Best Time To Visit Halong Bay Vietnam

With beautiful landscapes, Halong Bay is considered one of the most famous places to visit in Vietnam.

When is the best time to visit Halong Bay?

In this article, I share tips for the best travel time to Halong Bay, including a weather overview, the peak seasons in Halong, and how to travel to this wonder of nature.

best time to visit Halong Bay Vietnam

The weather in Ha Long

As Halong Bay is located in the North of Vietnam, the climate is characterized by four seasons.

The rainy season in the North usually occurs during the summer season, from June to August. The weather is gradually cooler from September to November, and it gets cold from December.

Because the weather changes yearly, you should check the weather forecast one week in advance before planning your trip to Halong Bay accordingly.

As each season has its beauty, summer visitors will be delighted to swim on the bay, while in winter, travelers will be able to enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of Ha Long with kayaking or outdoor activities.

best things to do in Halong Bay cruise

The peak seasons in Halong Bay

The peak season in Halong Bay for domestic tourists

The summer season (June to August) is the most popular time for Vietnamese tourists to travel to Halong Bay.

The temperature reaches the highest in the year, with an average of about 30 degrees Celsius and high humidity.

Therefore, many local tourists try to find a way to escape the sun by enjoying their vacation on the East coast in general and Halong Bay in particular.

In the summer, you can explore the limestone caves or enjoy the beauty of the Ha Long from the seaplane.

However, due to the storms and tropical depressions, kayaking or outdoor activities are affected by heavy rains and strong wind, making the sea surface extremely dangerous, so your tour may get canceled.

Halong Bay Vietnam scenery

The peak season in Halong Bay for foreign tourists

December and January have a pleasant climate, with an average temperature falling around 15 to 21 degrees Celsius in Northern Vietnam.

Although it’s no longer a peak season for Vietnamese tourists, however, for international visitors, this is the most popular travel time because many people are on winter vacation.

Therefore, tour and accommodation costs are generally higher, and the services fees increase. As a result, it will be challenging to plan a suitable journey at a reasonable price.

The best time to visit Halong Bay Vietnam

Although there are many reasons why summer and winter are ideal for most visitors, the best season to visit Ha Long Bay is spring and autumn.

To avoid the crowd and have an affordable trip to Halong, the best travel time to Halong Bay is from March to May or from September to October.

These months are great to travel Ha Long with a reasonable price and unique opportunities.

The weather is usually quite pleasant and dry with fewer typhoons, so you will minimize the risk of extreme weather conditions, making it ideal for enjoying the best of Ha Long Bay.

Moreover, travel expenses for domestic and foreign tourists will be lower because this is the period between the two highest tourist seasons in the year.

Also, it’s an ideal travel time with a lower number of tourists if you would like to avoid the crowd.

Best time to visit Halong Bay Vietnam

Spring in Halong Bay

There will be periods of warm weather like summer in early spring, but it’s still a bit cold like the wintertime.

Also, you can attend some festivals and take a closer look at Vietnamese culture and customs.

Autumn in Halong Bay

The autumn in Halong Bay is lovely, with beautiful sunshine, clear sky, and cool weather (not too cold so you can still swim).

How to travel to Halong Bay?

You can easily travel from Hanoi to Halong Bay by taking a bus, train, or flight. Please read Hanoi to Halong Bay Transportation Guide for more information.

The long day cruise usually starts in the early morning, so you will need to arrive at Ha Long the day before if you’d like to join it.

A better option to visit Halong Bay is taking a Halong cruise trip from Hanoi. The cruise tour includes hotel transfers, meals, and all admission fees with a relaxing time.

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