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Eat like an Icelander: 9 Icelandic food to try

One of my favorite activities while traveling is to try as many local dishes as possible. People in different countries take different nutrients from various type of food, so eating is a way to understand the culture and living styles, and it’s also yummy, right? I visited Iceland not long ago and tried lots of Icelandic food.

Let’s see what I discovered!



Skyr is a very special Icelandic dairy. I first knew about it when I was on my way to Iceland, and read it in a WOW air’s magazine (Note: WOW air provides cheapest flights to Iceland, read more at: How to find cheap flights?)

Skyr tastes like yogurt but it is not yogurt because it goes through a process more likely to make cheese. However, it’s not cheese either. I asked my Icelandic friends about the definition and they answered: “Skyr is skyr”.

Skyr – a healthy product from Iceland

Skyr is very healthy because it’s virtually fat-free, and contains high protein. There are many flavors as well, from plain, strawberry, to blueberry, etc. It is often served with milk, but trying it alone is also tasty in my opinion. Skyr is popular in Nordic countries, so you can buy one in Danish supermarkets as well. You can read more about Skyr here.


2. Dried fish – Harðfiskur

Dried fish is popular as an Icelandic snack. You can find dried fish everywhere in the supermarkets, or grocery stores, or fish markets.

Trying Icelandic dried fish, you can feel the freshness of the sea, and enjoy the tastiness from different types of fish. Not only rich omega-3, dried fish products have lot vitamins and protein. Therefore, it’s a very popular souvenir because of its healthiness, lightweight and long-shelf-life.

This is at the flea market – Kolaportid. Credit: Ásta Karen Ólafs

Do you want to try it? – Credit: Ásta Karen Ólafs

3. Icelandic meat soup – Kjötsúpa

Having a hot bowl of soup when it’s cold outside is the best, isn’t it? Meat soup is one of the traditional dishes of Iceland, and every restaurant offers this meal. With the tasty flavor from the broth made of the root veggies – potatoes, carrots, rutabagas, and lamb, Kjötsúpa comforts me during my Iceland trip.

4. Smoked lamb – Hangikjöt

Don’t forget to try smoked lamb when you visit Iceland. Although smoked lamb is a traditional Icelandic dish which is usually severed on Christmas day, you can still find it in many restaurants.

5. Flatbread – Flatkökur

Yet another food to try in this list is flatbread, which is made of the mixture of rye flour and whole wheat flour. It is usually served with some butter and a slice of smoked lamb. This combination is amazing and delicious! You can also try it with smoked salmon as well. I bought some packs of flatbread as souvenirs and only cost me around 100 Króna each.

A nice Icelandic meal with smoked lamb on flatbread and meat soup.

I had this meal at Loki café, a nice restaurant served Icelandic traditional food with a beautiful view. The decoration was very special and the service was good too! Therefore, I totally recommend this place!

It is located opposite the cathedral

A nice view from the café

Stunning decoration at Loki café

6. Icelandic hot dog

There is a very famous hot dog chain in the heart of Iceland, Reykjavik named Bæjarins Beztu Pylsur, which means “The best in town”. It has operated since 1937, and famous for its lamb sausages. Many famous people have visited this stand, including Bill Clinton (2004). It is selected as the best hot dog stand in Europe as well.

7. Icelandic bakery (Kleina)

You should try Icelandic bakery as breakfast while staying in Iceland. It’s common to get some bread and drink cocoa milk for breakfast here.

A delicious breakfast!

8. Liquorice candy

Liquorice candy is so popular in Nordic countries, and Iceland is not an exception. There are various candy stores in Reykjavik, Iceland with different flavors. I think the taste is quite weird, but many people love it, so try it!

There are so many flavors to choose!

9. Shark meat

When I was walking around the flea market, one seller offered me to try shark meat. I was curious so I tried a small bite. Shark meat was salty, and the taste stayed long inside my throat. Although I don’t support or encourage eating shark, trying it was one way to understand more about Icelandic food and culture.

This is also at Kolaportid, Reykjavik – Credit: Ásta Karen Ólafs

Do you dare to try? – Credit: Ásta Karen Ólafs

Do you want to try any of these? Let me know your ideas in the comment!

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10 Amazing things I did for the first time in Iceland

When I first arrived in Iceland, I was so amazed by how beautiful Iceland is! Iceland is an incredible country with various things to discover. In this article, I would love to share 10 things that I did for the first time in this country. I hope you can find some inspirations to explore Iceland.


1. Take the road trip

With the famous Ring Road, Iceland is a popular place to do a road trip. It was my first time to rent a car and go around a country. I was traveling along the ring road from Keflavík to Southern Iceland. It was totally awesome to see how beautiful nature is, and to see the changes in the landscape along the road.


