When is the best time to visit Thailand?

When is the best time to visit Thailand?

This article is a detailed guide on the weather, festivals, and ideal time to visit Thailand.

Weather in Thailand 

Thailand has a tropical monsoon climate, hot and humid with a lot of rain. There are four seasons in Thailand as follows:

The dry season (from January to February)

The weather is quite cool, with less rain, so it is suitable for outdoor activities. However, many tourists come to Thailand this time, so there will be more crowded than usual.

The hot season (from March to May)

The temperature can sometimes be up to 39, 40 degrees C during this time. However, there’s the Songkran festival every year, so it still attracts many tourists.

best time to visit Thailand

The rainy season (from June to October)

During this period, the amount of rain accounts for 90% of the annual rainfall, especially in August and September, which are the rainy months.

So if you travel to Thailand during the rainy season, you may encounter sudden rains, affecting your journey.

On the other hand, there will be fewer tourists than during the peak season, so it’s suitable for those who love peace. 

The cool season (from November to December)

At this time, Thailand’s climate is quite cool, with little rain, and some places are quite chilly. This cool weather is suitable for exploring or relaxing.

Best time to visit Thailand

The ideal time to travel to Thailand is from November to February.

With little rain, the weather is cool, and Thailand is dressed in vibrant colors, from natural scenery to bustling festivals.

Ayutthaya Thailand

Travel Thailand per month & Festivals

1. Thailand in January

The weather in January in Thailand is chilly, and there is almost no rain.

Therefore, January is a suitable time to travel to Thailand thanks to the bustling and joyful environment and brilliant natural scenery.

However, January is the peak tourist season in Thailand, so travel cost is more expensive than other times. The number of tourists flocking to Thailand to visit and immerse themselves in festivals is quite large, so the price of services may be higher. 

Note: You should book your hotels a few months in advance if you want to stay in downtown areas.

2. February in Thailand

February in Thailand is still quite cool, so it is suitable for you to visit and experience.

However, February is still Thailand’s peak tourist season, so you should expect a higher price and crowded places.

3. Thailand in March

March is in Thailand’s hot season, but you do not need to worry because the climate is still quite pleasant at this time to travel. I recommend visiting the islands to avoid the heat. 

4. Thailand in April

Although April in Thailand has high temperatures, at this time, many visitors come here to participate in the famous Songkran festival (13/4 of each year and lasts 3-5 days). Therefore, the travel cost is more expensive.

Note: When participating in the Songkran Festival, you should dress and avoid carrying electronics because water can damage them.

5. Thailand in May

Thailand’s climate in May is hot and sultry. As a result, the number of tourists is also reduced, and the travel cost is lower. 

6. Thailand in June

The rainy season starts, and the weather becomes more comfortable and cool. So, traveling to Thailand in June is a good time if you want to save more money.

7. Thailand in July

Due to the rain, the number of visitors decreases in July, so it’s suitable for those who enjoy less hustle.

8. Thailand in August

It’s the peak of the rainy season in Thailand, and there are not many festivals to participate in. The travel cost is also quite cheap, including the cost of flights, hotels, and food. 

9. Thailand in September

September is a time of heavy rain in Thailand. 

If you intend to hunt for cheap travel, September is ideal. The cost of travel and the hotel is also very affordable.

10. Thailand in October

Although there are still rains in October, the tendency decreases.

At this time, the cost of visiting Thailand in October is still very affordable for those who travel on a budget.

However, you should avoid visiting the islands because there are still heavy rains. 

11. Thailand in November

The weather was gradually cooler and more pleasant, making it suitable for cruises or hiking trips.

In November, the travel cost tends to increase steadily, so you should book in advance.

12. Thailand in December

December is also the peak time for Thai tourism, with many exciting activities accompanied by comfortable weather. 

Festivals in Thailand


  • Lunar New Year in Thailand
  • International Children’s Day Thailand: celebrated on the second Saturday of January each year.


  • Chiang Mai Flower Festival: This festival usually takes place on the first Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of February.
  • Makha Bucha Festival: The festival takes place on February 15 of the lunar calendar every year and is one of Thailand’s quite important Buddhist festivals in commemoration of Buddha and his merits.


  • Thai Elephant Day: This is a festival held to honor elephants and trainers.
  • Hua Hin International Kite Festival: Every March, visitors have the opportunity to see the colorful kites soaring into the sky.


  • Visakha Bucha Buddhist Festival: On this occasion, Thai people will wear white clothes and visit the temples before dawn to prepare for hanging the Buddhist flags’ ritual.
  • Royal plowing festival: This is a holiday to mark the sowing season, is also the beginning of the rainy season in Thailand.


  • Phi Ta Khon Festival: On this occasion, everyone wears devil masks and participate in fun activities, creating a bustling and impressive setting.


  • Buddhist Festival Khao Phansa: On this day, Thai people dress beautifully, eat rice with their families, and then visit the temple early to pray for luck and peace.
  • Candles Festival: Visitors can admire unique and beautiful artworks carved from candles and take part in impressive parades.

August: Not really


  • Asanha Bucha Buddhist Festival: This is an excellent day for the Buddhists to remember religion’s merit and wish peace and luck.
  • Naga fireball festival: This is an opportunity for visitors to watch the colorful glowing balls flying from the water to the sky, creating an awe-inspiring scene.


  • Sakon Nakhon wax castle festival: On this occasion, every year, the people of the Sakon Nakhon region will visit local temples to make offerings and pay respect to their ancestors.



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