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Expat Guide to Living in Brisbane Australia

Brisbane, Australia’s third most populous city and the capital of Queensland, has a sub-tropical climate with good average temperatures all year round. Is Brisbane a good place to live as an expat? Let’s discover it in this Expat interview! Tracy will answer all the questions from the cost of living in Brisbane to all the related information for moving to Australia.


1. Could you please tell us your moving story?

We decided to move to Australia about 6 years ago but it took nearly 5 years after we were granted our visas to actually make the move. We first moved to Mackay in Northern Queensland but after 3 months my husband got a job in Brisbane so we moved.


2. Why did you choose to live in Brisbane?

There is so much to do and see in Brisbane that it seemed a natural place for us to move to. I also have friends who live here and they had told me what a fantastic place it is. The weather is excellent all year round and that is an important factor for us. We were sick of the gloomy weather in the UK!
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3. How to prepare for moving to Brisbane?

Firstly we had to obtain a visa to be able to live in Australia. This was a difficult process and involved a lot of money and a lot of paperwork. I also had to register to be able to teach in Queensland. That took about 12 weeks. We also had to validate our visas in Australia once they were issued – as we were not ready to move permanently at that time it was a costly requirement.


4. The cost of living in Australia

Australia is not cheap and you need to be earning dollars as soon as possible really as you will soon see your savings disappear.

a) Accommodation in Australia

We rent a furnished 2 bedroom apartment and that costs $400 a week. You need to pay a month’s rent as a deposit and the first 2 week’s rent upfront.
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b) Food

We eat out a lot and I would say a meal for 2 with a drink cost between $60-100 but again that depends on the type of restaurant!


c) Groceries

Again not cheap. It is best to buy seasonal produce as its more affordable. We spend about $250 a week on groceries for 2. There aren’t many supermarkets to choose from but finding a local market for fruit and vegetables may save some money.


d) Transportation

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Colorful lights across the coastline of city skyscrapers in Brisbane.

I would recommend buying a Go Card which you can use on all public transport in Brisbane. You load it up then just tap at the beginning and end of your journey. Catch the CityCat along the river – it’s a great way to see the city! The city gets very congested so I would always recommend taking public transport rather than driving!

5. Did you experience any difficulties when you moved to Brisbane?

Not really – I have moved around the world a number of times so I know what is involved. I do miss my family and my dog back in the UK (hopefully she is joining us soon) and adapting to a new job was not easy to start with but the best thing to do is to try to not compare. It will be different and you need to go with that however strange those differences feel.


6. Did you experience any discrimination from the locals?

Not at all. I have found everyone I have met to be so friendly and welcoming. Australians are used to people wanting to live here and seem happy to welcome us!


7. What do you like about Brisbane?

It’s a lovely city with so much to see and do. The weather is amazing and it is close to the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast for weekends away.


8. Are there any bad things about Brisbane?

Not really! At the moment we are loving it all (OK maybe the amount of traffic and the toll roads are a bit of a stress!)


9. What are your favorite things to do in Brisbane?

It would be heading to South Bank at a weekend. There are a beach and a lagoon-style pool (all free) as well as lots of activities to do and galleries to visit.Take a blanket and a picnic and enjoy the atmosphere. You can also buy the best milkshakes in the world there!


10. Is it easy to make new friends in Brisbane?

So far we haven’t made too many friends here though I did in Mackay. I am joining some photography courses soon so hopefully will meet new people that way! I am also meeting people at work.
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11. Do you hang out with locals or foreigners mostly?

I would say a mixture really as I already have some expat friends who live in Brisbane.


12. Where is your favorite place in Brisbane to hang out with friends?

South Bank is the place to go – it has a great vibe. There are places to eat and sit with a picnic or you can take a swim in the pool or relax on the beach. There were loads to do at South Bank before Christmas with films and concerts too so it is worth checking to see what is on.


13. A memorable experience in Brisbane

My husband and I decided to catch the train to South Bank just before Christmas and we had a wonderful afternoon just sitting in the shade with a picnic watching the world go by! It was so relaxing but didn’t feel like Christmas as it was so hot!
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14. Did you change your perspective about Brisbane after living here?

No. Brisbane is exactly what I expected – it is a great city to live in!


15. Advice and tips for moving/ living in Brisbane

Think carefully about where you live – the traffic can get very congested and it can take longer to get to places that you may expect. I wouldn’t recommend living too far from where you work as you may spend a lot of your time commuting. Some areas are better than others so I would do a suburb check before committing!


16. Would you recommend to live in Brisbane?

We live in the northern suburbs but there are lovely areas all around Brisbane! I think Brisbane offers so much to everyone with its great climate and access to some of the best beaches in Australia on the Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast. Both are just an hour’s drive away.


17. What have you learned from living abroad?

I have lived abroad for a lot of my life and I have learned that you never stop learning! I have learned another language, to appreciate food, and developed better social skills through living abroad. It makes you more adaptable and I think tougher!
Moving abroad is not easy and expect highs and lows – give yourself time to settle. All that is strange today will soon become familiar. Even though I have done this 6 times in my life it is always the same process but is worth it in the end!


More about Tracy

Tracy blogs at Tracy’s travels in time. She has been an expat 6 times and so far has lived and worked in France, Switzerland, Canada, South Africa and Botswana. She moved to Australia in 2017. Besides teaching, she loves history, train journeys, nature and meeting new people. She also has a passion for milkshakes! Don’t forget to follow her on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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