12 Best Hostels In Porto For Budget Travelers

Where to stay in Porto on a budget? For a comfortable place to stay in Porto with a social atmosphere, take a look at these hostels in Porto to pick out your favorite.

The Passenger Hostel

Do you believe that you can stay inside a train station? The Passenger Hostel is the one!

This unique hostel is located at the iconic São Bento Train Station, within the UNESCO World Heritage area of Porto. It is a great stop to watch the station while chilling out.

The Passenger Hostel is one of the best hostels in Porto, Portugal.

The interiors at The Passenger Hostel combine contemporary, minimalist design with historical cues and details.

Entering the rooms, you may notice vintage furniture blended history with modernity, creating a luxurious stay. 

The Passenger Hostel is one of the best hostels in Porto, Portugal.

My favorite part is the fantastic restaurant right next door! Here you can grab some food or dessert to satisfy your taste buds.

If you want to socialize, head to the bar to play board games and get a beer or a port wine. Don’t forget to join in the walking tour and surf tour.

Gallery Hostel

Gallery Hostel is an excellent hostel in Porto for art lovers. Set in the Rua de Miguel Bombarda, the hostel is close to contemporary art galleries and popular cafés. You can also head to the main sights like Clérigos Tower easily.

Inside, Gallery Hostel combines modern style with traditional Porto elements.

True to its name, art is a prominent theme throughout. I particularly love the decor here! The hostel is lined with original blue and white tiles with contemporary art on the whitewashed walls. 

The rooms at Gallery Hostel make you fall in love at first sight. With its rooms named after local architects, writers, and artists, they’ll give you an authentic flavor of Porto. 

In addition to free breakfast, you can enjoy tunes while drinking Portuguese wine at the lounge bar.

If you need a tranquil place to chat or chill out, an interior garden comes to my mind. To add to the fun experience, you can join a free walking tour to learn about the city’s dynamic cultural scene.

Rivoli Cinema Hostel

If you want a unique experience, why don’t you stay at Rivoli Cinema Hostel?

This creative hostel is a mix of cool contemporary design and a youthful ambiance. Its highlight is bright rooms with wooden floors and film-inspired decors ranging from Corpse Bride, Amélie, and Pulp Fiction. 

Also, Rivoli Cinema Hostel has a large rooftop terrace with a swimming pool and BBQ, where you can soak in views of Porto.

There’s a common area for watching movies and playing video games. I recommend wandering around Avenida dos Aliados and Porto’s landmarks and cafes. 

Porto Spot Hostel

Porto Spot Hostel is a favorite pick for anyone looking to meet fellow travelers.

Housed in a building inspired by the architectural style of Art Deco, the hostel adds touches of modern comfort yet retains original features. 

Aside from varied breakfast, you can pick private rooms with ensuite bathrooms or some rooms whose windows overlook the bustling street.

I seriously love the atmosphere at night when everyone sits in the backyard, having a barbecue, telling stories over the first sip of Portwine or Superbock.

You can simply stay in the hammock all night and relax after a long day of walking tours. Although having regular party nights, it’s not a party hostel, so you can still get some sleep!

Lost Inn Porto Hostel

Located in the old town district of Porto, Lost Inn Porto Hostel is a fully-renovated traditional building with stone walls, high wooden impressive ceilings, and traditional Portuguese tiles on its facade.

Inside the rooms, classic old exposed granite walls will grab your attention right away! One notable thing here is the yellow light of the LED stripe above the head in the bed. How gorgeous it is!

Not to mention free coffee, Lost Inn Porto Hostel serves plenty of fabulous drinks. I suggest trying free nightly sangria while chatting with other visitors.

Everything else, including pub crawls and free walking tours, is fun for your stay. If you’re not looking for a wild-party place, you absolutely love this hostel!

Selina Porto

Selina Porto is the right fit if you’re a digital nomad looking for a co-work space.

Set in a ten-minute walk from the Trindade Metro Station and Ribeira old town district, it’s easy to explore the tourist spots of Porto and the local hidden gems. 

The boutique hostel boasts a solid interior style with boho and minimalistic influences. Bright colors and floral walls give the decent rooms a relaxing vibe. I love the quiet atmosphere in a working area with desks and reading nooks.

Also, some rooms have glass windows overlooking a cute courtyard with green plants, lots of seating, and a food truck serving cheap deals. 

What I like about Selina Porto is the courtyard bar with excellent DJs and a great all-around vibe. It’s definitely a place to unwind in the sun while listening to tunes and meeting good people. In addition to an epic breakfast, there’s a free yoga class to get shaped during your stay!

Best Guest Porto Hostel

Best Guest Porto Hostel is situated in a refurbished historic building in the heart of Porto, making it easy to visit charming river areas, Porto Wine cellars, and the Cathedral.