2. Hitchhike

Because Iceland is the safest country to do hitchhiking, I gave myself a try. It was very easy and simple. You just need to stand at one side, shake your hand and show a thump up. It took me less than 5 minutes to get a car there, and the experience was very nice! At first, I thought that it’s not safe to hitchhike, but Iceland’s drivers proved to me the opposite! They are very friendly and helpful. So give yourself a try if you go there.


3. Hike

Although I had visited many countries before, I didn’t do hiking. In my Iceland trip, I climb up the hills and mountains. Following the long steps, I saw many magnificent views that I couldn’t ever forget. It was totally worth the effort!


4. See the abandoned plane wreck

The feeling of seeing a plane wreck is unexplainable. After a long walk (around 3km) from the parking lot, I finally found an abandoned plane crash. It was so cool to walk inside, to see the effect of the crash and the time on the plane.


5. Live in the car

I literally lived in the car for 3 days. I ate in the car, drank in the car, slept in the car. It was so so cold to sleep in the car, especially because I didn’t bring a sleeping bag. I couldn’t sleep much because of the cold. However, it was a life experience when I could just drive everywhere I wanted and stopped at wherever I found beautiful. 


6. Explore the Glacier and Iceberg in Iceland

I felt like I visited Antarctic when I saw the Iceberg and the Glacier. It was so amazing! You can even hear the sound of when the Iceberg was fallen as well.


7. Visit a volcano

Seeing a volcano was on my bucket list for a long time, and I did it when I visited Iceland! The volcano was just so huge!!! 


8. Visit black sand beaches

I hadn’t known about black sand beaches until I did some research about Iceland. Because of the volcanic nature, the sand is black there. So amazing, isn’t it?


9. Observe midnight sun

It was so bright until midnight when I was there in May! The sun didn’t seem to come down. I heard that the night was even brighter from June to August. It was quite difficult for me to sleep because of the midnight sun.


10. Look through the waterfall

There’s a very special waterfall in Iceland, where you can go behind the waterfall, and look the view outside through the powerful waterfall! The view was so stunning when I got there. I watched the sunset from behind the waterfall, and it’s just beautiful as it’s like in the movie.

Do you like this article?

What amazing things that you did during your trip? You can share with me in the comment!


How to find cheap flights? – Best websites to use!

Many of my friends asked me how I could be able to afford my travel, especially when I mostly commuted by airplanes. Believe or not, I once got on the plane 18 times in one month. Am I rich? Nope! Most people think that it’s cheaper to travel by buses or trains, etc., but if you know how to find cheap flights, you can save a lot of money as well! In this post, I will introduce my favorite websites to find cheap flights!

1. Skyscanner

I guess many of you have heard about this site, right? It’s my favorite when finding flights. I like the feature that you can just select the whole month to find the best time with comparing all the choices. You can also just choose “Anywhere” as a surprising travel option.

However, the website doesn’t show all the cheap airlines, and sometimes the combination is a bit pricey. Therefore, I will just use it as one of the references when searching for flights.

Be careful when you book multiple flights through this website. Sometimes it says that you will take a responsibility to transfer on your own, so you have to make sure to pick up all the luggage by yourself, and prepare a visa if needed. I once booked multiple flights without knowing that I need a visa to transfer because my booking was with 2 different airlines. As a result, I lost my bookings and all the money :/


2. Goeuro

This website is very useful because you can find all kinds of transportation, including buses, trains, flights or even Blabla cars. It evaluates the Smartest options, the Cheapest options and also the Fastest options. You can also see the time needed for commuting as well.


3. Bravofly

I just discovered this website recently and used it as one of the options to find flights. You can also find hotels, cars or combination between flights and hotels here. Pretty convenient, right?


4. Kayak

This is one of the websites that I used to compare the price as well. The website is user-friendly and well-designed. If you sign up for an account, you may be able to find good private deals with up to 35% saving.

35% saving if you sign up!!!

5. Fly4free

This website provides various good deals with a good combination of flights and accommodation. You can read more about the description of each trip on their website, and book the trips with the links. If you are lazy to plan your trip or look for some travel inspiration, Fly4free will be your favorite website.


6. Momondo

Momondo is one of the best flight comparison prices. It provides cheap options for flights, hotels, car rental. You can find some trip inspiration there as well. I love the Trip Finder option. You can enter your budget, choose your favorite destinations or just randomly anywhere. You can also choose which type of places you would love to go such as cities, beaches, nature or skiing, etc.


7. Rome2rio

This website is amazing! You can find all the unusual paths through this one. The site lists all the options by plane, bus, train, ferry and automobile, along with the price and the time needed for transportation.

For example, in this search, I try to find a way from Copenhagen to Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany.

Options from Copenhagen to Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany

If you fly inside Europe

Sometimes I found cheap flights by checking directly in airplanes’ websites since some good deal do not show up in general comparison website. These are some budget airlines you would love to know! Most of them are only available in Europe.


1. Ryanair

Ryanair is my top website to find cheap flights. You can save lots of money with this airline. I have used it several times and these are my reviews.

