Living in Fremont, California: Expat Guide

Is Fremont a good place to live as an expat?

What’s it like to live in the United States? Read this Expat Interview and discover the story of Priya – an expat in Fremont, California.

She discusses the moving procedures to Fremont, how to deal with difficulties and culture shock, the cost of living in Fremont, California, and more.

About Fremont

Fremont is a fantastic city in California’s famous tri-city area in the San Francisco Bay.

Central Park, Lake Elizabeth, Niles Park, and many more open spaces, along with friendly people, create a refreshing feel to this city. The school district is amazing here, and the roads are excellent.

In short, Fremont has all you need for a great stay in this city, although it is a bit expensive.

living in California hiking
Mission Peak Regional Preserve is a public park east of Fremont, California.

Moving to Fremont, California

We moved to Fremont about a year ago for my husband’s work.

Before that, we were in Milpitas, California. My husband’s job as a software engineer needs him to be on the site for a project.

So, we got our H1 and H4 visas to relocate from India and come to live in the United States of America.

Reasons to live in Fremont, California

We first moved to Milpitas, but as we felt that we needed more open spaces around us and a good school for the kids, we moved to Fremont.

This city is impressive in terms of schools as well as family-friendly events. The Fremont main library and Central Park are incredible.

When the kids need to run about, the parks are great.

Preparing for moving to Fremont, California

Before moving here, I looked up the weather in Fremont, parks, access to the library, and schools.

If I were not married, I would have just looked for access to hiking trails alone. Now that we have kids, we consider so many things before moving.

Apart from that, we also looked for family-friendly neighborhoods, and Fremont has many such suitable localities.


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Dealing with difficulties while living in Fremont

It was all good for us right from the beginning as we had a park close by to enjoy the fresh air with the kids.

We also have good neighbors to go to for any advice.

Maybe a slight difficulty is what you could say about transportation. You need a car to move about freely as public transport is a bit restricted.

Discrimination in Fremont: Yes or No?

I found Fremont to be pleasantly refreshing, as most people are genuinely welcoming.

There are pockets of the city where people from one country would dominate. In some places, all are mixed. But generally, everyone is decent to others.

Culture shock in the United States

Everything here is big.

I mean, grocery shopping here in the States was literally a shock to me for the first time.

Those onions, beans, fruits, everything was supersized to the version we were used to at back home. Even milk is available in gallon cans.

We were used to one-liter packs and half-liter packs, which was a huge difference.

Things we like about Fremont

We like Fremont as it has similar weather to what we had back home in India.

The only thing I wanted to enjoy here and missed was snow. However, the serene parks and fabulous restaurants that are abundant in this city are bonus points!

Limitations of expat life in Fremont

Not much, except that the transportation options are limited. It is pretty challenging to get around if you don’t own a car. Otherwise, all is well.

Favorite things to do in Fremont

I love the parks here.

Hiking around Mission Peaks is incredible in all seasons.

Spending time at the library is one of my favorite things to do, and Fremont’s main library is extraordinary.

My next favorite thing is taking the kids for a stroll in the park, and the nearby Central Park with the gorgeous Lake Elizabeth is simply incredible.

Best places to visit in the Fremont

Visiting Central Park, Lake Elizabeth, Ardenwood historical Farm, or hiking up the Mission Peak are the best things to do in Fremont. 

Fremont is close to Pacific Highway 101, and there are many stunning beaches and hiking trails along the way.

We love going to Montara State Beach, Pescadero State Beach, and a hidden beach at Davenport. Everything is within an hour from the city.

living in california
Montara State Beach

Cost of living in Fremont

Fremont is considered to be a pretty expensive city in the Bay Area as it has good schools but limited accommodation.

A single BHK would cost you around $2500, and a double bedroom flat would be about $3100.

Then transportation is on your own as there are no good bus options. You can use BART for a cheap ride to San Francisco. Food is as expensive as you get anywhere in the Bay Area.

Making new friends in Fremont, California

People are pretty open here, and you can easily make friends with them.

I love meeting new people at the parks when the kids enjoy their outdoor time. I especially love the way parents mingle with others when they are with their little ones in the park or the library.

We usually hang out with both locals and foreigners. I think we have a good ratio here.

Although it is noticeable that everyone goes well together, certain festive activities depend on our culture, and at those times, we tend to celebrate with people who understand our culture.

Favorite place to hang out with friends in Fremont, California

We love enjoying a meal at Sakoon vegetarian restaurant.

Our next favorite place is Peacock. Also, Suju’s Coffee is excellent for a coffee hangout. There are many other hip restaurants, coffee bars, and snack bars to enjoy with friends in Fremont.

Expat communities in Fremont?

No. I am yet to discover any such community. To be honest, I just started looking for it, so maybe I will stumble across one soon.

A memorable experience in Fremont

The day I got into a conversation with one of my kid’s teachers, a Fremont local, is memorable to me.

We started talking about children in general and went on to talk about the latest books we were reading all in one go. We had so many similar interests.

Advice and tips for moving/ living in Fremont

If possible, book accommodations around the first or second weeks of November to get discounted rates.

You may get good deals at that time that would not be there from January as it can get very pricey later on. Also, if you are moving with kids, look for openings in schools as early as you can to get a seat.

I would definitely recommend others to live in Fremont. 

I love the outdoors here and can’t recommend it enough to everyone.

EVERYTHING WAS NEW TO ME because I did not have many expectations before moving to Fremont. Now that I have gotten used to it, I can say that Fremont is one of the best places to live in the Bay Area.

Lessons learned from living abroad

People are the same everywhere. Human nature is the same in all colors, shapes, and sizes. You need to adjust and go with the flow to enjoy life.

About Priya


Priya is a travel, food, and book blogger at Glorious Sunrise. She is a passionate globetrotter who now travels with her husband and two young children all around the world. Traveling is her passion, and writing about it keeps her happy and refreshed.

In the same way, she is also a bookworm and a veggie food lover. When her hands are not full with the little ones, you can find her with the laptop or already on a trip! Priya is currently living in Fremont and traveling around California regularly.

Follow her on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

The opinions expressed here by Expatolife columnists are their own, not those of Expatolife.

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    Indeed a great insight into what Fremont has in store! I agree the family friendly neighborhood is what I love about the city the most. There are more to discover though. Cheers to you for a great article!

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