

The most iconic drink here is lemon tea. Every weekend or late afternoon to midnight, young Hanoians invite each other to “let’s have lemon tea from the big church.”

In addition to lemon tea, you can try other snacks such as mango pickles, summer rolls, fried spring rolls.

Visit Quang Ba night flower market

The Quang Ba night flower market operates mainly from about midnight until dawn in the Tay Ho district.

When night falls, people flock to Quang Ba flower market to buy and sell goods, creating a great bustling atmosphere.

At Quang Ba night flower market, you can find countless flowers from roses, chrysanthemums, orchids, dahlias, coins to baby flowers, tulips, lilies at reasonable prices.

Visit Long Bien fruit market

After visiting the Quang Ba flower market, head to Long Bien fruit market near the Long Bien bus station to see the local lives.

When the whole of Hanoi is quiet at night, this place is still busy making a living. The labor here is mainly fruit trading, and the wholesale market serves to supply everywhere, from street vendors to large wholesale stalls.

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