Good points:

  • Incredibly cheap! You can find good deals starting from 5 Euro!
  • User-friendly website
  • You can bring a carry-on suitcase with a bag on board.


Bad points:

  • Hassle at the check-in if you don’t hold a good passport. If you travel around Europe, and you’re not EU resident, you will have to do a passport checkup at the check-in luggage point.
  • The seat is very tiny and not that comfortable. If you’re tall, you feel it very uncomfortable during the flights. However, I think it’s acceptable if you’re looking for a cheap option to go from places to places in a short period of time.
  • Expensive charge if you bring extra luggage. Therefore check out the allowance rules carefully before you fly.
  • Commercial, commercial and commercial. They play lots of commercials on the airplane and it’s quite annoying. It’s quite understandable that Ryanair tries to have more income from selling stuff on the plane.


2. Norwegian

I love using Norwegian service because it’s really good. You can have free wi-fi access on board. There is no hassle in check in part.

Sometimes the price is a bit pricey, but if you are under 26, you can use the promotion code: UNDER 26, and you can see lots of deduction from the normal price! It can be even up to 50% off!


3. Wizz Air

Wizz Air provides cheap flights as well, even cheaper than other competitors. However, it’s quite inconvenient if you have more than one piece of luggage. You will need to pay an extra fee if you bring more than “One piece of cabin baggage”. Read more here.


4. easyJet

I flew with this airline few times and nothing much to complain, except it was late with the boarding time. EasyJet is also one of the cheap options for flights, and the seat is quite small as well.


5. SAS

Some people will say SAS is quite expensive to fly, but it’s cheap if you book ” Young flights” for those who are under 26 years old. Also, the price of SAS is a bit similar with Norwegian. You can get free coffee or tea on the plane, and the service is very nice!

Finding cheap flights will take time, but it’s worth your effort. I hope you can find good deals based on the list of websites above. Did I miss any good websites? You can share in the comment so I can update the list!

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How was your experience with booking through those websites? You are more than welcome to discuss with me in the comment 🙂

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Vietnamese Pho in different countries around the world

Whenever I ask my international friends about which Vietnamese food that they’ve had, they answer firstly “Pho”. Phở or Pho presents as the most well-known Vietnamese traditional food around the world. I love eating Pho and I’ve been trying it in many countries when I travel. Do you want to see how Pho is served in different countries? With help from my friends and from my own experience, I present you pictures and reviews about this delicious cuisine around the world 🙂


1. Copenhagen, Denmark

I visited this restaurant not long ago and WOW, they served one of the best Pho I’ve ever had in my life. The broth, the rice noodle, the meat and herb, all created the perfect taste of this dish. At some point, I thought that I was back to my home country, surrounded by my family members, and together enjoyed Pho.

One bowl of Pho cost me 99kr ~ $14.5

I was not surprised when I knew that this restaurant was run by Vietnamese family because the taste was so similar. The restaurant is also on the top when you search about “Where to eat Pho in Copenhagen”

Name of the restaurant: Pho Ha Noi

Address: Vester Farimagsgade 6, 1606 København V

Website: http://www.phohanoi.dk

Open time:

  • Monday – Saturday: 12 – 11 pm
  • Sunday: 3 – 11 pm

Note: When I got there, they asked me if I had reserved the table, I didn’t do that but I still had a seat. Maybe I was lucky. However, to be sure, you can reserve by calling them: (+45) 33 91 18 19


2. Tokyo, Japan

In the summer of 2016, I was wandering around Tokyo with my 7-kg-backpack and a super hungry stomach. Even though I already ate tons of sushi and Japanese food, I was still hungry.

After passing by many restaurants, I stopped by a lovely Vietnamese restaurant named Vietnam Garden. I tried their Pho and it was delicious. At that time, there were lots of Japanese and foreigners at the restaurant, but the staffs were really nice and served professionally. I love the design of the restaurant as well.

Pho cost me 800 Yen ~ $7.2

Plus point: The restaurant provided free wi-fi and air-conditioner. I felt like melting already after walking around in the sunny day of June.

Name of the restaurant: Vietnam Garden

Address: Japan, 〒151-0051 Tokyo, 渋谷区Sendagaya, 5 Chome−24−3, NTTドコモアネックスⅠ

Phone: +81 3-3341-9889

Open time: Daily 11:30 am – 3pm, 5 – 10:30 pm


3. Paris, France

a) Pho Bida Viet Nam

Because Paris has one of the biggest community of Vietnamese living abroad, I thought it would be nice to try Pho here. I just randomly picked one restaurant to try, and I was happy with my choice.

The portion came big with the decent price. Pho was delicious with yummy broth and fresh vegetable.

The big size cost 9 Euro ~ $9.8

Bad point: The size of the restaurant is pretty small, so it took long time to wait even I just came alone and it was not a peak time. While waiting, I talked to some French people, and they said the restaurant was their favorite. Also, because this place was really crowded, the service was not that good.

