Krabi Airport to Ao Nang: 4 Easy Ways

Krabi, with its picturesque limestone cliffs and pristine beaches, is a must-visit in Thailand‘s southern region. You can venture to Ao Nang, a vibrant hub just a stone’s throw from Krabi Airport. Here’s your comprehensive guide on navigating from Krabi Airport to Ao Nang.


Krabi International Airport is located approximately 30 kilometers from Ao Nang.

To travel from Krabi airport, you can choose between private transfer, car rental, or shared minivan.

Depending on transport mode and traffic, expect to travel for 30 minutes to an hour.

Travel guide Krabi Airport to Ao Nang Krabi, Thailand.

4 Easy ways to get from Krabi Airport to Ao Nang

1. Private transfer:

Imagine stepping out of the airport to be greeted by a chauffeur holding a sign with your name on it. That’s the beauty of private transfer, a perfect blend of luxury and convenience.

When you opt for a private transfer, you’re treated to an exclusive ride tailored to your needs.

  • Scheduled Pick-up: Even if you experience flight delays, your ride will wait.
  • Price Confirmations: Discuss all costs upfront to avoid hidden surprises.
  • Driver Details: Before you land, ask for your driver’s name, contact number, and other identifying details.

I highly recommend booking your private transfer in advance to ensure availability. You can book your transfer with Welcome Pickups or Klook.

Renting a car in Krabi Airport to Ao Nang guide, Thailand.

2. Krabi Airport Car Rental:

For those who find the thrill of exploration behind the wheel, hiring a car can be a wonderful experience.

The journey from Krabi Airport to Ao Nang is picturesque, and having your own car means you can spontaneously decide to pull over for photographs or sample local treats.

Whether you’re traveling solo, as a couple, or with family, there’s a vehicle to suit your needs, from compact cars to spacious SUVs.


  • Driving License: Have your International Driving Permit and original driving license ready.
  • Inspection: Check for car damages and document them to avoid unnecessary charges.
  • Navigation: Get a GPS device or Google Maps to guide you smoothly to Ao Nang.
  • Insurance: Always book your car with insurance.
Car hire Krabi Airport to Ao Nang beach, Thailand.

3. Shared minivan:

If you’re traveling to Ao Nang on a budget, the shared minivan is the cheapest choice.

Once you exit the arrival hall, you’ll notice official shuttle services lining up.

Typically priced at 150 THB, they conveniently drop passengers off at various Ao Nang hotels.

These vans carry approximately 10 passengers and head to Ao Nang once full. They are spacious, air-conditioned, and a budget way to travel.


  • Luggage: Space can be a bit limited. Travel light, or be prepared to hold smaller bags in your lap.
  • Seat Choice: For scenic views, go for a window seat. If you’re tall, try to get a front seat next to the driver for more legroom.
Shared minivan from Krabi Airport to Krabi, Thailand.

4. Taxi:

Taking a taxi is great for those valuing convenience and privacy.

Once you step out of Phuket Airport’s arrival hall, you’ll find a taxi stand with many several taxis available.

You might pay around 600 THB, but the comfort of a private vehicle after a flight can be worth it. Plus, you can get a direct drop-off at your hotel’s doorstep.


  • Negotiate: If the taxi isn’t metered, ensure you agree on a price before hopping in.
  • Safety: Licensed taxis in Krabi are safe, but always keep an eye out for the taxi number just in case you leave something behind.
Get to Krabi Airport by bus, taxi, shared minivan.

How to Choose the Best Travel Options

Your transport choice depends on three factors: budget, convenience, and time.

  • Budget Conscious: Shared minivan offer value for money.
  • Convenience and Speed: If you’re keen on reaching quickly or have heaps of luggage, opt for a private transfer or car hire.
  • Group Travels: If you’re with friends, a private transfer or car hire can be cost-effective when expenses are divided.

Krabi Airport Early Arrival Tips

  1. Morning Refresh: Given the early hour, consider freshening up at the airport restrooms before embarking on your journey.
  2. Breakfast Options: Some airport eateries may open early. Check for cafes or restaurants that offer breakfast to kickstart your day.
  3. Local SIM Card: If you haven’t already booked one, early morning is a good time to buy a local SIM card from the airport to stay connected.
  4. Scenic Views: An early morning arrival lets you bask in the beauty of the route from Krabi Airport to Ao Nang. From lush greenery to glimpses of the Andaman Sea, it’s a visual treat.
  5. Early Check-In: If you’re heading to a hotel, contact them in advance to see if they allow early check-ins or at least offer luggage storage.
  6. Currency Exchange: Convert some money into local currency if you haven’t already. Morning hours might mean less rush at the counters.
  7. Local Tours: Some tour operators might have counters or representatives at the airport. Check if any tours start early, and you might get a head start on your itinerary.
Getting to Krabi Airport guide.

Krabi Airport Late Arrival Tips

  1. Pre-Booked Transport: Given the late hour, it’s wise to have your transportation pre-booked to avoid any haggling or unavailability.
  2. Late Night Eateries: While many places might be closed, ask airport staff for recommendations on nearby 24/7 eateries or ones that stay open late.
  3. Hotel Notifications: Inform your accommodation of your late arrival, so they keep your reservation and possibly guide you on the best way to reach.
  4. Stay Alert: Late hours can mean fewer people around. Stay vigilant, especially if you’re traveling solo.
  5. Have a Backup Plan: Always have a backup plan in case your original accommodation or transportation option falls through.
  6. Charged Devices: Ensure your phone and essential devices are charged, or have a power bank handy, especially if navigating to your accommodation late.
  7. Airport Stay: If you’re stuck without a ride or room, check if the airport has lounges or resting areas where you can stay for the night.
  8. Documentation: Keep all essential travel documents within easy reach. Late hours may mean you need to show them frequently, especially if checkpoints or hotel desks request them.

Tips for an Awesome Trip to Ao Nang, Krabi

1. Currency Ready: Local Thai Baht is essential. While many services accept credit cards, having cash is handy for tips and smaller expenses.

2. Basic Thai: While many in the tourist industry speak English, phrases like “Sawadee” (Hello) or “Khob Khun” (Thank You) are appreciated.

3. Negotiate Smartly: Bargaining is an art in Thailand. Always approach it with a friendly demeanor. Starting your negotiation with a smile often leads to better outcomes.

4. Hydration: The tropical climate can be dehydrating. A water bottle is your best travel companion.

Ao Nang is one of the best things to do in Krabi, Thailand.

5. Understanding Krabi: If your schedule allows, consider spending a day exploring Krabi Town. The local night market, temples, and riverside walks are worth the time.

6. Ao Nang’s Vibe: While Ao Nang is known for its beaches, there’s much more. From world-class diving spots to vibrant night markets and local spas, there’s something for everyone. Familiarize yourself with activities beforehand to maximize your stay.

7. Packing Essentials: While most things are available locally, certain essentials like sunscreens, bug sprays, or specific medications should be packed. Thailand is sunny, so hats and sunglasses are must-haves.


Your journey from Krabi Airport to Ao Nang sets the stage for your Thai adventure.

Whether you’re looking for cost-effective options or seeking a touch of luxury, there’s a mode of transport tailored for you.

  • Private Transfer: A no-stress way to journey from Krabi Airport to Ao Nang and back.
  • Car Rental: The open road calls! Rent a car and roam Krabi on your terms.
  • Shared Minivan: A budget way to travel, though remember to factor in possible delays from multiple stops.
  • Taxi: Pre-negotiate or use metered fares, and journey with ease.

Wishing you a journey as memorable as the destination. Safe travels!

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