This adorable hostel offers dorms and private rooms with lots of sunshine through the window.

The design in each room is simple but multi-color ranging from blue, pink, yellow, green, and red. Although it’s not a luxurious hostel, you absolutely have a comfortable and airy space when staying here. 

Remember to kickstart your day with a basic breakfast, including cereal, bread, and spreads. Also, there’s a vending machine available to grab some drinks whenever you want.

Despite having no party, Best Guest Porto Hostel won’t let you down! You’ll have fun with physical activities like aquatic sports or mountain sports. 

The Central House Porto Ribeira

The Central House Porto Ribeira is a brand-new hostel promising to take you to the next level.

This hostel comes in pure Porteño style, with its facades covered with typical local titles. The interior consists of nearly wooden structures, old walls, and granite stone arches.

The common area has a large mural that creates a sense of immersion in the traditional streets of Porto and a plant wall. Besides, an on-site restaurant called Citynizer Plaza offers a wide culinary offer, so you don’t have to find it elsewhere!

I particularly love the bar on the ground floor. With a lively stage, a huge screen, and an illuminated bottle wall bar mixed with ancient granite stone walls and arches, it’s impossible not to enjoy live music and colorful drinks while chatting with one another!

Rosalma Hostel

Rosalma Hostel is an excellent stop with good vibes for digital nomads. This hostel is dotted with wooden floors, hand-painted ceilings, and colorful art, making it an inviting accommodation. 

As for the rooms, you can choose private rooms or roomy dorms with wooden bunk beds and black privacy curtains. Individual lights add a nice personal touch to each bed at night, so you can sleep well without being disturbed.

I fell in love with Rosalma Hostel‘s outdoor space. In a small green garden, you can find vibrant pictures, green sofas, and tables with benches. It’s a perfect space to hang out, sunbathe and have dinner with candles.

Not to mention complimentary tea and coffee the whole time, you’ll have a lovely time when going on a Saturday night pub crawl. 

Urban Garden Porto Central Hostel

Looking for a green gem in the central area? Look no further than Urban Garden Porto Central Hostel.

Located a minute walk from the famous Bolhão Market and Porto’s Coliseum, the green hostel is a premium choice for those who want more than just a regular hostel to stay!

The fantastic hostel has a well-planted yard where you can swing in a hammock, bask in the sun, cook a communal BBQ, or just relax in the shade of spreading trees.

Don’t miss out on tasting the sweetest passion fruit right from their garden. There’s also a lively bar to enjoy fantastic drinks while mingling. It’s very likely you never want to leave here at all!

If you’re a flower lover, you’ll definitely notice many kinds of flowers decorated throughout the hostel. I appreciate bright and airy rooms with huge windows overlooking the green garden.

Also, a pod-like space has a comfy bed and curtain privacy, ensuring you feel comfortable at night.

To start your day, let’s try chocolates and newly added poached eggs at the breakfast buffet. 

Being Porto Hostel

Being Porto Hostel is in a fully refurbished historic building with tasteful and minimalist decor. Its location makes it a tranquil spot to relax after a day of exploring the city.

The hostel features dorms and private rooms with massive windows and a small balcony looking down the street. This is ideal for those who want to have some drinks while viewing the surrounding scenery. 

Although there’s no party here, you can treat yourself to a small lounge with a TV while having a drink or snack. This is also a place to enjoy breakfast and dinners.

Porto Wine Hostel

Loving a hostel themed around Porto’s famous sweet wine? Porto Wine Hostel is all about wine.

Entering the rooms, you won’t be able to take your eyes off the design. Inspired by styles and ages of port wine, from vintage ruby to 40-year-old tawny, Porto Wine Hostel takes you to a classy space. 

Porto Wine Hostel is located on nightlife streets, so don’t forget to blend in the cheerful atmosphere of bars and restaurants. Staying here, you’ll have a chance to view the tree-lined paths of Cordoaria Garden. 

Aside from its location and port wine style, I recommend you head to a small bar to taste the famous port wine and fabulous cocktails. There’s also a decent kitchen serving a buffet breakfast with multiple options. 

You have fun meeting people, playing board games, and playing the piano and guitar in a living room. 

Frequently asked questions about hostels in Porto

What are the best areas to stay in Porto?

The best areas to stay in Porto are Centro-Baixa, Ribeira, and Cedofeita. These popular and safe neighborhoods have many popular attractions, shops, and restaurants.

How much do hostels in Porto cost?

On average, you can generally find hostels in Porto for around $40 to $80 per night. Remember that some hostels may charge more or less than this range based on their specific features and location. I advise researching and comparing prices online through booking websites to find the best deals on hostels in Porto. 

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