How To Get From Suvarnabhumi Airport To Bangkok Thailand

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How to travel from Suvarnabhumi Airport to central Bangkok, Thailand?

If it’s your first time visiting Bangkok,  it can be quite confusing to travel to the city center.

This article is a detailed transportation guide from Suvarnabhumi Airport to Bangkok, including ticket prices, schedules, and book online tickets. 


Suvarnabhumi Airport is about 36km from central Bangkok. There are different ways to go from Suvarnabhumi Airport to central Bangkok.

  • Airport Rail Link
  • Bus
  • Car rental
  • Public Van
  • Taxi

Here is the location of transportation on different floors of the airport

  • B1 floor: Airport Rail Link
  • Level 1: Bus and Taxi
  • Level 2: The station arrives and is a place to catch a private car, rent a car or shuttle bus

Travel tips 

Don’t forget to book your 4G sim card in advance to travel easier. 

Take note of the hotel address and contacts if you are lost, or your driver is not familiar with the way.



Suvarnabhumi Airport to Bangkok by Airport Rail Link

  • Time: 6 am to midnight daily
  • Location: Service at Basement B

Traveling by Airport Rail Link is the easiest and most common way to get from Suvarnabhumi Airport to central Bangkok. 

The rail link covers 28 kilometers, providing service between Phayathai Station to the end terminal at Suvarnabhumi Airport.

This rail system connects with the Bangkok Skytrain BTS and the Bangkok Subway Train MRT, making your travel even easier.

Along the way, the train stops at six stations, including Rajprarop Station, Makkasan Station, Ramkhamhaeng Station, Hua Mark Station, Thab Chang Station, and Lad Krabang Station.

It takes about 30 minutes to reach the last station, stopping at each station from 3-5 minutes.

bangkok airport rail link map

Airport Rail Link Tickets

You can choose from two different types of trains: City Line and Express (travel time less than 20 minutes).

a) Price:

City Line’s ticket starts from 15 baht up to 45 baht, while Express’s ticket is 150 baht.

Suvarnabhumi Airport To Bangkok Airport Rail Link ticket
Airport Rail Link’s single journey ticket

b) How to buy tickets?

  • Online

To avoid queues at the station, you can book Airport Rail Link tickets online and receive a QR code in your email. Just exchange your voucher and be on your way!

  • At the station

You can buy tickets at staff counters or buy tickets from vending machines. Select the train station you want to visit on the screen, pay, and get your ticket. 

Tips: if you plan to spend a few days in Bangkok, BTS Skytrain Rabbit Card is an excellent option to travel by BTS at a discount!

Suvarnabhumi Airport To Bangkok train Thailand

Train travel tips

Airport Rail Link is always crowded, so be careful not to get in the way of getting on and off the train.

On the train, there is a speaker that automatically announces the next station in Thai and English. Pay attention to get to the right station.


Suvarnabhumi Airport to Bangkok by bus

1. Airport Express Bus

This is a direct bus with a fixed price of 150 baht. This bus stops at Silom Road, Sukhumvit Road, Khaosan Road, and BTS Hualamphong stations.

It takes about 45 minutes to operate, operating from 5 am to midnight daily.

The following four bus routes can help you find your way from Suvarnabhumi Airport to central Bangkok by bus that suits you best.

2. Public bus

This is the cheapest means of transportation from Suvarnabhumi Airport to central Bangkok.

You exit the airport at Gate 5, find the Airport Shuttle Service area, take the shuttle bus to the Public Transport Center to find the bus back to the center.

Bus fares range from 24-35 baht, depending on the stop. Each bus route will stop at 6 to 8 stations. It takes more than an hour for the car to run.

Only some bus routes operate 24 hours a day, so if you land at night, likely, you will not be able to catch the appropriate bus.


Suvarnabhumi Airport to Bangkok by Taxi

Taxi services are available 24 hours a day and are much more comfortable than buses or subways. The cost from Suvarnabhumi airport to Bangkok city center by taxi is $27 to $35 (van nine pax).

Tips for taking taxis

We recommend booking your taxi in advance with 12go to avoid scams.

If you get a taxi at the airport,  carefully check whether the taxi driver has turned on the meter to avoid fraud or pressure on getting off the bus.

Also, avoid taking a taxi or private car during rush hour, because the road from Suvarnabhumi airport to central Bangkok is often stuck or moving very slowly.


Transfer by hotel shuttle

Many hotels and hostels in Bangkok offer airport pick-up services.

Therefore, it can be a reasonable and convenient way to travel from Suvarnabhumi Airport to central Bangkok if you travel in a large group.