Good point: They have home delivery! The price is cheap compared to other Parisian food.

Address: 36-38 Rue nationale, 75013 Paris, France

Phone: +33 1 53 79 01 61


b) Song Heng – By Amanda

Check out and follow Amanda’s Instagram @wellfedtraveller

” I walked two hours for Pho. It’s so hard to find good Vietnamese food in Europe. The tiniest with lines winding around the block and they only had 2 dishes on the menu – Pho and Bun Bo. So worth the walk.” – This is what she shared with me about this place. It’s worth a try, isn’t it?



4. Utrecht, Netherlands

I was wandering around Utrecht at the evening of one November day and found this restaurant by chance. I actually came here first because of the bubble milk tea, but finally decided to try other Vietnamese food as well.

The restaurant is quite small, more suitable for takeaway. I don’t remember the price though, but it was affordable compared to an expensive country like Netherlands. Pho was very tasty and enough to make you feel full.

Read more about Vietnam here

5. London, England – By Amanda

Check out and follow Amanda’s Instagram @wellfedtraveller

Amanda is an Australian/Vietnamese. She was born in Sydney and now living in London for 2 years. To her, Mien Tay in London is the best one. She has been to all the other popular ones in London but Mien Tay is most authentic.


6. Ha Noi, Vietnam – By Romix (向旭)

“What do you think about this one?”, I asked.

“Marvelous!I had this for breakfast after a long journey, after that I felt refreshed! The chicken soup is clear, transparent but definitely tasty, and the chicken is well cooked also kept its original taste. And I can actually saw the whole process of making it, looks so simple but I guess it’s difficult. First of all, it’s made of love  “, she answered. 


7. Prague, Czech Republic – By Sarah Reichenbach

Sapa, not in Northern rice fields but one of the outskirts of Prague: one of the biggest authentic Vietnamese markets outside of Vietnam. The broth of the Pho is clear, the meat tender, the noodles fresh and the soup is served with tons of herbs! I will go out on a limb here and say it was as good as the ones we had in Vietnam!


8. Bratislava, Slovakia – By Martina Bušovská

It is from Bratislava, Slovakia. At Vietnamese bistro/restaurant near my university. They have few variations but this one is my fave. I am eating it often when I want something comforting and not heavy for my stomach. I have never eaten Pho anywhere else though, so I can’t compare but this is very good.



9. Montreal, Canada – By Chieh-Yi Chou

I had this on the trip to Canada. The restaurant is in China Town in Montreal. Interestingly there are many pho restaurants in “China” Town. In North America, I have been seeing people having Pho with Sriracha, which I seldom do.


10. Jakarta, Indonesia – By Krishna Sadhana

We have an entire franchise of Pho restaurants in my country. There’s even one near my apartment in Jakarta. Unfortunately, I didn’t eat there…since my parents would go “You’ve come all the way back to Jakarta just to eat Pho?”, but I will do it next time!

 Pho looks quite different around the world, isn’t it?

Do you love this article?

How is Pho like in your country, or somewhere in the world that you’ve tried? Where did you have the best Pho?

Feel free to comment below 🙂

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Top 10 most surprising things about Denmark that you should know

I decided to write this post when one of my friend asked me “What surprised you most when you first came here?” As a Vietnamese girl who lived in Japan, Denmark is a whole new world for me. Denmark was the first European country that I visited. Let’s take a look at 10 most surprising things about Denmark in this post. It’s not only useful for those who want know more about this lovely country, but it’s also a good preparation if you have a chance to visit Denmark.


1.Toilet for both genders

If you are in Denmark, you can see a lot of toilets for both genders. Do not get shocked if a guy or girl just comes to the same toilet with you!

I was so surprised at the first time and thought that I came to a wrong toilet. I still remember the feeling when I heard some guys’ voice outside when I was in the toilet, and I was like “No way! How did I go to a wrong one?”, and hesitated to come out 😳.

I was really shy and embarrassed, so I actually stayed inside the toilet for a while, waited for them to go out but they were still there (Probably because they still had to go toilets 😂). Then I finally came outside, and that I knew that some toilets in Copenhagen are for both genders.


2. Hygge

“What is the most special thing about Denmark that you will show a foreigner?”, I asked my Danish friend.

“Hygge”, he answered.

I heard that hygge is one way that helps the Danes survive from the cold winter, and I think it may be true!

So what is Hygge? Hygge is a very special activity in Denmark. It can be defined as having good time with good people. If you walk around Copenhagen in the evening, you can see lots of people sitting together, having a cup of coffee or having a meal, with a small candle in between. As I heard,  too many candles for hygge caused health problems in Denmark 🙁 

Also, I was shocked when I heard that  it was common for Danes to leave their babies to nap in a stroller outside when moms “hygge” inside. OMG! How is it possible 😳? How can they leave the babies outside, even when it’s really cold and windy 😳?

