When I first arrived in Iceland, I was so amazed by how beautiful Iceland is! Iceland is an incredible country with various things to discover. In this article, I would love to share 10 things that I did for the first time in this country. I hope you can find some inspirations […]

10 Amazing things I did for the first time in ...

Many of my friends asked me how I could be able to afford my travel, especially when I mostly commuted by airplanes. Believe or not, I once got on the plane 18 times in one month. Am I rich? Nope! Most people think that it’s cheaper to travel by buses or trains, etc., […]

How to find cheap flights? – Best websites to use!

Whenever I ask my international friends about which Vietnamese food that they’ve had, they answer firstly “Pho”. Phở or Pho presents as the most well-known Vietnamese traditional food around the world. I love eating Pho and I’ve been trying it in many countries when I travel. Do you want to see how Pho is […]

Vietnamese Pho in different countries around the world

I decided to write this post when one of my friend asked me “What surprised you most when you first came here?” As a Vietnamese girl who lived in Japan, Denmark is a whole new world for me. Denmark was the first European country that I visited. Let’s take a […]

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A visit to “Milk bars” is a compulsory activity if you have a chance to set your foot in Poland. Milk bars, or bar mleczny, were opened during Communist era to provide cheap but nourishing food. Milk bars were initially created to provide all people with cheap meals which were subsidized by the state. Now, milk bars have become one […]

Milk Bars: A cultural experience in Poland

I had a great opportunity to visit Poland in February 2017. To me, Poland is a mysterious country because not many of my friends have visited there, so I was really curious about this country. Therefore, I took a trip to Gdańsk, Sopot, Warsaw, Kraków and Zakopane, and I was […]

10 Reasons to love Poland

Seville is the capital of southern Spain’s Andalusia region. Not only famous for flamenco dancing, particularly in its Triana neighborhood, Seville is also famous for beautiful places. In this article, I will show you around with the top 8 places in Seville that you cannot miss!   1. Plaza de España, […]

Top 8 places in Seville, Spain that you cannot miss

Have you ever thought about doing volunteer to travel? Do you want to hear about the experience of a volunteer for SLUSH? You can find all the answer in this article 🙂   A little about SLUSH Slush is a student-driven, non-profit movement originally founded to change attitudes toward entrepreneurship. […]

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