Living in Reutlingen, Germany: Expat Guide

What is it like to live in Reutlingen, Germany as an expat?

In this interview, Tuan shares his expat life in Reutlingen, along with the cost of living and advice for living in Reutlingen, Germany.

Where is Reutlingen?

Reutlingen is a city in the southwest of Germany and about 45 minutes by train to the state capital – Stuttgart. This is a small city in Germany with a population of around 100,000 people.

The city is traditionally famous for its textile industry, and today is a home for Bosch, the most prominent recruiter in the region.

The most prominent university in the city, Reutlingen University (in German: Hochschule Reutlingen), offers many programs for international students. So each semester, there will be hundreds of international students coming to the city.


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Why did you choose to live in Reutlingen?

In my third year, I decided to have some abroad experiences, so I applied for the exchange program at my university.

After the admission and scholarship selection, I started my summer semester at Reutlingen University, Germany. 

I love Germany, so I want to experience life and study in this country. My university has only one partner in Germany, so I applied for it without any hesitation.

Reutlingen city

How did you prepare to move to Reutlingen?

This was the first time I lived in a foreign country, so I had to prepare many kinds of stuff beforehand.

I had to research the city I live in, some cultural aspects, and learn the local language (i.e., German).

Finding a place to live was my most concern as the university does not own the dormitory, and the rooms are extremely limited.

Hence, I had to apply early to make sure I could have a dormitory room; otherwise, finding houses in the neighborhood was really difficult and expensive.

living in Reutlingen Germany.

How to overcome difficulties in Reutlingen?

The most challenging thing is the language because I live in a small city, and not many people can speak English well.

There are things like banking and residence registration which you can better go through the procedure if you know basic German.

As I learn some German beforehand, I find it somehow not difficult. Still, I strongly suggest knowing German to avoid misunderstanding, and at least you know what you are reading before signing any documents.

Street in Reutlingen

Did you experience any discrimination in Reutlingen?

Not at all.

The people are really friendly and helpful.

There was a time when I had a problem with online banking, and the lady who worked with me at the bank, though she speaks little English, tried her best to explain the procedure and helped me get through that as fast as possible, which I appreciated.

What do you like about Reutlingen?

This is a peaceful city with beautiful landscapes and architecture.

Is there anything that you don’t like about Reutlingen?

The city is a bit boring in the evening, especially after 8 pm when all the businesses close. Also, there are not many options for entertainment.

What are your favorite things to do in Reutlingen?

Jogging and climbing the mountains, also shopping in the city center.

Where do you recommend visiting in Reutlingen?

One can come to the city center (German: Stadtmitte) for shopping and see houses with middle-aged architecture or explore the narrowest street in the world, for which the city is famous.

Reutlingen city center
This is the city center (Stadtmitte) with different shops and restaurants around.

Cost of living in Reutlingen

If you rent a house, the cost will be around 300 euros a month or cheaper if you live in a dormitory.

For other expenses, I believe 200 euros a month will be sufficient. In total, having at least 500 euros a month will secure your stay in Reutlingen.

Is it easy to make new friends in Reutlingen?

Yes, of course. As I have said earlier, the people are super friendly, but you have to be the one who breaks the ice. If you keep waiting for them to talk to you, there’s no chance you can make friends with people there.

Moreover, as German loves beer, having a beer together in a beer garden, for example, can easily bring people together.

 Where are your favorite spots in Reutlingen to hang out with friends?

The bars are super cool places to chit and chat as we are students.

There’s a student bar on the school campus, which is relatively cheap compared to the others, and it often holds many parties throughout the semester.

What are your advice and tips for moving/ living in Reutlingen?

Be well prepared by researching carefully about the city.

There can be practices like no plastic bags used in stores and trash separation that does not exist in your country or different types of renting houses you must understand before looking for places to live.

Another tip would be to learn basic German beforehand as there will be people who cannot speak English, and you will have trouble working with them.

Trash separation in Reutlingen
Trash separation in Reutlingen, usually, there will be bins for bioproducts (Bio), paper (Papier), and the rest (Restmuell).

Would you recommend living in Reutlingen?

The city is an excellent choice for students, but I suggest moving to a bigger city if you are a job-seeker.

What have you learned from living abroad?

Being more independent and always showing up on time. The German is strict about punctuality.

About Tuan

I am currently a senior in the major of biomedical engineering in Vietnam.

Besides my studies, I love reading books, hanging out with my friends, and traveling. Last spring, I spent a semester in Reutlingen, Germany as an exchange student.

My exchange semester in Germany has brought me to another 4 countries, namely the Netherlands, France, Switzerland, and Italy.

I love meeting people everywhere I go and learning about the culture and its people.

The opinions expressed here by Expatolife columnists are their own, not those of Expatolife.

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  1. I am a student from UK, and would be joining Bosch as an Intern at reutlingen.
    Could you please suggest where I should start looking for accommodation?

    1. Ha Truong says:

      Hi Rohit,
      Some options for you are to apply for rooms in student dormitories or look for rented houses yourself in surrounding areas. If you do an internship with a student status, you may approach GWG, a company owning student dormitories in Reutlingen to apply for a room. However, the problem is that rooms are extremely limited and they will assign them quite randomly, so it is best if you know which room is or will be empty (because many students will leave their rooms for internship or exchange semester) and then tell the company you want to live in that room. To do this, you can search for the student group of Reutlingen University on FB and ask if anyone is willing to sublease his/her room, and later apply at GWG. If you don’t want to live in dormitories, you can search for shared apartments (or WG in German). I suggest looking at and making an appointment to see the apartment. You can extend your search beyond Reutlingen, for example, Tübingen, Metzingen, Betzingen, or Pfullingen are nearby areas you can look for. Best of luck!

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