How to use Couchsurfing like a Pro?

So, you have heard about Couchsurfing but haven’t figured out how to make the best of it. Or you have used but not successfully get any host or meet-up. In this article, I’ll give you a complete guide on how to use Couchsurfing.


What is Couchsurfing?

To whom may not know about this, Couchsurfing is a useful travel application which connects travelers and locals. It’s based on the kindness of the host, or the enthusiasm and open-minded attitude of users. Couchsurfing is an alternative way of traveling on the budget because it’s not only about offering a free stay, but also about culture exchanging.


What can you do with Couchsurfing?

1. Staying at a local’s place

Couchsurfing is a great way to travel on a budget because you can save money on accommodation. You can stay at someone’s place after sending the request to them and get accepted. Depending on the host’s house description, you may sleep on the couch in the living room, or have a private room. During your stay, you can cook with your host and hang out with them if you’d like to :)

You can save a lot of money by making use of Couchsurfing. Just imagine that you visit Switzerland, you can save at least 30 Euro per night!


2. Hosting

If you’d like to meet travelers around the world, why not offer a place for them to stay? I think this is a great opportunity to meet many people and make new friends. Also, hosting travelers is the best way to contribute to a Couchsurfing community!

You can earn 3 months of verified membership by hosting travelers. So don’t hesitate to open your door and share your lives with others ;)


3. Meeting people

Traveling alone? No worries! You can meet up with locals or other travelers easily by Couchsurfing! Specifically, you just need to search for hosts or travelers who are coming to town, send a nice message to meet them in advance.

Also, you should public your trip so others can contact you easier. Many locals offer to show new people around their city in the free time as well. So take that chance and get to know more people!


4. Attending events

You can search for events in the city you’re visiting, or it will automatically appear when you public your trip. There are several Couchsurfing events such as weekly meeting, discovering the urban area, etc.

Search for events around you :)

5. Hangout

If you use the mobile version of Couchsurfing, you can turn on your location and use Hangout function. Just choose “Become Available”, then fill out what you want to do. You can see the distance between you and other, and also what they would like to do. If you’d like to contact them, press “Hello”.

Choose Hangout Now


Then “Become Available”


What would you like to do? Type and then press My availability

A group of people I met on Couchsurfing in Poland!


How to use Couchsurfing successfully?

1.  Create an account

The first step is to create a Couchsurfing account. You can either use Facebook or login to your email. It will only take 1 minute to set it up!


2. Upload pictures

I suggest you to at least 3 Couchsurfing pictures on your profile. If you want to host travelers, it will be better to upload pictures of your place as well.


3. Add friends

Your profile will look suspicious if you have no friend or just 1 or 2 friends. If your account is connected to Facebook, you can send friend requests to your friends on Facebook.


4. Fill up your profile

It’s important to let users know more about you, such as your interest, reasons that you are on Couchsurfing or countries you have visited. Write some interesting information about yourself will increase your chance to get hosted or host someone!

This is my account on Couchsurfing :) Having a full profile will help you a lot!


5. References

Many people don’t like to host or ask someone to host if that person does not have any reference. Reference is very important on Couchsurfing because it shows the valuation and reliance of a person. If you just start using Couchsurfing, you can ask your friends to write some references for you first.

Having references will prove that you’re trustworthy!



6. Host/ Find travelers

Start to use it! Yes, you are ready to begin :)

Create a trip/ Host a Traveler/ Browse Events – Many things to do!



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  1. When I first heard about couchsurfing, I was concerned with the safety. But as I’ve been reading a lot of blogs about it, I have come to take a few tips to increase safety. This is one of the best concepts to be ever introduced for backpackers. Such a handy way to not only get accommodation, but also to meet lots of new people.

    1. I totally agree that it is one of the best concepts for travelers. I traveled alone and used it multiple times, and happy that I try!

  2. Couchsurfing is something I haven’t had the chance to experience! Definitely, its popularity among travelers keeps growing and growing over time. I couldn’t agree more – a complete profile is very important if you want to get the attention of fellow travelers. Good quality pictures, complete descriptions, and good references are very important to influence potential guests decision. :) Looking forward to reading your next post regarding Couchsurfing & safety! All best, Mariella.

    1. Thank you for stopping by! I’m happy that you find the article interesting and useful :)
      I will finish the post about Couchsurfing safety soon. Stay tuned ;)

  3. To get mixed with local culture couchsurfing is the best way to travel. But due to security reasons I sometimes doubt on this option but after reading your tips on what to consider, couchsurfing looks safe option too. I will try out by registering to this online site.

    1. Yay! I’m glad that you want to try out after reading my post :)
      I will have more safety tips about Couchsurfing in the next article. So stay tuned :)

  4. I agree with everything you wrote about CS. I did it 2 years ago and loved it. The events are really good fun especially if you’re travelling alone. I never saw the hangout option, it must be new.

    1. I saw that option since I started using Couchsurfing at the beginning of this year, so maybe the developer just made it recently. You should try it out!

  5. What a fun post! I’ve just started hosting and it’s been so fun to connect with other travelers and hear their stories. I think it’s a great way to make friends, help someone out, and hangout!

  6. Every single time I go to use couchsurfing, something pops up! I have actually contacted some people before but they were all out of town the time I would be there. I am really wanting to try and explore this more as a option, just sometimes I need my own space! Great tips!!

  7. Thanks for all this information. I love the idea of couch surfing but would be worried about safety for women traveling alone. In theory, I think it’s a great way to meet people and get to know a culture better.

    1. I totally understand about the safety of using Couchsurfing. I heard about creepy stories from other travelers as well, so it’s definitely something to concern about. However, don’t let fear stop us from using such a useful concept for traveling.

  8. There are a few features of couchsurfing here I was not aware of. I didn’t kknow about the hangouts option but I will try it when I go to travel next month. The other feature I was not aware of was the events. This is a great tool to meet people whilst traveling.

  9. Great breakdown of couchsurfing! We’ve never used it before. We’ve never been interested in the staying with people portion, but I’ve always considered signing up for the hang outs–they sound like fun!

    1. Participating in the hangout and events are really fun too! Sometimes I did not stay at people’s places and just met up other travelers in those ways.

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