Japan Packing List: 10 Essential Items

Have you prepared for your trip to Japan? What to pack for Japan?

Before packing your bag and traveling to this country, take note of this Japan packing list of must-have things that you should bring on your trip.

what to pack for Japan

Immigration documents

This is the most important thing for your trip to Japan because if you lack even one of the immigration documents, your trip will be canceled.

Depending on your country, Japanese tourist visas are quite challenging to get. So you should start applying at least two months before your travel time.

Also, to get a visa, you need a flight ticket confirmation. So book your flight in advance to get a lower price!

Furthermore, make sure that your passport is still valid within six months!

Cash and bank cards

For every trip, taking account of spending is always essential.

You should estimate how much money you need to spend to travel in Japan and make sure to have cash or enough money on your cards.

The official currency in Japan is the Japanese Yen, often denoted as ¬•. You can exchange a small number of Japanese Yen in cash before your travel and exchange more when you arrive at the airport. 

Please note that cash is the primary exchange method in Japan, and it’s pretty tricky to find a place to accept credit cards.

Japan Rail Pass

I recommend purchasing Japan Rail Pass for your Japan trip.

It’s convenient and budget-friendly as you can take any transportation method in Japan without an extra fee. 

Also, you can experience Shinkansen, the fastest train, with Japan Rail Pass. Without it, the ticket fee will cost a lot!

Electrical plugs

Another thing you should pack for Japan is electrical plugs!

The electricity in Japan is 110V, and the Japanese plug is the Type A electrical plug (or flat blade attachment plug). It has two flat parallel pins.

If your electrical appliance is not a type A connector, it will not work in Japan.

Therefore, you should buy conversion plugs and pay attention to the electric current when using them.

If you forget to prepare in advance, you can buy convertible goods at convenience stores (Kombini) or department stores in Japan.

Japanese plug
Electrical plugs should definitely be on your Japan packing list.

SIM cards

It isn’t easy to get free wifi in Japan, so getting a SIM card is ideal.

I recommend pre-booking your SIM card before getting to Japan.

You can conveniently pick up your SIM card at multiple international airports in Japan and stay connected when traveling.

Travel apps

Visiting Japan, don’t forget to download some essential apps to make your trip easier.

My all-go apps are:

Tenryuji Temple Kyoto Japan


I always bring a travel medicine kit wherever I go, so I recommend doing the same.

Medical treatment in Japan is costly, and pharmacies in Japan mainly sell prescription medicine. Also, the doctors may not know English, so it can be challenging to communicate. 

Here is the list of medicines and medical equipment to bring with you:

  • Anti-motion medicine
  • Cold medicine for sore throat, fever
  • Medicine to treat stomach ache
  • Anti-insect cream to treat insect bites
  • Skin allergy cream
  • Vitamins
  • Bandages
  • Your personal required medicine. (Daily pills)


What to wear when traveling to Japan?

If you travel to Japan in the spring or summer, you should pack thin clothes. Also, bringing sunglasses, a hat and a jacket would be a good idea. 

If you visit Japan in the fall or winter, remember to bring warm clothes, hats, socks, gloves, and scarves to keep your body warm.


In addition to preparing clothes, sneakers or trainers are always my first choices on all trips.

In the winter, winter boots would be a better option. Also, you should avoid wearing high heels.

Other items

Besides, you should also carry a diagonal bag or small backpack for essential items such as wallets, phones, and cameras.

Tips for shopping in Japan

Don’t bring too many things with you because it’s easy to forget them when you stop somewhere. Also, carrying them around is inconvenient if you travel a long distance.

Alternatively, you can always buy clothes and accessories in Japan. Japanese fashion is excellent and creative, and prices are not too high. 

There are budget retail stores such as Uniqlo, where you can buy some basic designed clothes. 

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