Da Nang to Hue Vietnam: Transport & Ticket Guide

Hue was the imperial capital of Vietnam during the Nguyen Dynasty from 1802 to 1945. With a rich history and fascinating cultural activities, Hue is a must-visit place in Vietnam for travelers.

How to travel from Da Nang to Hue, Vietnam?

This article is an ultimate guide to get from Da Nang to Hue by train and bus, including ticket prices, timetables, and other necessary information.

Da Nang to Hue train

A train ride from Da Nang to Hue is undoubtedly the best option. This route has scenic and breathtaking views as the train passes through Hai Van pass.

What is Hai Van Pass?

Hai Van Pass is an impressive 21-kilometer long pass located approximately 500 meters above sea level.

It crosses the Bach Ma Mountain between Thua Thien-Hue Province and Da Nang, Vietnam, offering a stunning view of mountains with blue skies and tranquil blue water, overlooking Da Nang, Son Tra Island, and Lang Co Bay.

Hai Van Pass Vietnam travel guide

Train from Da Nang to Hue

  • Duration: 2.5 hours to 3 hours (from Da Nang to Hue and return)
  • Ticket price: $5 (soft seat)

The railway distance from Da Nang to Hue is approximately 103 km.

Vietnam Railways offer daily trains from Da Nang to Hue, including SE2, SE4, SE6, SE8, and SE20.

The first train departs at 1:01 am, and the last one leaves at 18:10 pm.

Seat selection: Passengers can select a hard seat, soft seat, sleeper 6-berth, or sleeper 4-berth. You can choose your seat easily when booking online.

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Vietnam train

Train stations

  • Da Nang Railway station: 202 Hải Phòng, Phường Tân Chính, Quận Thanh Khê, Đà Nẵng
  • Hue Railway station: 01 Bùi Thị Xuân, Huế, Tỉnh Thừa Thiên – Huế

Tips to have the best experience traveling by train from Danang to Hue

  • Early evening is the best time to take a train ride from Da Nang to Hue
  • You should check the weather forecast before booking
  • The train ride passing Hai Van Pass is only 10-15 minutes, so you shouldn’t miss it.

How to book train tickets from Da Nang to Hue?

You can book your train ticket easily here.

After entering your desired day of departure, you can find a fully detailed schedule with different trains.

Da Nang to Hue bus

  • Duration: 2 ~ 3 hours
  • Ticket price: starts from $7

Taking buses is another option to get from Da Nang to Hue. The journey takes approximately 2 to 3 hours, and the ticket price starts at $7. 

About transport providers

April Adventure

April Adventure is a reputable travel company in Vietnam that specializes in tours and transportation.

1-way ticket price: 335 000 VND.


  • Da Nang bus stop: DLG Hotel Da Nang
  • Hue bus stop: 45 Lê Lợi, Phú Hội, Thành phố Huế, Thừa Thiên Huế.

Hanh Cafe

Hanh Cafe offers sleeper buses from Da Nang to Hue. Bus depart daily at 2:15 pm.

1-way ticket price: 180 000 VND.


  • Da Nang bus stop: 28, 3 Tháng 2 street, Thuận Phước, Hải Châu, Đà Nẵng.
  • Hue bus stop: 7 Đội Cung, Phú Hội, Thành phố Huế, Thừa Thiên Huế.

Da Nang to Hue taxi/ rental cars

If you travel in a group with your family or friends, you can consider visiting Hue by car from Da Nang.

This option can be expensive if you travel solo, so you should catch a train or bus instead.

Da Nang to Hue by Motorbike

For those who love to travel by bike, you can rent a motorbike in Da Nang. If you ride a motorcycle from Da Nang to Hue and vice versa, you can go by Hai Van Pass or through the tunnel.

If you follow Hai Van Pass, you can stop on the road and admire the beauty of Lang Co Bay and Hai Van. However, there can be robberies, so you should be careful.

It is best not to go too early in the morning or late at night.

Day trip to Hue from Da Nang

Is it possible to visit Hue in one day?

Yes, you can. However, you will need to wake up early for the early train/ bus and rush from place to place. If you only allocate one day for Hue, we recommend taking a day tour instead.

Day tour to Hue from Da Nang

Several tour companies offer one-day trips from Da Nang to Hue, and I recommend Klook.

A day trip to Hue from Da Nang usually covers bus transport from Hanoi to Halong and vice versa, including visiting Imperial Forbidden Citadel, Thien Mu Pagoda, Khai Dinh Tomb, etc.

-> Read reviews and book day tour to Hue.

Where to stay in Hue?

Staying a night or more in Hue is recommended to enjoy the best of this city. You can experience the taste and lights of Hue at night by wandering around the town and visiting Hue Citadel.

We enjoy our stay at Rosaleen Boutique Hotel. For budget travelers, Hue Nino is a good choice. 

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Exploring Hue

There are plenty of things to see and do in Hue. Here are some of my favorite attractions:

Read more:

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