I once asked my Danish friend about it, and he said “It’s really safe to do that, because they calculate the wind direction, and the baby will cry if bad things happens. Also, no one kidnaps children here. It costs a lot to raise a child”. It’s totally different from other countries that I’ve been to.


3. VAT

Denmark is one of the countries has highest tax in the world. The standard VAT in Denmark, or called as Danish VAT “MOMS” is 25%. Therefore, everything in Denmark is expensive compared to other countries. In my first day in Copenhagen, I was shocked when buying a small bottle of Coca Cola with 20 kr. It is more expensive if you buy it in Seven Eleven or Fotex, compared to Netto and Fakta.


4. Super windy

I think the thing that I hate most in Denmark is the weather :/ It is way too windy. Sometimes I cannot even ride my bicycle because of the strong wind.


5. Flat country

Denmark is a flat country. As I read, its average height is above the sea of 31 metres. The article also said that the highest natural point is Møllehøj, at 170.86 metres. You cannot see any mountain in Denmark, only small hills. So, it is the best place for cycling, isn’t it?


6. Bicycles, bicycles and bicycles

Because of the geography, Denmark is a perfect place for cycling. If you come to Copenhagen, you can see people bike everywhere. Danes love biking in every type of weather, even it’s rainy, windy or snowy. In Copenhagen, there are lines for bicycle only, and also traffic lights for bicycle. Bicycle thefts are very common in Copenhagen as well. So watch out!

Copenhagen after a rain

7. Drinking culture

It’s very normal to see people walking with a beer or many beers on the street in Denmark. You can see people drinking on the street, public transportation, and public places. It is legal to buy alcohol everywhere too. There are many drunk people in the weekend in Copenhagen.

You can read about Danish drinking culture at Julefrokost here


8. Smoking

Another surprise thing to me is that many Danes smoke. You can see a lot of people smoking in the parties, bars and clubs. They will go out for some times and then come back inside. I was once the only one left inside the house because other people were smoking outside.


9. Apartments in the inner city

a) Same floors

The apartments inner the city of Copenhagen have same number of floors which are 3 or 4. The designs are also a bit similar as well. It seems to me that those apartments just have different colors, and different window styles. I was lost at first days when I just came, because I couldn’t find my way within similar apartments.

b) No curtain

I was surprised to know that some apartments do not have curtains on the windows :o! “How can they keep privacy then?” – I still wonder this until now… luckily my place has curtains already 😀

c) Only stairs

Also, most of the apartments only have stairs. 2 places that I lived, none of them has elevator. I visit some of my friends’ houses and there are only stairs too. However, it’s a good chance to practice and improve your health, isn’t it?


10. Health care system

You can get an assigned doctor when you have a CPR number in Denmark. When you change your place, you have a choice to choose your own doctor. Also, health check up is free. Feeling unwell? Just call your doctor and book an appointment. Unfortunately, the medicine price is pretty expensive, and the health care system does not cover your dental cost.



So these are top 10 surprising things about Denmark to me. How about you? What are the most surprising but interesting things about this lovely country to you?

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Milk Bars: A cultural experience in Poland

A visit to “Milk bars” is a compulsory activity if you have a chance to set your foot in Poland. Milk bars, or bar mleczny, were opened during Communist era to provide cheap but nourishing food. Milk bars were initially created to provide all people with cheap meals which were subsidized by the state. Now, milk bars have become one of the cultural experiences to any visitors in Poland. Eating at milk bars, you can enjoy a taste of Communist-era Polish cookery, and experience the warm feeling with the cafeteria style. In this article, I will introduce 2 famous milk bars in Warsaw and Kraków that I visited during my trip.

Note: I have no affiliation to these place, just my reviews after eating here 🙂


1.Prasowy in Warsaw

Arrived at Warsaw Chopin Airport in the early morning of February, I was welcomed with a heavy rain. I decided to start my journey in the capital of Poland by stopping at a milk bar because it was so rainy outside. After checking carefully on the Internet, I decided to pay a visit to Prasowy.

Prasowy was one of the top milk bars appeared in my search, along with lots of good reviews. It was also near my hostel, and easy to reach by bus from the airport, along with a short walk. The location was really good in my perspective. Also, there is a park next to it, you can just come by after eating.

Before entering the milk bar, I tried to learn some basic Polish words such as saying “Yes” and how to point at the food. However, the waitress could understand English so it was easy to order food.


Design and atmosphere

I found the restaurant very cute and friendly itself. It has some cool words and decoration on the wall. Entering the door, I found some pink tables on the right, and blue chairs with white table on the left. The place was clean with cafeteria style, and of course with the irresistible food aroma.


The menu is in Polish, but you can ask the waitress to help you to translate. There is an A4 paper menu, also wall-menu as well. Prasowy serves a breakfast menu with scramble eggs and bun. However, I chose to try a meat dish with rice and vegetable instead.



After paying at the cashier, I received a receipt and waited at the middle of the restaurant to receive my food. The portion came bigger than I expected for the cheap price (17 zolty for all). It also tasted delicious and gave me “home-made” feeling.


