Travel Back In Time To Dejima Nagasaki Japan

Dejima, an island in Nagasaki port, is an important historical location in Japan. I was surprised to stumble upon this area on my trip back from Hashima island.

“How amazing it is!” I first thought.

The buildings stills maintain the Western style of the Meiji period, and there’s a lot to learn about the trading situation.

Nagasaki Japan Dejima

About Dejima island, Nagasaki, Japan

During the 17th century ~ the 19th century, Japan closed most of its borders to other countries, and Dejima was the only place in Japan to open trade.

This artificial island is located in the port of Nagasaki and was built in 1636.

It used to house the Portuguese residents and separated them from the Japanese population to stop the spread of Christianity.

Dejima Japan trip

However, the Portuguese were expelled from Japan after three years, and the Dutch trading post was moved from Hirado to Dejima.

During the closed-trading years, only the Dutch were allowed to remain in Japan, but their activities were limited to Dejima.

Address: 6-1 Dejimamachi, Nagasaki-shi, Nagasaki

Dejima opening hours

Dejima opens daily from 8 am until 9 pm.

Entrance fee

The admission fee of Dejima is 510 Yen per adult.

Dejima Japan ticket

Things to see on Dejima island

The buildings

The foundation

As the current state of Dejima was rebuilt, you can still visit some rooms to see what was left. 

Dejima Japan foundation
The foundation of the Dejima building

The architecture

It was fascinating to enter each room in these buildings and see the architecture.

The items

rice bags
The rice bags in the storage room

The ships

Dutch ship
Dejima was a trading port between the Dutch and the Japanese.

The Japanese men

You can also see a few Japanese men dressed in costume when visiting here.

How to get to Dejima from Nagasaki station

The easiest way to get from Nagasaki station to Dejima is by taking a tram.

You should take a tram bound for Shokakuji-Shita and get off either at.

  • “Ohato” (2nd stop, 3-minute walk) for Main Gate (Central Gate)
  • “Dejima” (3rd stop, 1-minute walk) for West Gate (Sea Gate)
  • “Tsuki-machi” (4th stop, 2-minute walk) for East Gate (Meiji Gate)
Nagasaki Japan tram

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