5 Beautiful Ryokans in Fukuoka, Japan

Tucked away from the city’s hustle and bustle, ryokans in Fukuoka offer a peaceful getaway, a window into traditional Japan.

Whether you fancy unwinding in a tatami room that opens up to a picturesque garden or soaking in the hot spring bath, Fukuoka‘s ryokans have you covered.

Daimaru Besso

Tucked away just 30 minutes from the bustling Fukuoka, Daimaru Besso offers far more than just a night’s rest.

Daimaru Besso is one of the best ryokans in Fukuoka, Japan.
Daimaru Besso is one of the best ryokans in Fukuoka, Japan.

Its architecture is a love letter to traditional Japanese aesthetics – spacious rooms with tatami flooring, futon bedding, and shoji screen windows that open to stunning garden views.

Daimaru Besso‘s unique touch lies in its remarkable hospitality. They offer tea ceremonies and ikebana (flower arrangement) classes that let you experience Japanese culture.

Daimaru Besso is one of the best ryokans in Fukuoka with onsen hot spring baths, Japan.

And don’t forget to treat yourself to their kaiseki-style meals, a feast for your taste buds and your eyes. Their onsen hot spring baths are also lovely as well.

Delicious Japanese meal at ryokans in Japan.

Despite its secluded ambiance, Daimaru Besso is easily accessible and close to popular attractions like the Dazaifu Tenman-gu shrine and Fukuoka Castle ruins.

It’s a quick ride from Fukuoka Airport, and the average price per night ranges from JPY 20,000 to JPY 30,000, depending on the season and room type.

Akizuki Kuoritei

An hour’s journey from Fukuoka brings you to Akizuki Kuoritei, a ryokan nestled amidst natural splendor.

This place promises a delightful escape into the heart of traditional Japan, offering beautiful views of the Japanese garden and the pristine wilderness of Akizuki.

Akizuki Kuoritei is one of the best ryokans in Fukuoka with onsen, Japan.

What sets Akizuki Kuoritei apart is its onsen facilities. Sink into the warm embrace of their natural hot springs and let your worries melt away.

You can find both indoor and outdoor hot spring baths at this ryokan, so it’s definitely worth staying.

Akizuki Kuoritei is one of the best ryokans in Fukuoka with onsen, Japan.

Each aspect of Akizuki Kuoritei reflects the finesse of Japanese artistry. Traditional architecture meets high-end modern amenities in rooms filled with an elegant blend of woodwork, neutral tones, and sliding paper doors.

Akizuki Kuoritei is one of the best Fukuoka ryokans in Japan.

The ryokan is a quick taxi ride from the nearest Amagi station, making it a convenient choice for travellers.

Price per night varies between JPY 25,000 and JPY 50,000, with the higher range for rooms offering private open-air baths.

Nearby attractions include the Akizuki Castle Ruins and Koshoji Temple.


Just an hour away from Fukuoka, Nansuikaku promises an experience steeped in royal elegance.

Grand architecture, natural hot springs, and a journey into the heart of Japanese cuisine await you here.

Nansuikaku is one of the best ryokans in Fukuoka with onsen, Japan.

Step inside Nansuikaku, and you’ll be greeted by spacious rooms exuding an air of aristocratic elegance.

The traditional design is thoughtfully complemented by modern conveniences. Each room overlooks either the lovely inner garden or the landscape views.

Nansuikaku is one of the best ryokans in Fukuoka with onsen, Japan.

Nansuikaku‘s top-notch service reflects in their personalized care for each guest. The onsen facilities, fed by natural hot springs, are a real treat.

Don’t miss out on their exceptional kaiseki dinners, where every dish tells a tale of the season’s bounty.

Nansuikaku is one of the best ryokans in Fukuoka with onsen, Japan.

Nansuikaku is conveniently located near the Asakura Sation, making it a breeze to get to and from.

Room prices fluctuate between JPY 30,000 and JPY 50,000 per night.

When you’re not relaxing at the ryokan, consider a visit to the nearby Asakura Archaeological Museum or the Asakura City Historical Folk Museum.

Kominka neri

Nestled in the tranquil setting of Miyawaka, located halfway between Fukuoka City and Kitakyushu City, Kominka Neri offers an authentic Japanese cultural experience.

The ryokan is set against the picturesque backdrop of mist-clad mountains and the soothing Inunaki River.

Its unique charm lies in the serene village location, private hot spring baths, and the quaint allure of its historic architectural design.

Kominka neri is one of the best ryokans in Fukuoka with onsen, Japan.

Stepping into one of the rooms, you’ll be greeted by simple yet elegant adornments, including hanging scrolls and fresh flowers.

The faded charm of the Sanwa-do (earthenware) flooring complements the simplicity of the decor.

Each room offers modern comforts such as air conditioning, flat-screen TVs, and an electric teapot, while maintaining traditional elements like a round Zataku table, reminiscent of a Chabudai (tea table).

One of the major highlights of Kominka Neri is the availability of hot spring baths in all rooms.

Onsen hot spring bath in ryokans in Japan.

Also, its strategic location, a short 40-minute drive from Fukuoka City, makes it accessible, yet peacefully removed from the city’s hustle.

It’s close to several popular attractions, such as the Azenomachi Ehon Museum, Ino Tensho Kotai Jingu Shrine, and Hisasue Park.

For those seeking an active break, a golf course is located nearby.

Wakariki Ryokan

Wakariki Ryokan is another beautiful place to stay near Fukuoka, with a delightful fusion of old-world charm and modern luxury.

Wakariki Ryokan features a traditional Japanese design with a modern twist. Each room comes with tatami mats, a seating area, and an en-suite bathroom, ensuring a comfortable stay.

Their decor, which skillfully incorporates elements of nature, imbues the space with a refreshing ambiance.

Wakariki Ryokan is one of the best places to stay in Fukuoka, Japan.
Located a mere 35-minute ride from Fukuoka city, this ryokan offers a refreshing escape for city dwellers.

At Wakariki Ryokan, a dining experience is an event itself. Their kaiseki-style meals, made from locally-sourced, seasonal ingredients, are a culinary journey you won’t want to miss.

As a bonus, these meals are served in the privacy of your room.

Food at Tokinoniwa in Kusatsu, Japan.

This ryokan’s location offers easy access to Hakata Station, the city’s transport hub.

Room prices range from JPY 15,000 to JPY 25,000 per night, providing an affordable luxury experience.

What to expect at ryokans in Fukuoka?

Ryokans in Fukuoka typically feature traditional Japanese architecture, with beautiful gardens and tranquil surroundings. You can expect to sleep on futon mattresses laid out on tatami floors. Many ryokans serve delicious kaiseki meals, which are elaborate and beautifully presented multi-course dinners showcasing local ingredients.

How much per night at Fukuoka ryokans?

The prices for ryokans in Fukuoka can vary depending on the location, facilities, and services offered. However, there are options available to suit a range of budgets. On average, you can find ryokans in Fukuoka starting from around $150 to $400 per night.

Do ryokans in Fukuoka have private baths or onsens?

Yes, ryokans in Fukuoka often offer a variety of bathing options, including private baths and onsens. Private baths provide an intimate and secluded experience where you can enjoy a soothing soak with your loved ones or have the space all to yourself. On the other hand, onsens are communal hot spring baths that are a quintessential part of Japanese culture.

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