Although feeling full already after the main dish, I wanted to try the dessert and drink there because they were incredibly cheap! I just simply came to the cashier, pointed at the dessert because I did not know the name. And yes, here they are!



With good location and cheap but delicious food, Prasowy should be in your check list during your visit in Warsaw.



Address: Marszałkowska 10/16, 00-590 Warszawa, Poland

Open time: 9am – 8pm


2. Milkbar Tomasza in Kraków

As a budget traveler, I think it’s the best way to experience the culture and enjoy good but cheap food is to eat at milk bars. Milkbar Tomasza was on my list after reading good review and also the location. It is located inside Old Town, so you can just stop by if you are around there.

Design and atmosphere

Milkbar Tomasza has a modern design, with a compact size of a small restaurant. I feel that it’s newer and more modern compared to Prasowy Milk bar in Warsaw.



Milkbar Tomasza has English menu, and the staffs can speak English fluently, so there will be no problem in choosing and ordering the food. I chose the dish of the day in the menu because it seems more economic than choosing separately.



Different from Prasowy, in Milkbar Tomasza you will be served at the table after ordering food. The food came with good portion, and delicious as well. I received my soup first and then the main dish. I was really full after having those dishes.


Modern style restaurant, good location, affordable and delicious food, Milkbar Tomasza is a perfect choice to get a good meal in Kraków. I visited there in the evening, but I heard that it served excellent breakfast menu as well. So let’s give it a try!



Address: Świętego Tomasza 24, 33-332 Kraków, Poland.

Open time: 8am – 8pm daily except Monday



Eating at milk bars, I could enjoy the cultural experience by eating like locals and exploring dishes from Communist era time. Although the dishes are mainly simple, they are delicious and worth trying. Prasowy has different style compared to Milkbar Tomasza. In Prasowy, I could feel the “old-time” and cafeteria way by self-service, while Milkbar Tomasza brings me more modern style and well-advanced. Each place has different atmospheres as well as different dishes, so pay a visit to each will fulfill your trip to Poland.

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10 Reasons to love Poland

I had a great opportunity to visit Poland in February 2017. To me, Poland is a mysterious country because not many of my friends have visited there, so I was really curious about this country. Therefore, I took a trip to Gdańsk, Sopot, Warsaw, Kraków and Zakopane, and I was totally amazed by this beautiful country. These are 10 reasons why I fell in love with Poland.


  1. Delicious food

Polish cuisine is amazing! I totally love every dish that I had in Poland.

There are many meat dishes there, especially pork, chicken and beef (depending on the region), winter vegetables (cabbage in the dish bigos), and herbs. Potatoes also play an important role in the meal. If you go to Zakopane, Poland, you should definitely try the traditional Polish smoked cheese, Oscypek. Pierogi is also my favorite dish.



2. Party Kingdom

You can buy cheap beers and shots with just 4 złoty ~ 1 Euro. The price for a cocktail is more expensive, but it is still affordable. Some clubs will charge money to get in, but there are plenty of free-entrance clubs to go.

If you love drinking and partying, you cannot miss Poland!


3. Beautiful country

Before visiting Poland, I did not have any expectation.  However, I was totally surprised and amazed by how beautiful this country is!

In Poland, you can find any kind of landscape. There are nice coasts, hills, mountains, land of thousand lakes, and Błędów Desert. Therefore, you can do everything here! Love hiking or skiing? You can go to Zakopane to visit the Tatra Mountains. Love swimming? Gdańsk is for you with nice resorts and beaches. The countryside is also really beautiful! You can take a train and observe the beauty all the way.


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4. Affordable price

Are you traveling on a budget? Poland is definitely a place for you. As I mentioned above, drinks are much cheaper than another part of Europe. Not only drinking, you can also save some money by eating at Milk Bar. Food in Milk Bar will
cost you less than 20 złoty ~ 5 Euro, with interesting choices.


Also, you can find cheap but excellent accommodation which is newly built. I stayed at Bubble Hostel when I was in Kraków. It’s a lovely accommodation with cheap price. Just 5 minutes walking from the train station, you can get to Bubble Hostel which located in Kraków Old Town. They have a pretty cute kitchen where you can make your own food. Bubble Hostel also provides free breakfast, especially you can drink free tea and coffee all the time without any cost. I totally recommend you to stay there.

You can book directly from Booking.com with the link to the accommodation Bubble Hostel here, and read more reviews of the guests from here



5. Friendly people

Polish people are so friendly. I was hosted by 2 girls when I visited Gdańsk, and they were super friendly and nice. You can always ask people if you get lost or don’t know where to go. Polish people are so easy to talk to, and yes, to party too 😉


6. Breathtaking architecture

If you visit Kraków or Warsaw, you can see that many constructions are conducted. For example, you should visit the Wawel Castle in Krakow or the reconstructed Old Town in Warsaw. The architecture in Poland is truly beautiful, and I’m totally in love with it.


