10 Reasons Why I Love Living In Da Lat, Vietnam

Thinking of a good place to live in Vietnam?

Vietnam is a diverse country and has many different things to offer, so it might be challenging to pick a city or a town to settle. Here are ten reasons why I love living in Da Lat, and so will you.

Pleasant weather

Compared to other places in Vietnam, the weather in Da Lat are cool and comfortable.

The city has many characteristics of a temperate region, with the average temperature is 18 – 21 °C.

However, during summer, the highest temperature in Da Lat is never more than 28 °C, and the lowest is not less than 5 °C in the winter.

During the afternoon, I may need to use a fan, but in the evening and at night, the temperature in the room is perfect. Also, people in Da Lat generally sleep pretty early, so the streets are quiet, and the area is peaceful.

With a thick blanket and a glass of milk before bed, I’m ready for a good sleep.

Beautiful scenery

I love the scenery in Da Lat!

Da Lat is abundant with green hills, springs, waterfalls, and valleys. And they together create charming natural scenery in the city.

We love walking around and enjoying the view of Tuyen Lam Lake. Or sometimes after work, we ride the bike and explore the hilly countryside. 

best places to live in Vietnam

The coffee culture

In addition to the beautiful scenery and great weather, I love the coffee culture here. There are many cafes in Da Lat, and each of them has a personal character.

Also, many cafes have spacious spaces with amazing views and good drinks too.

Sitting in a quiet corner, sipping coffee, and enjoying the view while working online is a lovely experience.

The food

Da Lat is also a paradise for Vietnamese food lovers with many great snacks and delicacies. Walking around the town, you can see many street food stands selling delicious snacks and treats.

My favorite ones are Da Lat pizza, hot soya drink, and kebabs on hot grills. You can check my Da Lat food guide for more tasty tips. 

grilled Dalat pizza

Many green spaces

One of the reasons why I love living in Da Lat is its green space.

Green pine forests, fresh air, and beautiful gardens create a refreshing living space. I feel much closer to nature while living in Da Lat. 

Dalat cable car Vietnam

The flowers

True to the name “city of thousands of flowers,” Da Lat charms its visitors with thousands of flowers racing to bloom.

In Da Lat, I can see flowers everywhere. Either spot them on a sidewalk, on the balcony, or in a small yard. Hydrangeas, daisies, sunflowers, lavender, wildflowers, the city is decorated with flowers!

Da Lat flower

The cost of living 

I find living in Da Lat is more affordable than in other parts of Vietnam.

Housing is cheaper than in big cities such as Ho Chi Minh city. The prices range from 4 million to 6 million for a one-bedroom apartment, while the two-bedroom one is up to 10 million a month.

Da Lat grown products such as fresh vegetables and fruits are cheaper and fresh! Also, because there’s no need to use the air conditioner, our electricity bill is relatively low. 

hotel room

Outdoor exercise

Da Lat offers many choices for outdoor exercises. 

We usually exercise by walking or running around Xuan Huong lake. Also, as it’s easy to get around Da Lat center on foot, we choose to walk as daily exercise instead of taking a car or bike.

Hiking the Lang Biang mountain is also a great choice if you love hiking. 

Xuan Huong lake Dalat Vietnam.
The clean surface of Xuan Huong lake gorgeously reflects the charming scenery of Da Lat.

Good location

Another reason why Da Lat is an excellent place to live is its location.

From Da Lat, I can get to other travel destinations easily. For example, we can get on a sleeper bus at midnight, arrive at 6 am in Saigon, and visit our friends and family there. 

Da Lat is also close to beach destinations. We sometimes make a mini trip to Nha Trang or Mui Ne and relax on the beach at the weekend. The travel distance is more than 100km, and the journey takes approximately 4 to 5 hours.

The slow pace

The pace of life of Da Lat is relatively slow. However, the streets are not as crowded as in Saigon, together with the cool air and beautiful nature will make me feel relaxing. 

I rarely experience traffic jams in Da Lat, except when it’s a busy weekend. There’s no traffic light in Da Lat too, so it’s something special about it here.

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  1. Thanks for this great article. I can’t find many long-term rentals online. What do you recommend? I’m guessing it’s better to go there and then look, but I’m still not sure where to look or who to contact about rentals.


    1. Hi Nick, I usually use Booking.com for a few days first and then ask around. You can just walk in and ask for a month-rent rate. Hope it helps!

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