Hello 2018: Blog Goals & Travel Plans

Happy New Year everyone! Today is the first day of 2018, so I wish you a great year ahead. As I discussed yesterday in 2017 Reflection, setting goals is really important in blogging. Here are my blog goals & travel plans for this year!


1. Learning SEO

I haven’t focused on SEO in 2017, so 2018 is a good start to emphasize on SEO (Search Engine Optimization). My goal is to have more posts ranked on the first or second page of Google search for specific keywords.

How to achieve this goal?

  • Read more documents and guides on SEO
  • Use Keysearch.co platform to find specific keywords to rank
  • Write an in-depth article (ideally more than 1000 words)
  • Apply SEO-friendly techniques in articles


2. Improving photography

If you read my recent articles, you can notice that I’ve put more pictures and also I edited them carefully.

I’m currently taking a photography course at my university, so I hope that I can improve my photography skills & knowledge.

Also, as I’m learning Lightroom & Photoshop, I hope that I can create more beautiful content.

How to achieve this goal?

  • Take Photography course & practice the techniques in free time
  • Read more photography materials & understand the equipment
  • Learn & practice Lightroom & Photoshop

best time to visit Vietnam


3. Increasing pageviews

2017 ended with interesting news that Expatolife received more than 9000 views in December. I aim at increasing more page views this year, and here is a specific break-down goal:

  • January: 10K views
  • February: 12K views
  • March: 13K views
  • April: 15K views

How to achieve this goal?

  • Have a specific plan for each month
  • Create more contents & publish frequently based on schedule
  • Focus more on SEO & Social media Marketing
  • Collaborate with other bloggers by writing guest posts & collaboration


4. Monetization

I haven’t earned any from my blog, so I’d like to change it this year. I hope to collaborate with more brands & companies, as well as earning from affiliate marketing.

How to achieve this goal?

  • Read and learn affiliate marketing
  • Apply for affiliate marketing programs and apply them to posts
  • Write more content that can be monetized: gift guides, city guides, etc.
  • Contact brand & companies to collaborate
  • Build connections


5. Social Media Goals

I just made this infographic picture to illustrate my goals for social media in 2018. I strive to improve brand awareness, increasing followers & interaction of each channel.

  • Facebook: 2000 followers
  • Instagram: 10K followers
  • Twitter: 3000 followers

Social Media Goal


6. Travel Plans

2017 was an amazing year as I traveled to more than 20 countries and several cities around the world. I decide to take a gap year before studying Master, so I will spend time traveling around Asia. This is the list of the countries that I’d like to visit and discover in 2018

  • Japan: Kyushu area (Fukuoka, Nagasaki & Kumamoto), Kansai Area (Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe, Nara), Okinawa, & Hokkaido. I might go back to Tokyo again :)
Asakusa Tokyo Japan
I might go back to Tokyo again!
  • South Korea: Seoul
  • Thailand: Bangkok, Chiangmai & islands
  • Singapore
  • Malaysia
  • Vietnam: I’ll explore more places in my country
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