30 Useful Gifts For Friends Going Abroad

Are your friends moving abroad soon? What to get someone for going overseas? Here is a list of practical gifts for friends going abroad. 

Best gifts for friends going abroad.

Foldable travel backpack

A travel backpack is one of the best gift ideas for someone moving abroad. Made from waterproof and durable materials, a lightweight, foldable backpack can be folded up into its zippered pocket or purse when not in use. It is a comfy, convenient option for stashing any essential items for long-haul travel. 

Universal travel power adaptor

Not all countries have the same type of power plug, so your friends may have trouble charging electrical items. So, get them a plug adapter to ensure all electrical appliances can connect to the power source without spending money on new products.

Portable phone charger

Imagine your friend’s phone is dead along the way, and somebody was meant to contact them. What’s going to happen next? Your answer is like mine. Having a phone out of battery without recharging is challenging to navigate or stay connected with others.

So, a portable phone charger or a power bank – which allows them to recharge their phone – is a thoughtful leaving gift for your friend to keep an uninterrupted connection and steer clear of getting lost.

Noise-canceling headphones

If your friend is a music lover, a pair of high-quality noise-canceling headphones is an excellent gift idea. Wearing noise-canceling headphones helps reduce ambient sounds so they can tune out and enjoy beautiful melodies.

Amazon Kindle

For people who love reading, think of giving them a Kindle – an electronic store with millions of books, magazines, and newspapers. With a larger display and adjustable warm light, they not only read what they love but don’t feel dull on a long trip.


Instant camera

Going abroad is an awesome experience. Rather than taking a picture by phone, give them an instant camera as a farewell gift. Using a chemically developed print shortly after taking the picture, an instant camera offers the chance to capture memorable moments and share them with you.

Waterproof and wireless travel speaker

Consider a waterproof Bluetooth travel speaker if your friend would like to blast a favorite song during their adventure and chill out on the sofa with some catchy tunes. It can provide music by linking to other devices like MP3 and withstand water contact without damage. Make sure that your friends have exciting and unforgettable experiences.


Did you run back and forth for multiple minutes to find a lost key? Don’t let friends fall into the exact situation while moving abroad. An Airtag would be an excellent gift idea. These practical and awesome gifts provide the location of misplaced valuable objects that an app can easily track.


GoPro is a compact action camera that shoots videos and images while withstanding harsh conditions, whether skiing, running, climbing, or mountain biking. 

Also, it has an ultra-wide angle lens that allows your friend to record their favorite moments in front of them. Doesn’t it sound awesome? GoPro Ultra HD filming quality lets them zoom in on details and get crisp pictures. 

This waterproof device can feature amazing footage and live stream to platforms like Facebook, TikTok, or Instagram so your loved ones can share moments with family and friends.


Portable hard drive

When moving abroad, important items need to be stored in hidden places, and so does digital life. Take magical moments somewhere safe with a portable hard drive!

They can set up libraries of family pictures, research papers from college, and other critical documents to store and back up files when needed without making a fuss about losing them.

Compression packing cubes

You open the suitcase to find something but only see a heap of clothes? These compression packing cubes can help! They will help organize neatly, search for, and get rid of the extra bulk when packing their suitcase. 

Travel pillow

A U-shaped travel neck pillow that is portable, lightweight, and ergonomically designed will be an excellent thing to gift your friends. 

They support the neck, head, and chin, and are a must-have accessory for catching some shut-eye during long and exhausting travel periods. Travel pillow also helps alleviate pain and discomfort when battling an upright sleeping position while traveling. 

Luggage tags

A luggage tag is an excellent gift to avoid your luggage getting lost. No matter what kind of bags your friend carries, they can identify quickly and get back easily. It’s durable enough to withhold wear and tear as your bag goes in overhead bins. 

Travel toiletry bag

A trusty travel bag for your friend’s toiletries is a must when packing for taking abroad. A medium-sized toiletry bag keeps the hygiene products and beauty essentials tidy. More importantly, they don’t have to break the bank to purchase something new when in use.

Travel size umbrella

Bad weather like rain or sun can be the trials and tribulations in moving abroad. A compact and portable travel-size umbrella will be a valuable gift for friends. It can prevent the skin from harmful UV rays.

