Japan Travel Guide

What are the best things to do in Fukuoka, Japan? In this Fukuoka Travel Guide, you will find out places to go in Fukuoka, what to eat and where to stay in Fukuoka. Read the article and plan your travel to Fukuoka.   1. Eat Motsunabe With the history of more than 1000 years, Motsunabe […]


Have you ever dreamed of sleeping in a bookstore, or being surrounded by books all the time? Book and Bed Tokyo Asakusa is a “Bookstore to stay”, and offers you all these experiences. With an interesting concept, this hostel is definitely a great place to stay in Tokyo for book lovers and travelers who are […]

japanese food

Japanese culinary is not only special for its delicious dishes but also for the decoration and service. In this Japanese food guide, you’ll find the list of 10+ Japanese food you should try when traveling to Japan.   1. Sushi (寿司) Sushi is probably the first dish that people will mention about Japanese food. It […]

solo trip to Tokyo Japan

Tokyo, the heart of Japan, is famous for beautiful places and exotic culture. In this article, I’ll share my first solo trip to Tokyo, as well as my Tokyo itinerary for 3 days.   Background Before visiting Tokyo, I’ve never had any solo trip. At that time, I didn’t start traveling alone or think about […]

Huis Ten Bosch is a small Netherlands

If you’re seeking for an alternative experience while traveling in Japan, Huis Ten Bosch will be a perfect choice. Located in the north of Nagasaki, Japan, the Dutch theme park has many special things to offer. Let’s discover Huis Ten Bosch in our travel guide.   I. What is Huis Ten Bosch? Huis Ten Bosch […]

Would you like to know how a castle would look like after an earthquake in Japan? I visited Kumamoto recently to see whether it has recovered after serious earthquakes that struck in 2016, and especially to observe the current state of Kumamoto castle. The Kumamoto castle was still damaged during my visit, and it revealed […]

Yufuin Travel Guide

Located approximately 10 km from Beppu, Oita (another famous onsen destination), Yufuin is a lovely onsen resort that you can easily spend a day discovering. In this comprehensive Yufuin Travel Guide, you can find tips on Yufuin transportation, places to go in Yufuin, best things to do in Yufuin, what to eat in Yufuin Japan […]

Is Japan expensive to visit? Many people think that it’s impossible to travel to Japan on a budget, but in fact, the cost of traveling in Japan is quite similar to the one in Europe, or even cheaper! Of course, you cannot compare the price in Japan to the amount of money that you pay […]

living in japan

Tokyo, the capital and the heart of Japan, is ranked as the 11th most expensive city for expatriates. Is Tokyo a good place to live as an expat? What it’s like to live in Tokyo? In this Expat Interview, Lena, an expat who is living in Tokyo, will let you know more about Tokyo life […]

Welcome to Expat Interview Series! In each week, you will get to know what it’s like to live in a city as an expat. The purpose of this series is to help YOU, yes YOU, to understand the city from an expat’s viewpoint. Therefore, you can make better decisions before moving to a new place. […]