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7. Shopping

Are you a big fan of shopping? – There are various shops and malls for you. There are many shopping districts with discounts and beautiful clothes. You can find all the famous brands in Poland. There are also local brands and local shop where you can find many interesting things. I had a nice time going shopping there!


8. Entertainment

If you are looking for a place for relaxing and chilling, you can find many spas and resorts in Poland. I haven’t tried any kind of spas there, but would love to check it out!


9. Rich history

If you are interested in learning about World War, you can visit Poland and feel the sympathy for the losses that Poland suffered. There are many museums such as Warsaw Uprising Museum, or Auschwitz concentration camp. In these place, you can see everything by your eyes, feel and understand more about the history.


10. Convenient transportation

I love the transportation in Poland. You can travel by bus, train, tram around with affordable tickets, which range around 3 złoty to 5 złoty. Also, you can take transportation 24 hours. There are night buses, so it’s very convenient if you go out late and need to go back your accommodation.

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Top 8 places in Seville, Spain that you cannot miss

Seville is the capital of southern Spain’s Andalusia region. Not only famous for flamenco dancing, particularly in its Triana neighborhood, Seville is also famous for beautiful places. In this article, I will show you around with the top 8 places in Seville that you cannot miss!  

1. Plaza de España, Seville

This is one of the most stunning places that I’ve ever been to. This place was rated as the best plaza in Spain, and I totally agree with that. I was completely speechless when I observed its beauty. Built in 1928, Plaza de España is a plaza in the Parque de María Luisa. You can observe a huge half-circle with buildings continually running around the edge with numerous tiled bridges representing the four ancient kingdoms of Spain. The center of Plaza de España is the Vicente Traver fountain. There is the tiled Provincial Alcoves presenting different provinces of Spain along the walls of the Plaza de España


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I spent half a day there, just to explore the plaza and enjoy its beauty. The plaza is very photogenic, so if you are a big fan of photography, this place is totally for you! Also, you can rent a horse carriage to travel around the square and surrounding areas. There are small horses for kids as well. Furthermore, the park alongside and buildings around it are also worth a visit. This building was used as a location in the Star Wars movie series. Therefore, if you are a fan of Star Wars, this will be an additional reason to visit this wonderful place.


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2. Puente de Isabel II (Puente de Triana)

Near Plaza de España is Puente de Isabel II. This is one of the historic bridges of Seville. I walked along the river in the evening and it was a peaceful experience. You can have a good view from the bridge, with a lot of restaurants along the river. Crossing the bridge on your right is the Triana Market, which is a colorful market and also a house of the best flamenco show of all Seville at Casala Teatro.  

3. Seville Cathedral

Although I’ve been to many Cathedral, Seville Cathedral still stands out! It’s really impressive with the decoration from both outside and inside. You can have a sit on the steps in front of the Cathedral, or you can line up and buy a ticket to go inside and enjoy religious artworks. You should not miss the tomb of Christopher Columbus and climb Giralda and the crocodile.


4. Alcázar of Seville

As I am a big fan of Game of Thrones, I could not miss this place! Along with Plaza de España, Alcázar is my favorite place in Seville. It is so amazing with all the decoration of the ceiling and the artworks in palace rooms. 


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  I love walking along the garden with all the fountains, and orange and lemon trees, and reaching through the Garden to The Baths of Maria de Padilla.


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Alcázar has a rich history to explore and discover as a tourist. I recommend to visit in the afternoon, as there are fewer people, and the line is not that long in case you have not bought the ticket. The ticket costs 9.5 Euro normally and 3 Euro if you are a student (have to show your student card) Timetable

  • From October to March:   From Monday to Sunday, 09:30 to 17:00.
  • From April to September: From Monday to Sunday, 09:30 to 19:00.
  • Closed on the 1st and 6th of January, Good Friday and the 25th of December.

You can check here to purchase the ticket in advance.  

5. Metropol Parasol

Located at Plaza de Mayo, Metropol Parasol stands out from the rest of the city with monstrous modern sculptures. The ticket to the top costs 3 Euro, but it includes one free drink and a postcard. Thus, this place is worth a visit to relax and enjoy a beautiful city view while sipping your beverage of choice. Also, my favorite restaurant is just located beneath the structure.  

6. Centro Historico de Sevilla

I find it is very enjoyable to wander around and discover every corner with beautiful shops, churches, tapas restaurants, and bars. The area has different architectural styles, and lots of narrow streets to get lost in. Just turn off your phone, throw away the map and wander aimlessly to get the most out of your experience in this gem of the city.  