Or your friend can use it for a rainy day while heading home or shopping. Don’t forget to pick one that fits into their bags. 

Portable scales

This is an all-important item for any flyers, making a thoughtful gift for a friend going abroad. The portable scales will help measure their bag’s weight, ensuring it doesn’t foot the bill for excess baggage before heading to the airport. It is small and handy, too. Just stuff it into carry-on bags.

Selfie stick and mini tripod

A selfie stick is a special kind of monopod bound to provide convenient support to your smartphone, while a mini tripod is a three-legged stand designed to assist a camera when taking snapshots.

These devices are quite flexible and tiny enough, so friends can bend them nicely and put them into their bags. If your friends are solo travelers, it also gives them more background in the photo.

Gift cards

An Amazon gift card or iTunes gift card is another perfect gift for someone going abroad. They can purchase any eligible goods and services without worrying about shipping costs.

Remember to read the terms carefully to see whether there are any limitations on using the gift card out of the country they were bought in.

Camera backpacks

A full, versatile camera backpack can prevent fragile camera gears from rolling around and bashing into each other. So, give this stuff making a down-to-earth gift for your friends who’re going abroad.

Camera bag.

Travel destination guidebook

The Internet truly teems with recommendations, travel tips, and reviews, and your friend will undoubtedly spend hours reading and researching online, trying to figure out whether it’s an exotic destination. And they may end up with neither option fitting into their schedule. 

A guidebook or travel guide is a solution for this! The travel guides give them practical expectations for what to imagine about their new hometown and highlight beautiful attractions of their choice.

Travel journal book

It’s better to jot down memories and experiences in a journal and record intimate details for private use. Giving your overseas friends a very personal, beautiful gift is nice to show your love and stay motivated miles away from home.

Travel notebook.

Passport cover

Your friend definitely needs to take essential passport documents, credit cards, visas, and other important documents with them, and a passport cover is a perfect gift!

This cover makes it easier for them to keep track of all their documents. And it has a ton of compartments to organize and find everything they need. Plus, putting their papers into it will stop wrinkles and rips.

Travel clean kit

Public environments have always been filthy and unsafe. Bacteria and viruses are so tiny that they can creep into your system without frequent travelers noticing. 

A travel clean kit filled with useful items is a going-away gift for your friends and family when traveling abroad. The kit helps keep their hygiene, ward off tiny organisms and give them peace of mind in any crowded travel environment.

VPN subscription

Technically, everyone should use a VPN (virtual private network) subscription to protect their identity and personal data, even when using public or shared WiFi. 

While connecting with insecure Internet in train stations, airport terminals, and unknown cafes, using a VPN subscription will help your friend’s data be kept private from any prying internet eyes.

Subscription services

A subscription service like Spotify, Amazon Kindle Unlimited, or Netflix is a business model in which customers pay a weekly, monthly, or yearly fee in exchange for entertainment products or services. 

This service makes a delightful gift for your friend who’s moving abroad. They can host a watch party heading to the film libraries of Netflix and picking out the show or movie they wish to watch. They either create a go-to playlist to enjoy tunes with their loved ones. Or just lie down and read their favorite books with Amazon Kindle Unlimited.

Language learning subscription

When your friend moves abroad, they will learn a new language for communication and integration. Give a subscription service and encourage them to practice regularly. This subscription service can take new skills to the next level.

Poster from home

If a feeling homesick or nostalgia flows through their mind, your friend can take the poster and feel connected to their loved ones. It helps beat the solitary feeling when living abroad.

A thoughtful card

A thoughtful card is another meaningful gift idea for a friend moving overseas. Offer friends a chance to write something unique, letting their family know they are thinking of them.

Stainless-steel water bottle

If your friend is a sustainable traveler, a reusable water bottle will be a healthy and environmental gift.

Research shows that all plastic may leach toxins if scratched or heated, so replacing plastic bottles with recyclable bottles is a way of protecting yourself and contributing less waste. Also, it is more difficult to smash when falling down tough surfaces accidentally. 

Reusable utensils

When your friends go abroad, they often grab food on the run. Rather than snapping the plastic spoon or fork, take reusable utensils.

It is one of the more travel gifts on the list for your friend. Pack the utensils neatly inside a hemp pocket, and your friend can safely put them into their travel bag.

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