VietJet Air Information: Checkin, Baggage & Tickets

Traveling soon with Vietjet Air? If you’re planning your next adventure and stressing over Vietjet Air baggage allowances or check-in information, this guide is for you. We’ll unpack the essentials, toss in some traveler tips, and make sure you’re well-prepared for a hassle-free journey.

Vietjet Air Baggage Allowance

Vietjet Hand Luggage: What Can You Bring on Board?

Traveling light is always recommended, especially when it comes to hand luggage. Here’s what you need to know about Vietjet Air’s baggage policy.

Hand Luggage Weight:

You’re allowed one main item and a small accessory, but together, they shouldn’t exceed 7kg.

Vietjet Air will weigh your hand luggage at the check-in counter. They even sometimes weigh at the boarding gate!

We learned a hard lesson from that — we had to pay extra at the gate!

So, if your hand luggage is more than 7 kg, pay an additional 2 kg before checking.

Hand Luggage Dimensions:

  • Main item: 56cm x 36cm x 23cm is your limit.
  • A small handbag (only 1 item):
    • Your camera, lady handbag, the latest bestseller, or even a duty-free bag should fit just right. Think of dimensions like 30cm x 20cm x 10cm.
    • Got a laptop bag? Make sure it’s within 40cm x 30cm x 10cm.

Tips: Before you proceed to the security check, make sure your hand luggage has the Vietjet tag. It’s a small step for a smooth boarding experience.

Below are the luggage prices.

Vietjet Air luggage prices.

Vietjet Air Checked Baggage: What to Know

No more nail-biting moments at the check-in counter. Here’s what the Vietjet Air baggage policy states:

  • Weight Guidelines: Your suitcase shouldn’t exceed 32kg. Planning a long trip? Consider distributing weight across multiple bags.
  • Size Matters: Make sure your baggage fits within 119cm x 119cm x 81cm. If you’re a golfer, your club set should not exceed a total dimensions of 203cm.
  • Oversized Baggage: Vietjet Air does accommodate oversized baggage with a dimension cap at 200cm x 119cm x 81cm.

Vietjet Air Online Check-in Guide

Flying with Vietjet Air? Online check-in can save you time and hassle at the airport.

It’s available from 24 hours up to just an hour or so before your flight, depending on your route.

Note: Online check-in is not available if you have check-in bags, so please go to the airport counter.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to smoothly check-in online for Vietjet Air flights:

1. Access the Check-in Platform

  • Website: Navigate to the official Vietjet Air website at Look for the “CHECK-IN ONLINE” section.
  • Mobile App: If you’re using the Vietjet Air mobile app, there’s a dedicated section for online check-in. It’s typically user-friendly and intuitive.

2. Enter Your Flight Details

  • Have your Reservation Code and Full Name handy. You’ll need to enter these details to initiate the check-in process.

3. Select Your Flight and Passenger Details

  • From the available list, select the flight you want to check in for.
  • If you’ve booked for multiple passengers under the same code, you can choose to check everyone in at once or select individual names.

4. Opt for Your Preferred Seat

  • A seat map of your aircraft will be displayed.
    • Green: Available seats.
    • Yellow: Seats in the process of being selected.
    • Grey: Already occupied or unavailable seats.
    • Red: Premium seats that might come with an additional cost.
  • Feel free to pick your desired spot. Window view or aisle access? The choice is yours!

5. Confirm Your Check-in

  • Double-check all provided information for accuracy.
  • Accept the terms and conditions of carriage.
  • Once done, you’ll have options on how you want to receive your boarding pass. You can print it out immediately, send it to your email, or download it to your mobile device for a paperless journey.

Online Check-in Notes:

  • If you’re pregnant or traveling with infants below 2 years, need special assistance, or are part of a large group (more than 100 passengers with the same booking code), online check-in won’t be available.
  • Online check-in is not available if you have check-in bag(s).
  • No checked baggage? Once you’re at the airport, skip the check-in desks and head straight to the security area. Keep that boarding pass (physical or digital) handy!
VietJet Air

Opening and Closing Time of Vietjet Air Check-in

Traveling can be a breeze when you’re punctual, especially during check-in. Timing is everything, and Vietjet Air is no exception.

Here are the specific times to keep in mind for a smooth check-in experience:

Vietnam Domestic Flights:

  • Opening Time: The check-in counters for domestic flights open 2 hours before the scheduled departure time.
  • Closing Time: Make sure to complete your check-in at least 40 minutes before your domestic flight’s scheduled departure.

International Flights Departing from Vietnam & Other Countries (Except Japan, Korea, India):

  • Opening Time: Counters open 3 hours before the scheduled departure time.
  • Closing Time: You’ll need to complete the check-in at least 50 minutes before the flight’s departure time.

International Flights Departing from Japan, Korea, India:

  • Opening Time: The counters open anywhere from 2 to 3 hours prior to the scheduled departure time. It’s best to check specifics for your exact flight.
  • Closing Time: These flights close 60 minutes before the scheduled departure time. Make sure you’ve checked in and dropped off your luggage by then.
    VietJet Air Vietnam

Vietjet Air Boarding Gates Closing Time

1. Arrival at the Boarding Gates:

You should be at the boarding gates at least 40 to 50 minutes prior to the scheduled departure times.

This buffer makes sure you have sufficient time for any last-minute hiccups or gate changes.

2. Gate Closure:

Vietjet Air closes its boarding gates 15 to 20 minutes before the flight’s scheduled departure times. If you arrive past this window, you’ll likely miss your flight.

Important Note:

Some airports might have stopped announcing flight boarding information over the PA system.

So, while waiting, keep an eye on the electronic boards or monitors displaying flight details. This helps you stay updated on any changes in departure time or boarding gate for your flight.

VietJet Air Ticket Classes

  • 1. Skyboss Class: Vietjet’s premium offering, similar to business class on other airlines. Perks include luxury lounge access, airport shuttles, free meals, and pre-check-in.
  • 2. Economy Class: The go-to choice for the regular traveler.
  • 3. Promotion Class: Occasionally available during special promotions, these tickets can even go for as low as 0 VND (You still need to pay the tax & fees).

Food and Drinks

Vietjet doesn’t have food available on board unless it’s included in your ticket or an add-on purchase. You can buy food and drinks on the flight.

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