7. Museo del Baile Flamenco

If you come to Spain, especially in Andalusia, don’t miss Flamenco dance 💃🏻. This is a professionalized art-form based on the various folkloric music traditions of Southern Spain.  I had a great chance to observe this beautiful dance 💃🏻 on the street in Seville. However, you can book a seat in Museo del Baile Flamenco and enjoy Flamenco dance there. If you’re interested in this dance, why not check them out 😉 


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8. Bars/ Clubs in Seville

Nightlife in Seville is very interesting! You can enjoy your favorite Spanish dishes at various restaurants in Seville, but do not forget to grab a beer or enjoy a Mojito with your friends while staying at Seville. I was impressed with a huge Mojito with little fireworks on the top, which cost me 6 Euro, but it was totally worth a penny.  With bars and clubs open until morning, Seville earns its reputation as a great party destination!   Have I convinced you to visit this beautiful destination?  


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A cool way to travel to Finland – Volunteer for SLUSH

Have you ever thought about doing volunteer to travel? Do you want to hear about the experience of a volunteer for SLUSH? You can find all the answer in this article 🙂


A little about SLUSH

Slush is a student-driven, non-profit movement originally founded to change attitudes toward entrepreneurship. In 2015, Slush was organized in Tokyo and Beijing for the first time. In 2016, Slush is spreading to Tokyo, Shanghai and Singapore.


Held during the darkest time of the year in Helsinki, Finland, Slush has always been characterized by a unique energy and enthusiasm. The very core of Slush is to facilitate founder and investor meetings and to build a world-wide startup community.



Helsinki welcomed me with all the cold and darkness on the evening of November 28th. As a volunteer of a Nordic team, I was arranged an accommodation near Alto University in Espoo for 1 week. It was really nice that SLUSH team had arranged someone to pick the volunteers up, and went with us all the way from Helsinki central station to Espoo.


At first, I was a bit disappointed with the accommodation when there were 18 beds in just one room. It surely created an uncomfortable environment to sleep or do normal activities because there were too many people in the same room. However, as time passed by and we became closer, I realized that it was actually a good way to stick to new people and build up a relationship.


Training Day

At first, each volunteer received a T-shirt with a small sports bag. My team leader showed us around the venue, and I was totally stunned of how big the venue was and how much efforts to create such a huge event. Since I worked in a registration team, I had a small training regarding how to use a printer. I also receive a long guidance about how to deal with all the problems might occur during the job. After that, each volunteer took a personal picture, and we took a group picture together.


Volunteer for SLUSH

In the first day, I had to wake up at 5 am to prepare and catch a bus from Espoo to Helsinki. Although it was really early in the morning,  everyone in the team still had full of energy to welcome all the participants.

At the beginning of the shift, I was in charge of instructing the guesses to a meeting area, and then just went back with the registration job until 2 pm.

In the second day, the job was much more relaxing because not many people came to take their badge, so the shift was shorter and I had more time to explore the events. By working in the registration team, I learned how to interact with the customers and how to deal with the problems, as well as working in a group.


What happened in SLUSH 2016?

If someone asked me to describe SLUSH in 1 word, I would use Majestic!

There were 17500 people participated in SLUSH during two days, and there were totally 2000 volunteers working their best to create the event! The venue was so large that you could even get lost!

Furthermore, at the same time, there were many activities happening. There were Founder Stage, Black Stage, Green Stage, Pitching Stage, Engine Room and Speaker Studio at the SLUSH venue. In every stage, there were always some keynote speakers presenting, sharing their ideas, and then there were questioning parts.

Also, there were a lot of stand from startup companies, who came to SLUSH to present their products, seek for funding, create awareness and especially create Networking!


SLUSH day 1 party – Pre After SLUSH party – After SLUSH party – After after SLUSH party

Work hard, Party harder!


It seems to me that there were countless parties during SLUSH week.

On 30th November night, I went to a SLUSH day 1 party, where 3 Finnish bands performed their best songs. The most interesting activity in this event was the Silent Disco dance. It was really funny if you don’t wear a headphone while others do, and you see them dance crazily in silent.

It was a great event because people could enjoy music, dancing, and meeting new people at the same time. All the participants dressed up nicely and built up their networking.


But the real party was on 1st December!


I joined the Pre SLUSH after party at Microsoft HQ. There were buses driving people from SLUSH venue to the party location! They had a free open bar, with beers, gin and tonic and other cocktails, and music of course! It was really nice when you can meet lots of entrepreneurs, investors, etc. and having talks while enjoying all the free drinks!


The official After SLUSH party started from 9 pm. It was as same as a festival when there were performances every stage! Many people in suits were partying, drinking, dancing and discussing business. And yes, again it was free drinks 🙂 This party was one of the best parties that I have ever attended.



SLUSH is a great event to meet new people and build your network! Also, you will surely feel motivated when joining SLUSH. There are parties, drinks, music and cold too. If you are interested in entrepreneurship, SLUSH is an event that you should not miss!

Although it’s not a good idea to go to Helsinki at the end of November, give it a try, and it will be one of the best memories in your life.  I was one of the badasses who came to Helsinki at the end of November just to volunteer for SLUSH. So will you?

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